Review of the car owner: two people do not hesitate to make a decision, a decisive giving up Han

On April 15th, the first pure tram of Geely’s extremely pure tram opened, and this car has been constantly talking about the topic of appearance and super cost-effective.

“Electric Vehicle User League” has not been broken by the discussion of the extreme 氪 001 in several car owners:

Shanghai International, Shanghai International, the booth, held in Shanghai, was also rated as the most popular booth. During the May 1st, some stores were on the car experience and even need to rank 2 hours.

What we are inevitably ask? What kind of car is this? So is so popular, what do you think about the owner?

With this question, we and two big car owners, one intentional gold owner talked, please talk about the view of this car, and the beginning of the car.

Unexpectedly, they all had a story, two for the sinny 001 is willing to wait for half a year, one is willing to give up the original intention model. At the same time, they also give the extreme 氪 brand and high 极 001 high evaluation.

The following is a detailed description of the three owners, and is organized by the “Electric Vehicle Association”.


Wheel: The extreme has grasped the heart of the young people, I settled the extreme 001 top with dual motor version

When this car is a concept car, I am paying attention, I will pay 5,000 yuan for the deposit.

It is called pile Zero before the norm is changed to the citron. I know the earliest car owner of the leader 01, so I will pay attention to these messages.

At that time, I was also considering buying a tram. On the city, I have seen it, I have seen it. From all aspects, the extreme 001 is comparable to my requirements.

First, I prefer to open a train, so the motivation is definitely enough. This is also the reason why I have a dual motor version.

Second, I compare the appearance of the car. So some cars that have been seen before, the appearance is not good, and finally give up.

The third, my budget is 400,000.

However, I am not very high for the demand for the battery, but I am still more concerned about the time.

According to my car habit, I will run the day every day, but the five or six hundred kilometers of life is definitely enough. I have a garage in my own home, and I can charge piles. There is also high pressure charging nearby. Out of the distance, that is, 300 kilometers, the intermediate service area also has a lot of charging piles, so the battery life is not too big.

The choice of extreme 001, there is a big reason is because of reading other cars, I feel that their appearance, interior, and chassis adjustment, mechanical quality, and the gap between the propslium.

The appearance interior, these external things are benevolent to see the benevolence, the wise man is wisdom, it is a very subjective view. But the extreme 氪 001 is made of traditional cars, and its tuning will be better than other cars, which is also a big reason I choose.

I have tried driving in the ES8, ES6, Xiaopeng P7, G3, BYD Han, Tesla.

They are still working, but they are really bus, and they are not very in line with my usage habits, or the driving feeling it passes is not what I want.

1, ES8 is a little swaying. Because it is relatively large, there is a feeling of boatting.

2, ES6 body is smaller than ES8, the overall driving experience is better than the ES8, but there is still a feeling of boatting, just not so strong.

3, Xiaopeng P7 I think it is a toy car, not suitable for long-term use.

It has a certain mechanical quality, but the foundation is still a bit. If you teach it later, it is also a good car.

4, BYD Han, whether it is power output, or a chassis, is better than Xiaopeng P7. But I am more hate the interior of Han, because I am too old, I don’t meet our young people ‘aesthetics.

5, Tesla Model 3 and Model Y I have also been driving for a while, because there is a friend who bought these two cars.

Tesla is really good, but the interior is too simple. Moreover, I am the most adaptable is single pedal mode. I don’t think it is me, many people who are used to the oil car, open the bill pedal, are not adaptable.

Plus Tesla’s kinetic energy recovery process is relatively fierce, like this kind of people who are used to accelerate, step on twice, basically, can vomit the people of the car.

So, from my aesthetic and demand, I biased the choice of extreme 氪 001.

In addition, I am interested in the extreme 001 and is also related to the driving quality of the lead.

I have been in two or three years. At that time, it was also blind, and finally landed in about 21,000, but the workmanship can match three or 40,000 joint ventures. Chassis tuning, power output, value feeling also reached a level of three or 40,000 joint ventures, not twenty-million cars.

Overall, it gives me the feeling that the value of this car is actually higher than its price.

Therefore, in the process of the car, I will consider choosing such a brand similar to the packet, or the car coming out of its brothers.

