SAIC MARVEL R is released! 5G car take the lead?

In the end of the 21st century, human beings in the end of the 21st century, many film and television works are described to the public or showcase the traffic tools in the next world, and the public is talking about the future transportation. The hopes. With the continuous development of technology, infrastructure is constantly developing, and finally we can finally see some future transportation.

This time we have the protagonist – SAIC MARVEL R is a new car product that is launched in a large background environment. According to the official claim, this car is currently the world’s first model, 5G C-V2X terminal product certification, which means that this car has a great capacity of the road. In this case, Let’s take a good introduction to this car.

First of all, I will see the appearance of this car. The front face design of SAIC MARVEL R is very avant-garde. The headlights of the car have made a light belt to wear the front of the whole car. The manufacturer called this light band as “Huanyu “” But now there are other products in use the same design ideas, and this kind of light band will be more and more. The waist line of the body is designer to make the whole vehicle look more powerful, and there is a hidden door handle, and there are some technological senses while full of sports and strength.

The most prominent design in the car, is the middle-control station, a super large central control screen, almost all the physical buttons, through this central control screen for touch operation; then the air conditioner disappeared, SAIC Marvel R hides the design of the air-conditioned outlet, and makes the central control design to the smuggling, and the center console is made into arc shape, which makes people feel that the car is full of tough lines, but also Feel a soft; large-scale leather package, compared to soft plastic material, cortical can improve the car.

According to the information published by the official, SAIC MARVEL R is equipped with three motors. It takes only 4.8 seconds in 100 kilometers. The battery life is 505km. The four-wheel-free pro version is 460km; the maximum power is 137KW, the maximum torque is 410N · M, the maximum power of the four-drive Pro version is 222kW, the maximum torque is 665 N · m.

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