Pure electric small steel gun is coming, the public id.3 GTX render map, expected to be unveiled 24 years

With the successful discrimination of Shanghai Auto Show, major cars also began to raise the R & D and testing of new energy models to complete the electrical transformation plan released in the auto show. As a result of earlier enterprises in the traditional car enterprise, the public brand has started the layout of the ID series models, and a number of pure electric new cars have been launched. It is worth mentioning that in the past, many car owners were more exciting when designing internal combustion engine models, and the design was not high, and it was called the durable but old Nokia car company, but the public in the ID series shows people. New design language. The launched a variety of new cars are quite a young design. The interiors are more scientific and technological, and the transformation of people exciting electrification makes the public transition.

Recently, foreign media has exploded a rendering map about the public ID.3 GTX, although there is currently no clear news, this new car will be launched, but refer to the public’s acceleration layout for the ID series product matrix, and id.4 GTX and ID.5GTX are judged that this ID.3 GTX has a lot of probability, and there is news that the public has begun to start the research and development of id.3 GTX.

Through this side of the ID.3 GTX render map, it can be seen that new cars and cash ID 1.3 still have a lot of differences, but it is obviously more young. The front headlights use exquisite tears design, slippery body modeling with the borderless door design makes this car full of fashion. The multi-alloy wheels are quite personalized, and through the rendering map, you can also see the colorful red caliper, which also makes this pure electric model more sporty. Tight fit between the wheel arch and the hub, so that the new car has a better grip and stability. In the taillight part, the mass ID.3 GTX probability will use id.3 different split design, and as a pure electric small steel gun, the exit setting will also be canceled.

In terms of body size, according to ID.3 size, the ID.3 GTX probability will also use long width high 4261mm * 1809mm * 1552mm, and the shaft distance 2765mm is set, and is positioned as pure electric compact hatchback.

In terms of power, the standard version of ID.3 uses the rear-drive system, the maximum power can reach 204 ps, peak torque 310n · m, match 55kWh or 77kWH capacity battery pack, reference ID.4 and ID.4 GTX power differences, Id.3 GTX’s power performance is obviously better than ID.3.

According to Volkswagen, members of the public, the ID.3GTX will further promote the ID series of brand development plans, and the new car is expected to be unveiled in 2024, but currently did not make final decisions for the project.

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