[Preview 2021] Xu Yanhua: The higher stage of increasing improvement efficiency in the replacement power industry

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At the beginning of 2021, the new energy vehicle continued to go high before, and the industrial prospects were expected. In this case, it will be a larger number of infrastructure such as the charge and other, and the layout is more sound, the charging process is more convenient and efficient and efficient and demand and requirements for service experience. So whether it is ready for this year’s boosting industry? What are the problems and inspections in the industry, need to be improved and improved? What is the next development of the whole industry? Recently, the 100-party brand department interviewed Xu Yanhua, Secretary General of China Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure, and the following principal views of the Secretary-General.

Figure | Xu Yanhua China Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Promotion Secretary General

Q: The industry is generally believed that in 2021, the new energy vehicle accelerated year. As the policy stabilizes, the subsidies are gradually sliding, the industry will completely transition to the marketing stage, whether the charging pile support industry will also usher in new Development Opportunities? And whether you can meet the rapid growth of new energy vehicles?

A: The shift electrical facility is the effort of the emerging industry. After recent years, the whole industry has been explored practices, constantly summarizing the lessons, accumulating experience, from nothing, from small to large, achieving rapid development, has formed a relatively complete industrial chain, Including the R & D production, construction installation, service operation and maintenance, etc.

Industrial technology innovation and business model innovation is active, the production, construction, construction, operation and maintenance capacity increase, cross-border integration, capital help enrich the industrial ecology, the third-party service platform for improving users to charge the user, the whole industry The chain can provide recovering electricity services for all new energy vehicles such as public service fields, commercial operations, private cars, etc., which have strongly supported the promotion and application of new energy vehicles.

At present, China has built the world’s largest exchange of electricity, public charging piles, private charging piles, and the main ownership of the electricity station, the charging facilities have been exported to Europe, Japan and other countries.

According to China Charging Alliance (EVCIPA), by 2025, China’s new energy vehicle insurance will increase from 5 million yuan to more than 20 million, and the power demand will exceed 1 billion degrees. In the next five years, annual compound growth The rate of more than 1.5 times, the prospect of the huge shift demand is the huge opportunity of the electricity facility industry, and the charging facility industry must grasp the opportunity, and the improvement of the demand optimization is improved to improve the changing facility network, and improve the level of charge of the electricity service. The charging facility industry develops to high quality.

Q: Recently, the promotion of the distribution of data, and reported 837,000 units in the public charging pile in February, an increase of 26,000 units than January. National Charging Infrastructure (Public + Private) Accumulated Number of 1758,000 units, an increase of 41.2% year-on-year. According to your forecast, how much is the total number of piles in 2021? How will the industry will enter the stage of development?

A: Since the second half of 2020, new energy vehicles enter the new development stage of private car consumption, the new energy vehicle will result in explosive growth, better for private cars to provide convenience, fast-changing electricity service, is The challenges in the whole industry will also be transferred from the construction of public charging piles to public and private piles. The best scene for private cars is to resident. It is estimated that 40% of the private owners who purchase new energy vehicles have a condition to build pile / wall box in place. Solving conditional users charging the problem in living, is a key topic facing 2021, including charging pile / wall box quality, Jian’an normative, safety, operation and maintenance.

According to the industry universal prediction, the sales of new energy vehicles in 2021 during 180-2 million, of which 80% are private cars, according to China Charging Alliance and I personally judge, in 2021, new charge of public charge pile is about 400,000, The private exclusive charging pile / wall box will exceed 550,000, and the new power supply is approximately 400. It is expected that the public charging pile should be more than 1.15 million, and the private exclusive charging pile / wall box will be close to 1.5 million. The change station is adjacent to 1000.

Q: The charging infrastructure industry has been invested in large, long-term operation cycles, high industrial concentration, and these issues and difficulties will improve this year? What new trends and adjustments will there be in the future development direction or market pattern, business models?

A: Investment is the key to the completion of the profit, about 30% of the cost of charging facilities, including capacity access costs, including capacitance, cable laying, etc., power supply is the basic guarantee of national development new energy vehicles, currently The facilities have been included in the national new infrastructure, but there is no substantive policy measures in power supply security. The cost of electricity access is still undertaken by the construction operators, and the content of the part of the local government is not included in the local government. China Charging Alliance has suggested to the relevant government departments, and the power supply guarantee of charging facilities should be included in the national annual basic construction plan, and the relevant fees should be borne by the government.