As for the cause of differences, I think it should be in the chassis tuning and mechanical design.

You have touched these things, see it, and feel it. For example, BYD Han, what you can get it is actually good, but actually something inherently has a certain gap.

It seems that no matter whether it is a leader, it is the most successful thing. I know that after 90, after 95, after the needs of these people, they know the aesthetics and concerns of these people, so their car position is accurate. . The tenshal itself has a certain heritage.

Because it uses the newly developed SEA vast architecture of Geely, it is really going to do the car, not by PPT to attract customers, then go to the large factory solution.

Today, the blood is independent, this is a good thing for the ectagles themselves and the packet.

However, telling the truth, as a leader owner, starting at the beginning, I am independent of the extreme, and change the name of the lead Zero into the extreme 氪 001, I am a little in touch.

Because I really like this brand, the result is that this kind of pick-up car, suddenly no packet, it is inevitable to have a little psychological drop.

However, after another thought, this is actually a good thing.

From the direction of the Geely Group, he is independent of the company to manage all electric car brands together. At least it can be safe and calm, and the oil car will be handed over to the packet.

The research and development of new models is also good, users are good, this is a good thing, let the blood can focus on the electric route.

If it is in the packet, it is necessary to study the oil car, and have to develop insertion, but also to do any electric car, I am afraid I can’t eat.

Last month, the 极 001 scheduled conference also invited us to go to the scene, according to my opinion, I think if they can follow, the service will be very good. .

The invitation letter they sent, the invitation we have sent is also good, the entire reception process is good, even some things that we prepare for users, they can catch our young people.

The door handle of our stay hangs a brand, wrote the name, and then there is a small text above, some is a word of the riders’ friends circle, some is a personalized signature of a friend circle.

Opened the door, and some small gifts and snacks were placed, and the overall layout can catch people.

I said two examples of impressiveness:

Have a big owner, he received a photo of his and his son before he went back, that is his circle of friends. As a result, the staff of the extremes were printed back to him.

There is another friend, and he sent a piece of text in a circle of friends, and the results were selected as a card in his gift box. When you open, you will find some small things in our lives, some complaints, they are all concerned.

These things, from the sense of feelings, it is very vigracted. If the follow-up service can continue this style, I have always been able to do this, I think at least worse than Wei.


A Xiu: Waiting for half a year, the price will come out, I will set the top version of the extreme 氪 001

I also set up a top match. After the price at the time of the conference, I paid 5,000 yuan deposit. The top match is even less than 350,000, comprehensively compare, this price, this configuration can hang a lot of cars with the same level.

Compared with two or three years ago, the current tram market has changed the earth. The Roewe EI5 I opened now is bought in 2018, has already opened more than 70,000 kilometers.

At that time, there were not many trams on the market. I chose very little. I didn’t like sedan and SUV. As long as I took a trolley, I also valued brand adjustment.

Because the car is going to face every day. I don’t want me that the car faced every day is I can’t accept it. Plus me in the interior design, I’m paying attention to visual feelings. So this block is very concerned about the brand.

Although Roewe’s brand adjustment is not good, but in 2018, BYD Han has not come out, Tesla Model X is good, but as a working class, I will not consider. And in that time, technology has not reached this level, I will not spend so much money to buy a so expensive car.

Therefore, in the same level, it is actually that it is in BYD Qin and Beiqi EU. The rest is what Changan’s cars, but I don’t like these cars.

BYD is not good in addition to brand adjustment.

Beiqi said that it is difficult to listen to industrial garbage.

So, in general, Roewe can also see it. At least not so abrupt, not so cottage, the shape is very ok, and it is still a travel version of the design, the trunk can also be installed, it is a car that I can accept at that time.

Today, there are more and more trams, I think if you see a car like it, you can change it.

Because it will change sooner or later, and there is no fixed rate for the electric vehicle. It may be done this year. It is a price next year, and it is more and more, and it is better to change it early.

I have been paying attention to at least half a year, and I am paying attention to DCE1. I specially liked, the parameters, motivation, and interior came in line, so I decided.

I didn’t consider the Fire of Tesla, Xiaopeng P7, BYD, and BYD Han.

