Pure tram head brand March sales summary

Since the electric car has suddenly, many manufacturers have seen the high level of the market for electric vehicles, and many people have not thought of it. In the past 2020, the accumulated sales of electric vehicles in the China Auto Market reached more than 1.41% of the global new energy electric vehicle sales. Among them, a few brands such as Xiaolan, which is a medium-sized pillar that supports this sales.

Not long ago, the above three companies announced the sales data of their own brands in March, and amazing is that there is a very significant growth in the same year. What is the cause of this? Let’s take a look together.

The Akai Automobile has delivered 7257 new cars in March, an increase of 373.4% year-on-year. Many people say that most of the car brands have no business last year, which is much larger than the sales volume. But it is quite not easy to increase by $ 30.1% from March than last month. This result is quite not easy. The whole quarter, the total delivery volume reached 20060, and the best results were created in the quarter. We must know that the product, the price is worthy, can have such a score, you can see that the model of the awareness is still there.

Xiaopeng Motors delivered 5102 new cars in March, and monthly delivery has been doubled for 9 months, an increase of 384% year-on-year, and the growth of the amazing is 130%, which is the largest black horse in the car circle. Among them, P7 delivery of 2855 vehicles, G3 delivery 2247. Although sales scores do not have to be so much, the sales volume of Xiaopeng is also the same as the history of their own brands. The reason why Xiaopeng cars can be created soon, on the one hand, the market has an unprecedented package to be emerging things. On the other hand, Xiaopeng Automobile has indeed itself. It is necessary to know that Xiaopeng P7 is priced at 240,000 yuan, and the leader of the electric vehicle has formed a positive pair, and it is difficult to stand firm.

Which of the car has reached 3,246 in March, an increase of 680% year-on-year, an increase of 62%. A total of 7,443 units were accumulated in the first quarter, an increase of 390% year-on-year. Which is the youngest brand in these three brands, which is the greatest growth in these three. In the same period last year, the car almost fell into the bankruptcy, and a year after a year, it was reborn, and there was a quite good grade. What is the price of V. V is the most intimate, only 5.99-12.08 million, you know in this interval, most of the domestic brand fuel car, or A00-level micro small electric vehicle. Which V is aimed at the market, and it has achieved a good job, and the listing in May is sold to 10,317.

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