Ruipu Energy: Take the lithium iron phosphate wings

Ruipu Energy participates in 2021 Shanghai Auto Show

In 2020, a newly established power battery company suddenly kills the installed volume list and ranks 8th. Moreover, its main product is a lithium iron phosphate battery.

This company is Ruilung energy. Founded in 2017, Ruipu Energy is the world’s largest manufacturer of stainless steel manufacturers in Qingshan Industrial investment. Qingshan Industrial saw huge opportunities in the new energy automotive industry, launched a powerful battery company that we enriched mineral resources.

For only 3 years, Ruipu energy allows the industry to pay attention to it and has a basis for larger scale expansion. On April 20th, 2021 Shanghai Auto Show Media Day, Ruiugu Energy showed the new product of lithium iron phosphate power battery and sold directly to the electric vehicle.

Ruipu quickly cut into the power battery industry and worked, and the growth rate was shining. But in the eyes of the parties, Ruipu’s preliminary achievements are only “small outbreaks” in 20 years of drilling batteries. They still have a farther ideal: do high quality and high cost power batteries.


And Mitsubishi

In 2020, the most popular electric vehicle company is undoubtedly SAIC. In 2020, Shangqi General Wuling sells 17.4 million electric vehicles and has become a pure electric sales champion.

SAIC is popular in Wuling, there is a supplier’s credit, and also gives the supplier return.

Ruilung energy is also one of them.

Ruipu main products and supplies

The main customer of Ruipu is SAIC. In 2020, Ruipu was supplied from Wuling E100, E200. The E100 is up to 8,000 sets / month.

In 2020, Rigpu installed capacity is 0.99GWH, and SAIC is generally 73%.

In 2021, Ruipu has begun to supply SAIC’s universal Wuling’s net red car macro MINI EV (internal code E50). Removed from capacity, nearly 10,000 sets of months / month.

The current product of Ruipu has both lithium iron phosphate and ternary, but lithium iron phosphate is main. 78% of the installed capacity of Rigp Energy in 2020 is lithium iron phosphate, including SAIC, Wuling, Dongfeng, Jinlong, Yutong, Futian, Shenlong and other enterprises. There are fewer three-yuan batteries, and customers are clouds and Weima.

River’s energy battery

“Although everyone says that Ruipi energy is a black horse, in fact, we just run the winning market.” Can run the market, no doubt, thanks to customers who will win the market – SAIC is universal Wuli.

SAIC is universal Wuling in the traditional fuel-saving era, in its larger than the scale. Such a super major customer is dreaming of many newly entered power battery companies. How can Ruipong energy grabs such a good customer?

“We have earlier Wuling’s approval, but the project is relatively late.” Zhang Xiaocong, director of Ruiugu Energy, said that the Ruipper team has ever had project cooperation with the high-level and technical backbone of Wuling. From 2017 to 2019 Shanghai car interior, two companies have conducted many exchanges, consolidating both parties.

Zhang Xiaocong introduced lithium iron phosphate products on the Shanghai Auto Show Media

At that time, Ruipu invests 1.73 billion yuan to build Wenzhou factory, automated, and modernization is very good. The preceding mutual trust and the performance of Ruipu allow Mitsubishi. At the end of 2019, the Ruipper battery had followed Wuling’s model.

“To last half of last year, just a conversion opportunity for a national subsidy adjustment, we got in it.” Zhang Xiaocong said.


Catch the lithium tide of iron phosphate

The rise of Ruipu 2020 is just with the roll of lithium iron phosphate batteries.

The new energy car was relatively strong before 2019, but after the big retreat of July, the subsidy was reduced nearly 75%.

In such a policy context, there is more advantageous ternary batteries, which is more pronounced. Lithium iron phosphate is ushered in a good time. Especially in the leadership of Tesla domestic version, BYD Han EV and other products, the lithium iron phosphate batteries returned.

Ruiugu Energy module product

For Ruipu, the rhizosphere of lithium iron phosphate is also in the middle.

“We have set the direction in the beginning, the power and energy storage should be in turn, the two wings take off, harmonious development. In the energy storage, I will definitely do lithium iron phosphate.” Zhang Xiaocong said.

At the end of 2018, Ruipi’s first phosphate product is produced, “50 AH, currently the network red, many opponents are studying with our products.”

