Shanghai Auto Show automatic driving broke out: Baidu 8 years grinding a sword, the scientific giants are all followed

In China, Baidu as a company that China automatically drove, in 2013, the relevant technology research and development was launched. At that time, it could be considered a loneliness.

In 2016-2017, the heat of automatic driving in China suddenly increased, and Baidu launched Apollo automatic driving open platform at the 2017 Shanghai Auto Show, hoping to build an open automatic driving ecology, empowering partner, the open platform Help Baid set a large number of automatic driving peers.

After four years, Baidu apollo returned to its birthplace, and when the Shanghai Auto Show was held, the state of China’s automatic driving development has long been in the past.

Baidu Apollo has grown into a leader in China’s automatic driving strength. A lot of excellent automatic driving companies have also born in various segments, including Huawei, and Technology companies, including China, have also started to invest heavy gold and team research and development automatic driving.

Baidu Apollo is no longer 8 years ago, the longevity of the lonely, it is with a big gang of peers, conquer the “Everest” of the automatic driving.

1. Huawei, Daxin detonated smart driving industry, behind the cold thinking

On the eve of the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show, the smart electric car companies and technology companies compete in the unveiled, especially Huawei ADS high-end automatic driving road test video attracted many eyeballs, and the drone company is also officially released before the auto show. “Dacheng Car”, causing industry concerns.

The entire smart driving industry seems to be a group of people all overnight, as if automatic driving has become a reality.

Behind these lively, there is no shortage of calm thinking.

Huawei, these companies have made brilliant achievements in their respective fields, making it admirable.

However, they have to be recognized that these companies are still new to the sect in the automatic driving area.

The automatic driving hardware and software technology, Demo schemes, and data level accumulation, in fact, also need the car market to verify.

The automobile industry, the development cycle is long, the test verification is demanding, and the industrial chain is also moving.

This is not a one-day, but it takes a long-term accumulation, so the whole industry is also looking forward to Huawei, and Daxin has released more technical strength.

At this time, I will see the ADS automatic driving road test performance of the road around the Shanghai Institute, and the system performance is really impressive.

However, there is also a sound that the industry thinks that Huawei choice is a training in numerous times. There may be a problem with the problem, that is, when replacing the test line, Huawei Ads There may not be such a bright performance.

Therefore, whether the abilities of Huawei ADS have really possible to meet the challenges of different road environments, requiring subsequent actual validation.

In addition, Huawei’s ADS is also equipped with 3 laser radar, which is really facing huge cost pressure for the model of consumption.

At the first quantification of the first quantitative car in Huawei, the first quantitative car is said that the price has reached 430,000 yuan, which means its automatic driving package is nearly 100,000 yuan, which is a full version of Tesla. FSD is also expensive.

This system may be able to attract a fanatic technician, but it is undoubtedly a luxury for the general public.

Of course, it is not only Huawei, Dado, and many cross-borders entering the technology giants in the automatic driving area, but also faces the follow-up and more complex test, Baidu Apollo is no exception, the road resistance and long.

However, Baidu has been invested in the automatic driving area for 8 years, which is the pioneer in this industry.

2, new giants compete into the game, Baidu Apollo in the golden track

Huawei, the entry of Daxin, and indirectly prove the hot driving track, and the giants are optimistic about this industry. This will undoubtedly promote the evolution of the entire industry, and each participant is the beneficiary.

Baidu Apollo has started laying in this area 8 years ago, betting AI, betting automatic driving, also reflecting the company’s technical route selection with forward-looking.

With Huawei, DashifinA as a peer, maybe they can have a chance to cooperate in the future.

Baidu Apollo automatic driving is open cooperation in the strategy, such as the automatic driving open platform has accumulated 210 global ecological partners, gathering 55,000 global developers, opening source code 700,000, not only automatic driving, there are smart transportation. In fact, this and Huawei’s strategy in the automatic driving field is not intended. Huawei is also united with the company and the company in the smart driving industry, through their own hardware and software capabilities, enabling car companies to help them Active car.

