Qin PLUS DM-I Goal: Replace Fuel Truck

The car market ushered in a hard core type, a hundred kilometers of fuel consumption <3.8L Qin Plus DM-I.

Since 2019, China’s auto market has begun to have structural transformations, and is accelerating from the first purchase market to the secondary purchase market. It rooted in China’s home independent brand, accounting for a proactive advantage in this shift, some brands of deep-saving market, good achievements.

BYD deep-moving segment is new energy car.

If the new energy car market is subdivided, BYD can be called the overlink of the plug-in hybrid model market, has been in the annual investment of the company.

Since 2008, the first generation of F3DM has been successfully established. BYD has worked more than 10 years in the plug-in mixed car market. After that, the DM2.0-4.0 multi-generation products will be launched, the most famous model is Mo Tang DM. Two big cars with Qin DM.

In China’s auto market, from the initial purchase market transition to the secondary purchase market and the two positive factors of automobile electricity, BYD began to think about how to spread plugging over mixing technology.

DM-I plug-in hybrid technology, the first model of this technology Qin PLUS DM-I is the answer given by BYD, which has the advantage of oil-movable, ultra-low fuel consumption, and the policy is not limited. The advantage of limit.

On April 27th, in the spring breeze in Beijing, BYD Qin Plus DM-I opened the listing in Beijing, and the first batch of vehicles delivered to consumers.


Is it possible to sell a tram in Beijing?

It is difficult to sell in Beijing.

Beijing did not give any policy advantageous, the new energy new energy car, Beijing consumers buy a tram with the purchase of fuel trucks, need to use fuel trains, and restrictions on the limited number of work days, weekly Railing a day.

If you purchase an electric car, you can use the indicator to get a simpler electric indicator, nor by the restrictions on the limit of the tail number, even some district counties can enjoy the government’s oil exchange car subsidies.

Therefore, it is very big in promoting the difficulties in Beijing.

From the perspective of the interior, in the first quarter of 2021, there were only 667 in the interior of the Beijing area, while the inventory of pure tram in the same period reached 18,000. Obviously, consumers are more willing to buy pure electric cars, rather than plugging a mixing vehicle.

However, inserting the tram is not a sales, the Beijing region is vast, and the tail number is limited to the in-five rings. For consumers who are influenced by the unscrowded limit, insert trucks are still a good choice.

Compared with the oil car, the insert truck can still enjoy the policy discount of the exemption of vehicles. With this advantage, BYD Qin Plus DM-I plug-in tramless, as long as you find a group, I want to promote in Beijing, and it is not not feasible.

In the case of Qin Plus DM-I distinguished type, we have a contrast of the comprehensive cost of use with the same level of non-plug-in mixed mixed car Toyota.

After the insurance cost of the change of changes, the consumer is carried out when the consumer is carried out, and the Qin Plus DM-I will cost the tax cost, and the Qin PLUS DM-I is only refueling 48,500 kilometers. If the consumer has private charging conditions, then the 40,000 yuan purchase tax will be saved, about 120,000 kilometers from the Qin PLUS DM-I.

Even if you only drive only if you don’t charge it, you will compare the Qin Plus DM-I and Carolla Supoxone without plugging a mixture of 20,000 kilometers. The annual use cost is still lower, saved annually. More than 2,000 yuan in the year.

If it is limited to 6 years, the cost of the initial purchase cost and the total number of car cars will be superimposed, and after the insurance of the insurance, the cost of the use of the total changes, the 6-year comprehensive vehicle cost of Qin Plus DM-I, than Toyota Carolla The mixing model is 54.240 yuan.

From the three dimensions of the initial purchase cost, the annual use cost and the three-year comprehensive use cost, BYD promoted the goal of Qin Plus DM-I in Beijing, but as long as the market, it can also achieve good results.

Take advantage of tax reduction and low fuel consumption, low use cost advantages, in the unlimited suburbs promote Qin Plus DM-I, strive to make their own products become “suburban counties”, or Qin Plus DM-i promotion in Beijing the way.


Oil-powered DM-I

The DM-I super mixing technique applied by Qin Plus DM-I is composed of 1.5L insert special engine, EHS, and super mixed special blade battery.

The most trusted technique is the 1. 1.5L plug-in engine, its combustion thermal efficiency reaches 43%, in the world’s leading level.

In order to reach 43% thermal efficiency because BYD uses the addition and subtraction method in technology.

Addition, increasing is combustion efficiency. The Bia is used to change the engine combustion condition for the Atkinson cycle, and improve the engine compression ratio to 15.5.