For me, Tesla interior is too simple, I don’t like it. Xiaopeng P7 is a sedan, and then says this new forces, I still don’t have a cold. BYD brand adjustment I can’t accept it, and some other domestic don’t say it.

But in the new forces, I only considered it to ES6. However, the angle of the seat behind the ES6 is not good, and it makes me feel uncomfortable. Moreover, I think the price of ES6 is a bit expensive, because the ES6 battery and my Roewe are similar, and the life is not too bad. If I really changed the big capacity battery, I feel that the budget is too high, it is not necessary.

Plus, my change in the time of change is not particularly strong, or I have not encountered a car that I like it, so it can be exchanged.

It was until later he saw the extreme 氪 001.

I really like this car.

The first time I saw the spy photos of DCE1 were attracted, but I received a question mark. Because I don’t know what I know, I haven’t learned this brand at all.

Later, I saw something on the Internet. I took the initiative to understand what kind of brand is a brand, what is the adjustment? What is the design … I found that I like the brand adjustability, they The car is designed, the service is also very good.

When I arrived at the Beijing Auto Show last year, I also went to see it. On the day of the April, the sky 001 configured, the price came out, I will go down.

I like this car, it is also quite simple:

1, appearance appealing.

2, the space is large, nearly 5 meters long, 2 meters wide, there is a 3 meter wheelbitch, the space has not been said.

3, the configuration is rich, after listed, the user is also good, the media will give praise.

As for some people who say cards, I really don’t care. And I have also driven this car, I think it is not.

There is no perfect car, there are shortcomings, just see what you pay attention to, can you accept its shortcomings.

For example, the automatic driving function of this car, I will not consider it.

On the one hand, because I think the car is used, I prefer my own feelings, do not need automatic auxiliary features to help me.

On the other hand, as far as Beijing is now, you buy a automatic driving thing to say that it is to find it to yourself, I can’t give the car to the machine.

So automatically driving this gating, I haven’t used me.

In addition, for the extreme 氪 001 this car, I think it is very in line with our 80 aesthetics. After 80, it is more than 30 years old. I think we need a more calm, but not old, and a scientific and technological.

From the content at the press conference, I think it can do this.

I am also very lucky this time, I was invited to the conference.

I think the arrangement of their conference, even on-site atmosphere, and the design language, space design of the car itself, and the so-called brand adjustment, it is quite in line with my appetite. Also makes me feel that hetero is trustworthy.

Although he is also a new brand, it is not like it, Xiaopeng is brand new, it has Volvo and Geely back books.

And it is also a particularly good thing, it is a particularly good thing, completely separated from the 4S system of the packet, saying exaggeration points, is to copy the set of the awareness.

I have learned that I can go to the 4S shop, giving me the impression. It is really very poor. I have entered two 4s shop, from entering the door, no one actively took care of me, let me feel particularly uncomfortable.

I felt that I saw it from publicity, how is this car so good, how is the 4S shop is like this. I have a little shake, I don’t want to buy this car.

At that time, it did something very in place, very intimate, including the preparation gift, the surprise prepared, all arranged very well. The entire conference made me impressively. To put it bluntly, they are doing you to think about you, feeling you as a friend, not a customer.

Therefore, it is a particularly good thing to independently coming out.

Now, I am the most expecting to test drive. These parameters should look at it, I hope they will let us first get the test drive as soon as possible.

As for the service, I hope that there is a problem to process it in time. After all, I bought a car, not a service, the car has no problem, in case of a problem, I can find someone to solve in time, OK.


Andy: I ​​have to buy BYD and I didn’t expect to be taken by the extreme 氪 001 we.

I am now on the oil, but I want to try the electric car. So, I started to understand the electric car before the New Year.

I usually drive more Buddha, and what is actually don’t require it. This time I bought a car most important thing.

Because I am doing project, I often run back in Suzhou, Shanghai, Wuxi, Changzhou, Nanjing. Although these places are more convenient, it is still short, still not enough.

In addition, I plan to buy two, when I arrived at the company, I usually have something to go out, my colleagues can open.

At the same time, each budget must be controlled within 300,000. I think the first time I buy electric vehicles don’t need to buy prices. After all, I am not familiar with this thing, so I set up a 100-degree battery WE version.