However, on the opening, the comprehensive strength of automatic driving is subject to Baidu Apollo still has an advantage.

Why do you say this?

First, Baidu Apollo has a first advantage, which has stepped on countless pits in the early stage, touched the stone crossing the river, in the continuous test, and experienced many business strategies adjustments, eventually formed the current Baidu Apollo.

According to the information disclosed in the Shanghai Auto Show on the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show, Baidu’s L4-level automatic driving vehicle has accumulated nearly 10 million kilometers in the domestic road test mileage. The mileage of simulation simulation test exceeded 1 billion kilometers, more than 500 automatic driving test cars. 30 urban tests in the country, the road conditions they can experience will count.

(1) Robotaxi accumulation

Overall, in terms of Robotaxi, whether it is from R & D history, or a team size, test license, or the total mileage, Baidu Apollo has been in the leading position.

Take the 2019 DMV automatic driving and detachment report, Baidu Apollo’s performance is the first place in 60 companies submitted to the report, and even surpass Waymo.

In China, in the 2018, 2019, 2020 Beijing automatic driving road test report, Baidu Apollo became the most in Beijing, the highest test vehicle, the most test mileage, three-year accumulated test mileage has reached 29,200 kilometers, The proportion is over 91%.

More than just simple road test, Baidu Apollo also launched Apollo Go automatic driving operations, carrying manned operations in Beijing, Changsha, Zhangzhou, and California, and has already got the local all-in-one test license, meaning Security officers will take it.

On April 13 this year, Beijing Intelligent Network Auto Policy pioneering area will issue Baidu Apollo in the first batch of night and special weather automatic driving open road test.

This means that Baidu Apollo’s vehicle can take the lead in challenge the complex situation such as morning and evening, night, rainstorm, etc., which is very beneficial for its technology.

In fact, Baidu APOLLO is currently a deep layout in the high-order L4 automatic driving field, but also in the automatic driving scheme, there are also mature AVP autonomous parking programs that have been mounted on the mass production vehicle.

Moreover, the ANP pilot auxiliary driving that is based on L4-level automatic driving techniques has also entered the “quantity production status”. The key is that the system does not use a laser radar sensor, the target is Tesla’s visual Solution.

(2) Quantitative production automatic driving competition

ANP pilot auxiliary driving is affiliated to Baidu Apollo “Lego Smart Car Solution” “” Zhizhi “products in this plan,” Wisdom “,” Zhitu “,” Zhiyun “three major products.

The so-called “Lego” means that the program is flexible, form is also diverse, and the car enterprise can completely choose in the process of cooperating with Baidu Apollo, whether it is software or hardware or hardware support, “Zhidiff” “,” Smart “,” Chu “,” Zhiyun “four major products can be flexible.

At present, Baidu Apollo has a lot of landing results on these four products. According to its data disclosed in Shanghai Auto Show, Apollo Wisdom Products already has more than 70 car companies, and more than 65 models have been equipped with apollo. Wisdom. In terms of “Zhitu” products, including navigation maps also include high-precision maps, and the current Baidu “Zhitu” has been favored by more than 75% of car companies.

In the “Zhiyun” level, Baidu Apollo is also exploring a better landing program. This Shanghai Auto Show, Baidu Apollo has reached a comprehensive strategic cooperation with the old friend Chery Automobile, which will launch a complete support with “Lego Smart Auto Solutions”. .

On the “Zhilu” product, Baidu Apollo’s AVP automatic parking system in Weima W6 can be delivered to consumers. This model is introduced by Weima CEO, and the order volume has exceeded 6,000.

This time, Baidu Apollo also signed cooperation with Guangzhou Automobile, Beiqi New Energy, Ford China, and cooperation in “Lego Smart Automobile Solutions”.