The low-voltage demand is low, and some of the pre-pre-recovery facilities is the main problem of current charging facilities. The main problem with long recovery cycle. I believe that with the rapid increase in the number of new energy car ownership, people use new energy vehicles, increase, bicycle The average electricity increase, coupled with charging operators to further optimize the layout of the charging facility, improve the level of operation and maintenance services, which will gradually solve, that is, to resolve development in development. Q: In addition, the construction and operation of the charging pile industry also involves a series of social and energy such as land use, site construction, grid interaction, and community management, and the industry policy reflected by the common users cannot be able to comply, lack of relevant regulations and management. Rules, etc. These problems have been further solved this year? What suggestions do you have in national management?

A: The National Energy Administration is organizing the “Implementation Opinions on Further Improved Charging Infrastructure Service Security Capacity” (“Implement Opinions”), “Implementation Opinions”, “Implementation Opinions” Suggestions on the proposed projects, including land, electric supply, residential community charging problems, and demand to improve the operation and maintenance and maintenance capacity and level. “Implementation Opinions” estimates that will be officially released in the first half of the year, and there should be various departments to formulate and release the implementation rules of responsibilities to guide local governments, industry enterprises, and relevant sectors.

Charged equipment management involves multiple government departments (at least 8) duties, I believe that the issuance of “implementation opinions” can promote all relevant departments to promote the outstanding problems in the development of the changing electricity facility, and create the development of the electricity facility industry Good environment, which provides quality service to promoting the optimization industry pattern, the advantage of the fittest, industry enterprises to provide quality services for new energy vehicles users.

Q: The new energy automotive industry from high-end intelligent models to miniature low-speed models, and numerous categories. At the same time, the three-electric technology level of electric vehicles is constantly improving. Under this big background trend, as an infrastructure in the supporting industry, what are the needs of users? Especially technical routes and development.

A: From the new energy car user structure, the main branch is domain and private cars, the public areas include bus, rental, webmark, urban logistics, etc., these vehicle energy replenishment mainly in public station or special stop, private cars except for residence There is also a workplace to replenish, and there is no two conditions to replenish the public boosting power station station.

With the advancement of power battery technology, the capacity of bicycles is increased, and the full-vehicle comprehensive energy efficiency is increased. The renewal mileage can be comparable to traditional cars, and the average recovery of bicycles is reduced. The private car is 3-5 days to make up, operate the vehicle day The nobles are replenished at night below 300 kilometers, and the averages above 300 kilometers will be completed twice.

The basic appeal of the private owners who need to make up the middle of the day, the basic appeal of private owners who use public station replenishment is short, high-power fast charge, and power generation can effectively solve this problem. Currently, the current exchange technology is more mature. The cost is greatly reduced, and the shift time can be shortened to a minute, and the high-power constraint to 80% time can also be reduced to 10 minutes, but solve high-power charging security and life problems need to increase power battery and charging equipment costs. It is expected to try first on high-end models.

Q: Currently, the power battery is the capabilities and value of the energy storage unit, including fixed energy storage during the electro-electricity, and mobile storage as an electric vehicle. How do you think the space and prospect of battery energy storage? How to coordinate / develop between renewable energy, carbon-up peaks, energy change?

A: In the future, new energy vehicles will act as a mobile energy carrier to play an important role in national energy transformation and implementing 30/60 decrease in carbon. According to our forecast, by 2025, when the new energy vehicle has exceeded 20 million, the total power battery will reach 1300GWh. By 2030, the total car energy will reach 5000GWH, and the car’s intelligent network is associated. New energy vehicles can become huge mobile storage networks, which use cleaning energy to promote distributed energy network construction important carriers, which can devote non-fossil energy such as wind power and photoelectricity. At that time, the charging facility industry and the vehicle and power battery, the power industry will integrate deep integration, which helps to convert the electrical facilities industry upgrade and high quality development, industry enterprises can share development results, improve efficiency, and achieve sustainable development.

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