Present a POWER North plan, will establish 100 power plants

In the Shanghai Auto Show, many car companies launched the promotion of new cars to debut or hot models, and the new power of the car, but also released a Power North program by the Shanghai Auto Show, will Provide more convenience for the purchase of the car owners of the Azer model, doing no worries.

In the near future, the Old Brother Jeep was officially announced to establish a message to establish a Jeep 4Xe charging network with Electrory, indicating that the owner of the purchase of pure electric Jeep models resolved the travel charging problem, will be used in MPAB, Rubicon Trail and Big Bear, etc. Off-road terrain is quite excellent, covering the charging station, resolving the endless anxiety issues encountered during the row of off-road vehicles, and said that it will cover the United States in the future. To successfully implement this plan, Jeep will invest $ 2 billion in the next 10 years to carry out charging pile construction purposes, which plans to establish 800 chargers and 3,500 fast charging piles in the United States.

The news is also an envy of many domestic car owners. After all, for the owner of the car enterprise is a car enterprise yearning. On April 19, it was also finally issued a Power North program, which will conduct an infrastructure planning and charging policy for the eight provincial capital of Xinjiang, Qinghai, Ningxia, Gansu, Inner Mongolia, Jilin, Liaoning, Heilongjiang. The owner of the area experiences the happiness of charging worry-free.

Specific measures, in the eight-year-old power station, 500 super charging stations, 2000 super charging piles, 10,000 charging stumps, and 120 mobile charging vehicles, in the expressway, Achieving an average of 100 km will provide a power-on station or super charging station, in the prefecture-level city, average 3 square kilometers will have a charging facility, of which 4A-level scenic spots are covered by up to 95%.

From the end of July 1 this year to the end of 2024, the owner can enjoy the public charging pile of the eight provinces, the first-level autonomous region, can also enjoy a free charging amount throughout the year, and do not accept services after being exceeded fee.

The official also expects to cover the charging facility as soon as possible, so that the owner of the purchase of pure electric vehicles can truly solve the problem of endless anxiety, reach the travel experience of travel.

The 4XE network in the Power North Plan and Jeep has a common concept. It is to let the owner of the purchase of new energy cars can truly realize no worries, but this is not the responsibility of one or two car companies, but all production and sales new The goal of the energy car should be achieved together. Compared to the actions of Tesla recently several three retraction responsibilities, it is clear that it is a company that is more popular by consumers and Jeep.

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