According to Baidu Senior Vice President, Li Zhenyu, General Manager of Smart Driving Business Group, revealed that in the second half of 2021, Baidu Apollo automatic driving will usher in the peak, and there will be a new car listed every month.

In addition, Baidu has also established a collection of car companies with Geely, before the auto show, Baidu’s headman Li Yanhong also signed an important cooperation with the Geely Group’s head of Li Shufu secretly.

Therefore, in the hardware and hardware integration of the whole vehicle, Baidu can also harvest more rich experiences on a centralized car. Of course, follow-up Baidu Apollo’s “Lego Smart Car Solution” can also be equipped on a centralized car.

Whether it is Robotaxi, or AVP + ANP’s whole country smart driving, or smart cockpit, high-precision map, and cloud capabilities, Baidu Apollo has a deep layout. And in the integration of the whole vehicle, the follow-up development of a collection car is also worth looking forward to.

3, laser radar PK visual route

At the moment, the industry is most critical or promoting automatic driving.

Like Robotaxi model, there is still a lot of challenges to achieve commercial operations.

According to Li Zhenyu’s point of view, in 2024, Robotaxi pushed the prelude to the market. At that time, the commercialization of unmanned driving will be more promising, and it can be more clear. Baidu Apollo will be firmly put into Robotaxi.

On the other hand, like many emerging car companies, Baidu Apollo will soon strongly push the entire domain smart driving scheme such as AVP + ANP.

At present, the AVP program has landed, and then the ANP pilot auxiliary driving is pushing to real mass production, solving the automatic driving puzzle of the Chinese people in the urban process.

According to Baidu Apollo’s plan, this year, its ANP will cover urban roads and high-speed roads in 20 cities, and complete 100 cities over 2023 years ago.

ANP is a set of automatic driving programs mainly dependent on visual technology, which forms a stark contrast with the current fried laser radar scheme.

Recently, the extremely fox Alpha S and Xiaopeng P5 two new cars have triggered the industry’s hot discussion because the laser radar sensors mounted are widely received. In particular, Alpha S Huawei’s custom version of the model has broken by 430,000 yuan, which has been nearly 100,000 yuan higher than the original car price, and ordinary consumers have basically missed this model.

At present, the price of Xiaopeng P5 has not yet been announced, but because of the installation of laser radar, it will not be unexpectedly increased, and whether these costs will allow consumers to pay, still unknown.

How the two models follow-up will directly explain whether the automatic driving of the laser radar technology route can be accepted by ordinary consumers.

Taking Tesla FSD and Baidu ANP these vision-based pilot assist driving, what kind of market performance will be made, it is also worth looking forward to. From the cost-effective, if the low-cost visual technical solution can make the effect of the laser radar technology program, it undoubedly consumers will choose a visual technical solution.

4, L4 technology costiles, 100,000 yuan national models can also be equipped

Explore the Baidu Apollo for many years in the Robotaxi field, eventually chose to make automatic driving production, which is a well-thoughtable decision.

According to Li Zhenyu, it has taken the technical solution from dependent laser radar to more precipitation techniques as much as possible on the L4-level automatic driving model.

For example, now Baidu Apollo’s Robotaxi roof has only one low-line laser radar product, which is the result of expanding its visual technical capabilities.

And this result is also reflected in the mass production of the ANP pilot auxiliary driving.

Baidu Apollo is played in mass production, more and more and Tesla, that is, the bias is not a heavy laser radar. However, Mask is more radical, not only does not want laser radar, but even millimeter wales do not want.

Of course, it is the choice of laser radar scheme or the selection of visual technology routes, and there is no point of wrong, which is the result of cost, cost performance, and mass-produced.

But at least in the current view, as ordinary consumers, affirmation, affirmation, affirmation, and priority, low-cost visual technology routes more attractive.

According to Baidu Apollo, its ANP program can even be equipped with a 15,000 yuan fuel car. If so, the incremental market will be very worthwhile.

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