R & D investment will go to 100 billion-level, Dongfeng Motor Group has doculated “14th Five-Year Plan”

As a highlight of China and the Global Automobile Market, 2021 Shanghai International Auto Show is regarded as a window of various major car companies “show” show “.

“Automobile and Internet, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and other industrial cross-border integration, it is more than just mobile tools, but is the ‘third space” outside the family and work. “In April 17 The 2021 Dongfeng Automobile Brand Spring Festival, Dongfeng Automobile Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Dongfeng Company”) Party Secretary, Chairman Zhen Yanfeng is emotional, whether it is the recognition of capital markets or new technology research and development, car The development prospect of the industry is extremely huge.

“Adhering to the company’s mission of” Let the car drove dream “, under the brand value concept of rejuvenation, Dongfeng Company’s” Oriental Style “plans officially sailed.” Zhu Yanfeng said at the press conference. Through technology innovation, new energy and intelligent driving services, Dongfeng Company will also build a future car ecology through a series of strategic cooperation.

“‘Oriental Style’, meaning Dongfeng integrates the wind of clean energy, the wind of smart technology, the wind of the change, the wind, the wind, the wind and waves, the breakthrough breakthrough, build excellence, open first, 2025, commercial car Self-owned passenger cars and new energy vehicles have reached 1 million, and Dongfeng independent brand is entered into the industry TOP3. At the same time, the net asset yield industry leads leading, realizing the value of assets, creating more social wealth.

During the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, Dongfeng R & D investment will increase to 100 billion yuan. Among them, the independent brand R & D investment is not less than 6%, and the industry is maintained. At the same time, in order to fulfill social responsibility, Dongfeng will reduce the comprehensive energy consumption of 10,000 yuan, and the sales of new energy vehicles account for more than 20% of the company’s total sales.

According to reports, Dongfeng will be in accordance with the idea of ​​”upgrading, strengthening, expanding”, adjusting and optimizing the business layout, building a vehicle business, scientific and technological sector and service ecology “three business groups”. The summary of using 风 is: “Building Dongfeng into the original technical strategies and modern industrial chain.”

Yudang, the Standing Committee of Dongfeng Company, Emperor, said that Dongfeng will adopt the implementation of science and technology transitions, in two major areas of new energy, intelligent driving, to seek leapfrogging advancement, is committed to building industrialization, establishing new competitiveness, ” Become a technology company in the Employment Automobile Industry.

At this conference, the new generation of Dongfeng Fengshen, the leading generation of the leading technology of Dongfeng Technology Innovation, “Transition Action”, ushered in public first show. The vehicle source has a SOA architecture with a SOA architecture with a leading three-electricity and high pressure fast charge. At the same time, it pays attention to the “freedom and friendly” interactive experience, adhere to the “fun, care” technology innovation, I feel the natural power of “harmony, symbiotic”, and enter the electric intelligent travel.

“The requirements of high quality development run through various fields and whole process to ensure that the operating rate is greater than 9%, maintaining the industry leading; sales to win the market, the comprehensive market share reached 16%; stable improvement value creation ability, The maximization of the company is maximized. “Yang Qing, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Dongfeng Company, revealed that in the 5G smart port unmanned field, Dongfeng Company, COSCO, China Mobile reached a strategic cooperation.

According to the plan, the tripartite will jointly build a smart port unmanned solution, promoting the construction of “5G + smart port”, and is committed to promoting the upgrading of the smart port unmanned industry standard to national standards, and promotes more ports at home and abroad.

In addition, in the field of hydrogen fuel vehicles, hydrogen energy industry chain, Dongfeng companies reach strategic cooperation with Sinopec, Foshan Municipal Government. “Looking forward to sharing resources, complementing each other, strong integration, and seizes the high point of hydrogen energy development.” Yang Qing said.

During the “13th Five-Year Plan”, Dongfeng Company has sold 19.3 million cars, including 6.3 million autonomous brands, 280,000 new energy vehicles. As Zhang Yanfeng said, the new business layout for the “five-way” trend for the automotive industry is fully launched. . “The new journey for the ’14th Fiveth’, how to further wear, the situation, the momentum, Dongfeng from the corporate mission, value, and positioning the direction of technology transformation.

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