I haven’t learned the electric car before, this time it is a stupid course. Wei Si, Xiaopeng, BYD, Tesla and other popular models of the APP I downloaded registered, add some WeChat group, and what is the forum post.

At first, I heard more news that Sanshra’s news more. And I also have a friend to buy it, and listened to him.

But I didn’t dare to buy these two brands.

The essential life is too short. The first generation of car owners said that when it is cold, it is 200 kilometers. If my business is only in my city circle, run a few tens of kilometers a day, and one hundred kilometers can be considered. But I often go to the field or not very convenient. And I also tried to drive a bus. Experience is actually that there is no engine, quiet, no feeling, automatic driving, I don’t pay attention to this piece. I think the price of the awareness is also a bit virtual. In short, it will not be considered.

As for Tesla, although it said that its sales is the highest in the tram, I didn’t think about my head. When I saw it, I saw Tesla’s accidents, afraid to buy this car security problem.

In addition, I also considered ideal one. When I went to the mall, I saw their exhibition halls, I feel that this car is still good. However, I know that Ideal One is the incremental, not only there is a fuel system, but also complicated. The maintenance of electric vehicles is less, it can be easily, and the incremental process is complicated.

Xiaopeng P7 life is also good, but I found it, it is still not suitable. The choice configuration of this car is too small, and many are standard, I don’t want to analyze what the configured models are what I intend to, which is unimomed. Later, I didn’t pay attention.

There are also recent listing of Beiqihu Alpha s, and the ultimate fox Alpha That last year, the endurance of these two cars can also, but many people say that the brand is not. I also think that the modeling is not very attractive, plus the extreme 001, so I don’t pay attention.

During the period, I also looked at the zero-racing C11. This car is still not very satisfied, and the interior is not very good. Although their advertisements are said, “Getting-to-door is luxurious”, but I think there is not a luxury.

Therefore, before the 001, BYD is more in line with my requirements.

First, the battery is in line with my requirements.

Second, I also like it. I can’t stand it, and I feel like being parked on the side of the road. In addition to the steering wheel and the display are not removed, the other can be removed by people.

In addition, the budget is also within the scope.

I didn’t have two weeks ago. As a result, the 001 came out, I was attracted to the past, and the ultrakno 001’s life is more than 100 kilometers.

Before, I always think BYD is very novel. However, after the 001 came out, I think BYD is no more fresh, after all, I have been paying for a few months. I found that a lot of things of the 氪 001 is standard, what is the electric tail door, no frame, and the head display is standard.

And there is also my intentional collision warning system and active brakes.

I now, when there is a traffic light, if there is a railing on the left, or the green belt, it will remind it.

I usually have more time phone, often on the road, sometimes I don’t pay attention. These features are still very necessary.

My friend I bought a modern car last year, I stopped at the road, and my head was inserted. When I came out, I came to an electric car, and the car was actively stopped.

So I think if there is a warning and active to stop these intelligent things, or prompt, or directly stop, is a safe guarantee for driving safety. These features I see that the 氪 001 is equipped.

Now, I have paid 2,000 interested deposits. In May, we have a car this, and I will turn it after I have seen my interior.

Because the extreme 氪 001 has a colored interior selection package, I want to choose that, but I don’t know what the effect is like. If the color is particularly bright, I may not choose that color. They had a colored interior, and the seat belt inside is green, which is not too acceptable.

So I have to look at the exhibition cars again.

Although the extreme 氪 001 is still a futile, I have already started looking forward to it.

First, I hope I can drive to the test drive early and see the performance of this car. Because many things we have seen now are written, how doctors don’t know how doctors?

Second, I look forward to the battery life, I hope that the virtual standard should not be too serious. I usually run a high speed, usually 100 speed, Suzhou is not particularly cold, and the renewal is 7% off, and it is uncomfortable.

Third, the extreme 氪 001 uses a ternary battery, I hope that the security performance is better.

In addition, the pole is now in this model, and its price is not as high as it is, and the comprehensive experience does not necessarily have it to be as perfect, but it should not be poor. And it will take the direct mode, better than the traditional dealer mode. So I also look forward to their services.

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