Power upgrade, 21 Audi E-Tron S Sportback is about to debut

Recently, there is news that 21 Audi E-Tron S Sportback will be officially launched in 2021. As a high-performance version with the “S” logo, Audi E-TRON S Sportback will be equipped with three AC asynchronous motors, maximum output power can reach 370KW.

As a model, 21 Audi E-Tron S Sportback’s appearance and ordinary version of the model have maintained a consistent, continuous Audi E-Tron’s family-style design language, familiar large size octagonal vertical grill, outer contour The silver chrome-plated decorative strip is surrounded by a bumper that is very exaggerated below, and the front face appears to be affordable. The car logo and the China network part have been smoked, highlighting the identity logo of the performance version.

The side of the body is very smooth, and the slope design plus the 21-inch low wind blast wheel, adding the motion of the whole vehicle, with a 15.7-inch brake disc and a width of 23mm wheel, and the wind resistance coefficient is 0.26cd. The car tail section is extremely simple, and the intersecting taillights have a strong sense of technology, multi-horizontal design enriched the level of visual.

In terms of interior, Audi E-TRON S SportBack extends the technology outside the car to the interior of the body, 12.3-inch dashboard with 12.1 inch embedded central control display, plus 8.6-inch air conditioning control panel, overall layout distribution Reasonable, the embossing mark is printed on the throttle, except that the threshold and steering wheel of the new car is printed on the signs of identity. The landscape of the dermal multifunctional steering wheel, the material of the sports seat and the door panel uses Alcantara and leather materials, the diamond pattern on the seat is full, and the interior of the whole vehicle has a sports and luxury atmosphere.

In terms of power, Audi E-TRON S SportBack is equipped with a power system consisting of three exchange asynchronous motors. As Audi is equipped with three motor models, one set in the front axle position, the remaining two in the rear axle. The maximum output power of the new car is 370kW, the maximum torque reaches 973N · m, and the zero hundred acceleration time is only 4.5 seconds, and can reach 365 kilometers of battery life. In addition, the new car is marked from air suspension, and the battery is still equipped with 95 kWH battery pack. When charging of 150 kW, 30 minutes can be returned from 5% to 80%.

In general, the comprehensive price ratio of new cars has been significantly improved, and the appearance is more motion, and the configuration is more powerful, and the layout of the entire Audi new energy has grown vital. For Audi, the traditional fuel carriage market is hard to break, and the new energy market is the way for the future development. The previous products take the lead in attacking the high-end market, which is beneficial to the brand premium, but How much affects sales and layout, I want to truly stand firmly, I need to take out more productivity.

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