The subtraction, reduced energy loss such as exhaust, cooling, pumping, friction, accessory consumption.

Atkinson engine parameters contrast

It is worth mentioning that even if it is compared with the Atkinson circulating engine of the Japanese mixed car, BYD 1. 1.5L plug-in engine, the technical parameters are also on the leading level. Multi-purpose electricity, less oil, six words, you can summarize the EHS hybrid system design concept of Qin Plus DM-I.

Qin Plus DM-I is equipped with an EHS electric mix based on electric drive, and the architecture tends to low speed rate, high-speed direct drive characteristics.

In the drive mode, the DM-I technology combines a mixed mode in series.

For the loss of money, the loss of high speed conditions, through the mutual cooperation between three modes, parallel and pure electricity, to achieve energy saving goals.

In driving, Qin Plus DM-i supports EV, HEV series, HEV parallel and engine direct drive, these four working conditions correspond to different driving scenarios.

In the EV pure electric mode, the drive motor is driven by a power battery, without a shift operation, the driving experience is the same as the pure electric car, smooth and quiet.

In the HEV series mode, the cloud 1.5L plug-in special engine drives the generator to generate electricity, and then output the electric energy to the motor through the EHS electrical mixing system for driving the wheel advancement. This mode may also be called a recovery state.

In the HEV parallel mode, the 1.5L plug-in special engine drives the generator power generation to drive the motor energy, and the power battery also outputs power supply to drive motor energy, through the oil and electricity dual loss, the strongest power of the DM-I system .

The engine direct drive mode is applied to the highway cruise scene. The engine is directly driven by the wheels, and the utilization of the engine is lowered in the high-speed cruise stage to reduce fuel consumption.

In actual use, four modes can be adjusted in real time through driving computers.


Challenge the A-level traded market

The world of A-level traders market is the first-class household car market.

The car is 4765mm, width 1837mm, high or 1495mm, the wheelbase reaches 2718mm, in the A-class sedan, belongs to the maintenance of the sedan, and has a good performance in internal space.

Thanks to the longer wheelbase, in terms of the back space, Qin Plus DM-I has a good performance. In the test drive link before the listing conference, we experience the space of the car, only full of 4 Names, every adult can also have a comfortable room.

In terms of appearance, Qin Plus DM-I upgraded Dragonface 2.0 design style, with a wider front face design, and applied matte material-plated chrome plate, and the head visual design is full of grade.

The side of the body side of the body of Qin Plus DM-I is more smooth, and the chrome-plated panels designed in the front leaf plate are also enhanced.

In the tail design, the taillights of Qin Plus DM-I use the popular smoked black design, the Build your Dreams alphabet joins, and also changed the old LOGO rustic, more in line with the trend.

In the interior style, Qin Plus DM-I and the Han series models are in the detail design elements, but also inheritance.

Take the air-conditioned airport as an example. This stacked plastic is very popular in the Han, and it is preferable to go to the Qin Plus DM-I model. It can also set out the luxury texture of the whole vehicle.

The entertainment system of the whole vehicle is still the exclusive rotating screen of BYD. Since the model of this test drive is a low version, it is slightly small in the rotating screen, and it is the biggest regret of the interior design. It is recommended that BYD launches official upgrade service. .

Received at the cost, Qin Plus DM-I is not much, but the automatic headlights, auto-conditioning still becomes standard, it is valuable, Qin Plus DM-I provides a rear air conditioning outlet.

The driving experience of Qin Plus DM-I, more like electric cars, it is difficult to detect the noise at the start of the engine during daily driving.

In daily acceleration, during urban driving, Qin Plus DM-I will be based on pure electric drive, and the fuel engine will be intervened when driving at high speed cruise, directly drives the wheel forward.

BYD officially promoted the ultra-low fuel consumption, it is indeed imaginary. In the whole test drive, Qin Plus DM-I is full of 4 adults, and the daily driving average fuel consumption is <3.3.8L.

During the test drive, we tried to drive the limit of violence, in order to expect to pull the fuel consumption, a peek at the upper limit of the fuel consumption level.

After multiple emergency acceleration and 120km / h high-speed battery life, the average fuel consumption of Qin PLUS DM-I is still below 4.5L / 100km, which is lower than the energy consumption of the Japanese car.

From the test drive, Qin Plus DM-I has transcended traditional fuel vehicles, but the special policy of the Beijing market is subject to the special policy of the Beijing market, BYD sent the idea of ​​Beijing Fukui, but also in marketing Common from multi-level faces such as customer service.


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