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Last night, 2020 Nio Day was officially arrived. Be familiar with it is to know that it will release some hard cores every time. This time is no exception, and it has been released, including the second generation of electric shift, automatic driving system, electric drive and solid state batteries.

The electric potential believes that this is the most across time-specific technique is a solid state battery technology.

At present, all issues facing new energy development, battery energy density, cost, electric vehicle safety, etc., solid-state batteries can be perfectly solved. Therefore, the launch of solid state batteries can be considered to be a maximum hindrance to new energy development.

However, for solid state batteries, the industry has agreed that there is no possibility of launch in the short term. For example, the current global battery old Dingde Times solid state battery is also launched in 2030, such as Toyota is also available in 2025.

So, which is the solid state that is launched this time? It is very doubtful, and it is not announced this time, and there is no doubt that further increase the guess and discussions in the industry.

For this solid-state battery supplier, before, 36 氪 has exclusive reports: Suzhou Qingtao or Taiwan’s glow, but this news failed to confirm it. There is also a saying that the solid-state battery is still in the Ningde era, it is said to be more exact.

1. Is it the development of Qing Tao?

Tao Tao is not the first time to break into the solid battery line. As early as October last year, another new forces were announced to cooperate with Qing Tao, which is to be tested in which the latter solid battery is tested. However, the electromotive force learned from the relevant informed people that the project did not achieve “significant progress”, still in the verification.

Subsequently, I checked the official website of Qingtao and found that the pace of Qingtao on the solid-state battery has long opened.

In November 2018, in the third lithium battery technology and industrial development forum, Qing Tao announced the first to build a solid-state lithium battery production line, from core materials, equipment, and technology to achieve “autonomous control”, “three integration” Development, driving solid-state lithium batteries from scientific and technological achievements into mass production era.

In this forum, Qing Po has released four types of solid lithium battery products:

1. High-safe portable equipment power supply, mainly in smart wear equipment, children’s electronic supplies, individual weapons and equipment, alien spaces and other scenes;

2, special environmental safety power system, mainly used in distributed equipment power systems, closed environmental power systems, etc.

3, electric intelligent travel safety power supply, mainly used in electric vehicles, rail transit, short-distance travel tools, special vehicles and other scenes;

4, lightweight high than power power supply, mainly in flight equipment, high-end passenger cars and other scenes.

On July 29, 2019, Yichun Qingtao Power Solid Lithium Battery Project (Phase I) was officially put into production, the project was mainly put into investment in Qingtao, the first phase of investment of 550 million yuan, covers an area of ​​100 mu, construction area of ​​38,000 square meters The annual production capacity is 1GWH, the production standard is comprehensively reached.

It is worth mentioning that more than 100 important partners such as Shangqi, Beiqi, Guangqi, and Hezhong and other car companies, investment institutions, Qingdao Red Star Chemical Group, etc., jointly witnessed this important moment.

Qing Tao also announced that the development of the first generation of production dynamic solid lithium battery products passed the national motor vehicle products in 2019, and worked closely with a number of vehicle powers on solid-state dynamic lithium batteries. Several car companies mentioned above should be a potential partner.

In addition to the above mentioned, Qingtao and Northern Auto New Energy have earlier. In 2017, Beiqi Xin Energy took the lead in starting the solid-state battery and the whole vehicle equipped matching technology research, and established partnerships with Qingtao.

In July 2019, a pure electric sample car with Qingtao solid state battery system was commissioned in Northern Automobile, and successfully launched. This car is the first to drive the first-time Solid state battery sample car, which marks a key step in the study of Solid State Battery Automotive Technology.

In addition, this sample car is equipped with the i-solid battery system produced by Suzhou Qingtao. In system energy density, -5 ° C operating capacity, charge and discharge energy efficiency, 0% -80% SOC fast charge time and other indicators The liquid ternary batteries that have been superior to conventional design have been taken to initiate a mass production.

The solid state battery of Qingtao has also received the attention of the ministries. On October 19, last year, Ma Jiantang, Party Secretary of the Development and Research Center of the State Council, visited Yichunqing Tao Guhe dynamic lithium battery industry.

In the survey, Ma Jiantang secretary inspected Qing Po new materials, terminal lithium battery products, and learned its performance, constitutes, sales, etc. Active evaluation.

Therefore, from the above news, the solid state battery of the Qing Tao seems to have a characteristic characteristics.

However, we also found a battery pack suitable for new energy passenger vehicles in Qing Tao official website, as shown below.

Although there are not many data disclosed, it is still possible to judge how the level is, which is roughly equivalent to the current best Ningde era 811 battery, but it is far from the solid-state electrical core density 360Wh / kg. Of course, it does not rule out the Qing Tao “hidden one hand.”

2, is it glow?

