Registered trademark, is now a new progress in the millet?

Registered trademark, is now a new progress in the millet?

On March 30, 2021, people called Rebus’s millet founder Thunded a bomb to the automotive industry: I am going to make a car, gambled for a lifetime and honor. The news of “Millet” is explosive. In that time, the news of the millet is always brushing. However, after the Lei Jun threw a wave of bombs, Xiaomi appeared in the automotive industry for a while until recently, a series of new progress in Xiaomi was exposed.

On the one hand, Xiaomi recently applied for registration of “Xiaomi Travel” “Xiaomi Zhi” and other trademarks, international classifications involved transportation tools, communication services, scientific instruments, website services, etc. On the other hand, the talent team of Xiaomi has recently emerged. Li Xiao Shuang, general manager of the original Xiaomi University Electricity, responsible for Xiaomi Auto business, with several executives, will also be transferred to Xiaomi Auto business line. In addition, Zhu Jiang, who left the former Ford Mach-e, was also passed to the mountains of Xiaomi. Of course, these personnel rumors have not been confirmed by official and Li Xiao Shuang or Zhu Jiang.

In any case, after the launch conference that determines the car, Xiaomi has some water in the automotive industry, which may be able to explain that Xiaomi is in the “ing” state, Rebus’s car dream is not only just Is the mouth.

Has already prepared food?

The military method: “The soldiers have not moved, the grain is in advance”. This sentence is used in the production of the car. After all, there is no pre-laying, can’t sell the car without the car.

After Xiaomi announced the car, there is less actual action. Investigation information shows that on April 1, Xiaomi is submitted to the trademark registration application, the application / registration number 54856491, and the international classification is 8 types of handmade instruments. But interesting is the “Xiaomi Auto” trademark of Shaoxing Yuxiang Textile Co., Ltd., 20021, 2002, applied for the international classification of 12 types of transportation tools, auto parts and 35 market sales and advertising services. And strictly speaking, the car trademark should be attributed to 12 major types of transportation tools.

Perhaps it is unwilling, Xiaomi has opened the “rush” mode after Xiaomi, Xiaomi applied for “Xiaomi Zhi”, “Xiaomi Trunking”, “Xiaomi Travel”, “Xiaomi Zhilian”, etc. Trademark, international classification involves Transportation tools, communication services, scientific instruments, website services, etc. In addition, trademarks such as “Rice” “Mi Vi” and other trademarks have been registered, and Xiaomi’s trademark library is also rich.

However, it is worth mentioning that although Xiaomi has announced the car, it has never determined the brand of millet products, LOGO. On April 6th, “rice nache” live broadcast between China Lei Jun once revealed that Xiaomi’s car is using Xiaomi’s existing brand or set up a new brand, and Xiaomi needs some time to think.

In terms of talent construction, Xiaomi’s car project is also devoted. It is currently determined that the Lei Jun will serve as the CEO of intelligent electric vehicle business. According to reports, the car plan is implemented by Wang Chuan, the head of Xiaomi TV. However, the rumors about the general manager of Xiaomi University Electricity, Li Xiao Shuang or transfer, responsible for Xiaomi Auto Business, the former Ford Mach-e, Zhu Jiang, is also transmitted to the hometown of Xiaomi, etc., there is no confirmation.

In addition, according to the news disclosed by the person familiar, there are three standards within the Xiaomi Group’s internal transfer of the automobile business line: 1. The original work must be biased technology and research and development direction; 2. The original department team business is stable; 3. The leaders of the original business unit have suitable Alternative candidates. In this point, it is not easy to make a car before the small rice is not easy.

Give Xiaomi some time?

From Xiaomi to announce a series of actions in the car to date, Xiaomi’s cargo road is very low. When making a car, Xiaomi announced the investment plan, the first issue of investment was RMB 10 billion, and it is expected that the investment amount will reach 10 billion US dollars in the next 10 years. And the Lei Jun once said: “In order to provide the best model to rice noodles, we plan to wholly-owned, it is all money yourself.” This means that the millet has a self-loss, more mean, and the Lei Jun puts the road of “the car circle” completely blocks.

About Xiaomi’s cargo plan, Lei Jun has previously been revealed in the live broadcast, and the first model of Xiaomi will choose between SUV and cars. The main price range of 100,000 yuan -300,000 yuan, it is expected to be 3 years (2024) Year) Introduction, goals from personal equipment to smart families, intelligent office and intelligence, provide intelligent life for rice noodles.

However, in addition to these, Xiaomi’s car seems to have really no “dry goods” is exposed. Compared to other peer high-profile announcement of personnel appointment, the car plan, factory status, financing and other behaviors, Xiaomi’s voice is weaker. Perhaps, if there is no Lei Jun’s personal IP, Xiaomi mobile phone has been accumulated for many years, and the millet will have been forgotten quickly.

In fact, perhaps Xiaomi’s low-key is correct. After all, it is only more than a month from Xiaomi, and Xiaomi is a cross-border player. In addition to money and goals, almost all the conditions of the car Do not have. What kind of sound is it to pass on the outside world? Recalling the beginning of the business of the new power of the car, not the same, no sound, and even the initial car companies have some sounds until “retreat”. What’s more, compared to the new power of the car, Xiaomi is fortunate to be lucky, after all, almost no sound saying that Xiaomi is a liar. Wei Li Bin used a three-year proven to prove (it is not a liar), and Lei Jun does not need to worry. Perhaps millet is really carrying too much expectations of consumers. From the existing news, there is still no substantial progress in the road of Xiaomi, but whether it is a registered trademark or personnel change rumors such an occasional flourishing water, it must prove that Xiaomi is making a car. Previous step. Step in front. Give Xiaomi some time, maybe it can be a rookie in the era of smart car, or maybe, Xiaomi’s car will ultimately beat the enterprise in the car road.

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