Source: Production certificate, “Electric Vehicle Observer”

At present, the development trend of lithium iron phosphate is more conducive to the direction of Ruipop’s technical path. From the first three batches of car announcements in 2021, in the pure electric passenger car, the ratio of the lithium iron phosphate has reached 42.75%.

Zhang Xiaoc Cong referred to a survey, including storage, 2021 lithium iron phosphate battery shipments, is expected to approach more than 40% market usage.

“The demand for iron phosphate has increased significantly. In addition to high-end long-term routines, it is still in terms of three yuan, and the rest is an ordinary passenger car, passenger car, engineering machinery, light card, logistics, microside, ship, forklift Wait, including energy storage, basically more than 90% are lithium iron phosphate batteries. “Zhang Xiaocong said,” and these markets are currently built. “


Old team new opportunity

Although the lithium lithium phosphate ushered in new opportunities, there are many battery companies in China to do lithium iron phosphate. Why is Ruipu ride? Although Ruiugu Energy is established in 2017, it is not a newcomer of a power battery.

In the “front River Energy” era, the core team of Ruilu Energy has jointly studied the battery cell for more than 20 years.

The square aluminum housing lithium battery is now generally used, and the Ruipper team began to do since 2008, and it is the target of the car. “Beginning in 2008, we cooperate with the SAIC A Bike. So far, our development time in the lithium iron phosphate aluminum shell power battery has exceeded more than ten years, we have a very deep heritage. “

Ruilung’s battery pack products

In addition, the Ruipper team has worked with Dongfeng and also supplied to the pure electric bus in 2014 to operate in urban promotion applications. They also do the electric mine card, port electric trail, etc.

“In 2017, Ruipu energy was established, just broke out the previous precipitation.” Zhang Xiaocong introduced.

Technical levels should be reflected in product competitiveness. Zhang Xiaocong introduced that in terms of energy density, Ruipi products have been 180 watt / kg. “Last year, we were high than the iron phosphate battery shipments were second only to Ningde era.”

In terms of cycle life, the storage product mass production has reached 6,000 cycles, and the car grade product is standardized 4000 cycles.

In terms of safety, the material characteristics of lithium iron phosphate are relatively highlighted. “Iron lithium batteries do acupuncture tests, it is indeed basically more than 100%.” ​​Zhang Xiaocong introduced that Ruil’s product security is better than the industry. He introduced that the Lithium Iron phosphate products were obtained from Japan, “According to I know, only the Ningde Times and BYD have passed, we are the third home.”

In terms of low temperature performance, Ruipu products have achieved minus 10 degrees last year.

Ruipool will not stop here. According to the product road map of Ruilu, the energy density is prepared to do 200 watt / kg in about 2025, and the number of cycles is 8,000 times, and the fast charge performance is 4c. The advantages of product performance need to be maintained by technology development.

“Last year, Ruipu energy flew away, many friends said that Ruipu is a black horse. In fact, telling the truth, or we teach, accumulating and advancedness.” Zhang Xiaocong said.


Make a cost-effective battery

Ruipu Energy 2020 does the 8th, lithium iron phosphate 4th, this year?

“This year we should be able to rank third. We have expected to reach 3.5GWH this year. Last year is 0.8GWH, this year is about 4 times this year.” Zhang Xiaocong said.

Due to the highlight performance of 2020, the customer’s customer development situation in Ruipu energy is better.

Cao Hui, Chairman and General Manager of Ruiugu Energy, said that the mainstream car companies in China have access, “Either it is already supplying, either in contact. International car factory, we have also got some fixed points, There are also some communications that are in progress. “

Strong growth expectations from their judgments and product strategies for market pattern.

Zhang Xiaocong believes that in the early days of the development of new energy vehicles, China lacks high quality power batteries in China. In recent years, high-quality power batteries have already.

“What is lacking? It is lacking high quality, but a product of cost prices is relatively reasonable.” Zhang Xiaocong said that Ruilung energy positioning is, “to do the highest cost-effective product in the industry. Quality should reach the middle level of the industry, price Absolutely going fair. “

“Do a cost-effective, you can use the battery to buy electric cars can you safely use electric vehicles.” Zhang Xiaocong said that electric vehicles below 500 kilometers will be the mainstream of the market. Lithium iron phosphate battery can also meet demand. As long as the cost-effective problem, electric vehicles will be more competitive than traditional fuel vehicles, electric vehicles can enter thousands of households as soon as possible.


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