It seems that this possibility is relatively large.

Some people disclosed in the electric potential fan group, and it has already entered the stock. In addition, in August 2019, it was awarded a strategic cooperation with Hui Can Technology. The two sides further cooperated with the production and application of solid-state batteries and will build a sample car using a glow MAB solid state battery pack. I also found this in the Hui Can I:

“Through the simultaneous enhancement of group efficiency and battery energy density, the glow gauge can create a high-energy density battery pack with a high-energy density battery pack that does not sacrifice safety, economically feasible program in 2022, and overcomes The current electric vehicle is in the safety and life miles, bringing the real-safe and efficient electric vehicle into the market. “

Yes, Hui can introduce the time point of the solid state battery and the batch delivery of ET7 in the second half of next year.

Let’s take a look at the glow battery technology, its core technology is “MAB multi-axial bipolar battery pack”. According to reports, the universal defined battery is not seen in this battery pack, but is directly stacked through the bipolar battery technology to carry out the string parallel, and in the battery cell stage, it is self-tapered, and it is necessary to provide a lot of powerless power. Wire, packaging heat dissipation material, streamline BMS design.

Hui Can expressed, in the PACK phase, can significantly increase the component efficiency, while pulling the energy density and reducing costs, making Pack refer to the 50% of traditional Pack’s 50% (I guess, this is the most important battery ” The place), the cost is reduced to 70%, and the driving distance of the electric vehicle will have the opportunity to reach the multiplication growth.

The product advantage of this solid state battery is like this:

◆ Super safety: physical / electrical / high temperature destruction is not leaky / fire / explosion

◆ High energy density: high volume / weight set of efficiency (increased by 29% ~ 56.5%)

◆ Long service life: long cycle / storage / calendar life

◆ Good fast charge

◆ Wide operating temperature (discharge: -40 ° C ~ 105 ° C)

In addition, due to the breakthrough of the Solid State Battery, it obtained the US CES Innovation Award and the US Edison Bonus Award. Hui Can expressed the current power battery program that was currently working with all major vehicle mills around the world.

3, is the solid state battery is really ready?

From these two advances in the solid-state battery, it seems that the solid-state battery has a mass production feasibility. Our fan group said this expressed this, and he said that the solid-state battery has a mass production, he is looking for investment.

But dialectical, you can mass production, you can put into production in batches, this is two yards. I believe that no matter whether it is Qing Tao or a glow, or the solid state battery in Ningde Times has a mass production, it is a question of mass production, but it is a question of mass production, but it is not only the technical problem of solid battery itself, but also with the current liquid. Cost PK problem of lithium battery.

In fact, the technical problem of solid state batteries, there is no substantial solution, still doubt.

On November 17, 2020 (near recent), Hui Can official network hung a deep report of the Solid State Battery Industry of Wind Securities, which has been deeply combed in the development of current global solid batteries, we can look.

For the development of the industry, as well as the principle of solid state, we will save it, directly look at the focus.

From the global perspective, there are currently many companies in actively layout solid batteries, but all programs are different. Europe is a polymer system, and the United States is solid-liquid mix, while China Japan is oxide.

Although the layout of the manufacturer is more, the bulk production of the full solid state battery is basically after 2025. So, is it to say that the solid state in 2022 is lying? No, I can only say a little smart.

In fact, it is not a full solid-state battery in this time, but the solid-liquid battery, that is, half solid. According to the expression of glow – mixing solid state, its mass production time is 2021.

As for the Ningde Times, Toyota and other enterprises have not launched a semi-solid battery, which is a technical reason, or the cost reasons, we have to know. However, the Data of the ET7, 360WH / kg of the battery density, 150 degrees, 1000 kilometers comprehensive battery life, semi-solid state seems to have mass production, is it cost? Then there is only a blight.

In addition, the wind security compares the performance and process of several solid batteries, can be seen, or the energy density is put on, or the cycle life is not enough, just like a spear and shield. Among them, there is a relative balance between the lithium-life and glow energy in energy density and life, but comprehensive performance is compared with the most advanced Ningde Times 811, still does not occupy advantage.

Look again, it is a probabilistic technology route. The solid-state battery energy density of 2021 is only 250Wh / kg, only 270Wh / kg in 2022, only 335Wh / kg, with Wei 2025 There is a big gap between 360 to announce.

So, is it a lag in the report of the wind security, or is it lying? Things are not only opposite, when Nio Day, I believe that it will not do such stupid things, and it is a more radical, but it is basically achievable, but it is only a matter of time.

Regardless of which solid-state battery, the core is the core fact that the solid-state battery is produced, which is a leap-forward progress, an inspiring moment for the entire new energy industry. As a tramier, we can also proud to pride the end of the fuel truck. In 2021, it is worth remembering that the future has come.


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