Refuse to use lithium iron phosphate battery? Does the lithium battery represent the high end?

Nowadays, electric vehicles can be described as the wind, whether it is a traditional car company, a new forces, and a cross-border car enterprise, all take the leg into the electric car market, and launched a new car to divide a piece of electric car. Why does this happen? The first thing is that the wind of energy transformation is in front of you, and traditional fuel trucks are destined to be eliminated, and electric vehicles are a very good new energy track. Then it is the problem of making the car threshold. It is slightly exaggerated that electric cars is actually like a large toy car. It is more simple relative to the fuel cart. The technology is more simple, the threshold of the car is relatively low, so in such a background and conditions Below, the electric vehicle is being sought after by the car.

However, in the field of electric vehicles, life is a very big problem that makes the car enterprise and consumers, because the battery life is much more, but the actual driving power is more than working test data. That is to say, it is clear that there is 600km battery life, but it may not be 400km, especially the weather is more serious.

At present, there are two batteries in the electric vehicle market, one is a three-dimensional lithium battery, and another is a lithium iron phosphate battery. These two batteries have a certain difference from the problem of itself. First, in terms of battery utilization, the ternary lithium battery is a more winning, but the cost of lithium iron phosphate batteries is low, which can save a lot of costs for car companies.

Recently, there is news, and the new forces of the car can reduce production costs by using a lithium iron phosphate battery. However, after this news, the senior director of the company’s enterprise communication and the public relations director of the public relations were uniform. He said in a circle of friends: It is high-end, which is high end, and does not enter the high end below. Then the lithium iron phosphate battery, the iron phosphate phosphate battery will have a problem of life.

So problem, is it low-end? Is the lithium phosphate battery? Does it say that the lithium iron phosphate battery does not have a good advantage? In fact, it is. For example, in terms of security, the lithium iron phosphate battery is more secure than the three-dimensional battery, and the physical characteristics are not easy. For example, BYD’s blade battery is based on the lithium iron phosphate battery, even if it is a needlement experiment. .

It is more frequent in antiquabricated and self-igniting. In this way, decide whether a car company is high, is it really determined by the battery? I believe such a problem is that the benevolent seeing the benevolence.

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