Recommended 4 pure electric cars, the quality of the big factory is reliable, minimum less than 30,000 yuan

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With the improvement of living standards, it is not difficult for most families to buy cars, but still encounter some problems, such as buying vegetables, picking up children or going to get off work, if they walk, although not far but also take more time, if Driving, the distance is too close, just started to stop, the trouble does not mention the cost, then the micro electric car will send it. Compared to motorcycles, it can cover the wind and safer and safer, compared to traditional fuel vehicles, car purchase, and use cars will be much lower, undoubtedly a good choice.

Recently, the highest thermal micro-electric car non-Waubili Hong Kong MINI EV is subject to the low price, only 2.88-388 million yuan, and it has produced it for the big factory, and the new car is favored by the new car. Sales in January this year is higher. 36762, nearly doubled than the second Model 3.

The current Hong Kong MINI EV provides two different battery life, which is inelagically, but considers it to buy vegetables, picks up the baby, go to work, in fact, it is complete enough, if the power is urgent, stop the car Charge train, 6.5 / 9 hours can be completed, which is one night. In addition, the macro Mini EV has a higher value, and is suitable for modification, which is ideal for consumers who pursue individuality.

Wulinghong MINI EV has achieved a breakthrough of “0 to 1”, which is from nothing, Changan Ben E-Star National Edition completed from “1 to 2”, which is good. The price of two models is quite, the River E-Star National Edition is only 298,000 yuan, but the product is more powerful.

First, Changan Benben e-star national version of the body size is larger, and four four layouts are used, compared to two four layouts of Hong Kong MINI EV, not only the space is greater, and the practicality is also stronger. At the same time, in terms of endurance, the Benben E-Star National Edition provides two versions of 150km and 301km, and the latter can choose fast, using the scenes, such as a short trip to a weekend, worth mentioning is , Benben E-Star National Edition or the best in the 4 models, start, and the acceleration power response is faster.

Compared to the top two models, Chery small ants are priced, and the cheapest is 66,800 yuan, and the top match is more than 77,800 yuan. Compared with the macro Mini EV, small ants do not dominate the price, but the practicality is stronger, for example, although the two four layouts are equally, it is benefited from a larger body size, and the space performance is better.

At the same time, the small ants are all 301km, and the fast-charged charge port is compared, and it can be charged to 80% in half an hour. In addition, small ants also standardizes dual airbags, body stabilization control systems, reversing radar, reversing images, 10 inch central control screens, etc., this is also the current macro MINI EV does not have.

Euler black cat prices are quite equivalent, 6.98-848 million yuan, but the space is 4 models, the four-door layout is very practical, and the girlfriends, brothers come a short trip to a short trip. Euler black cat life will also be better than another 3 models, 301km, 351km, 405km optional, and the fast charge is also supported.

In a pure electric model, the Euler black cat has a good market performance, although it is not a macro Mini EV seller, but it is a frequent visitor in the top five in the top five of the new energy car sales list. In addition, the Euler black cat is equally large. Factory, backed by the Great Wall, so the product quality is reliable, after-sales service is also guaranteed.

If it is just a daily step, the micro electric car is undoubtedly a great choice. The first is the low cost of the car. The above 4 models is less than 30,000 yuan. The most expensive is also in 90,000. Secondly, no matter the fuel cost or maintenance costs are very low. While it is convenient for everyday life, there is not much economic pressure. As for how to choose, in the object, if the budget is limited, the macro mini EV and the Benben E-Star National Edition is more suitable, if the budget is sufficient, the Euler black cat is worth considering, but if it is just two people, Chery small ants are enough.

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