Polar 2 on the big stroke hard MODEL 3, the price reduction is as high as 160,000

Since the high-end electric vehicle market is monopolized by Tesra Model, especially after the establishment of the Tesla Shanghai Super Factory, MODEL 3 is more price reduction, and many consumers are captured. heart. The throne of the electric car is always the many manufacturers, some manufacturers decided to go high with strategies, such as Xiaopeng P7 and BYD Han, are all configured to make a large cup for consumers. And some manufacturers choose to take advantage of MODEL 3, take low-cost routes to attract consumers, and the single motor version of the single motor version to say today is such a representative.

Polar Star 2 has just been listed soon, and is divided into single motor versions and dual motor versions, and the battery packs are 64 kWh and 78 kWh. The whole system is divided into three configurations, and the price range ranges from 252,800 yuan to 338,000 yuan. It is worth mentioning that 2020 poor stars 2 first versions are 418,000 yuan, that is, this drop is more than 160,000, directly killing of 250,000 yuan.

In fact, consumers in the field of electric vehicles are not only Ttersla. Polar 2 has been in good time in the abroad. Last Aside in Europe last year, 8,746 vehicles were sold in Europe. He also received Norwegian Year Car Awards and Germany Deluxe Awards and German Direction Plan Award. To know that this is also a result of the epidemic in Europe. . It can be seen that this special star 2 is very market potential.

In March this year, the Star 2 accepted the security test of the European NCAP institution, the test result was the highest five-star safety level, and it was still quite in place for the materials and design of this car. Therefore, many people will see the star 2 as the most powerful competitors of Tesla in the future.

Tesla’s work has always been spit, and the star 2 happens to be better than Tesla 3 in the exquisiteness of work and the comfort and spatial performance of the back row, so many people are buying a car. When you choose to put the stars 2 in your own alternative list, carefully.

But different from Tesla, the price of 418,000 yuan has never changed after introducing domestic, and the most demanded single motor version has not introduced to the country, so the performance of the star 2 is in China. It is quite bleak. As of the early February this year, the first version of the Star 2 produced only 2031 units. In the face of this situation, the manufacturer seems to understand what consumers are most important, so the single motor version came into being, and the price of 252,800 yuan is also comparable to the MODEL 3’s standard life. It is worth mentioning that no matter which polar star 2, it is standardizes 19 “large wheels, LED headlights, boundless frame and 12.3-inch digital dashboard, 8 airbags, etc. Such a rich configuration can be said to be very thick.

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