Shanghai Auto Show automatic driving industry chain inventory

On the eve of 2021 Shanghai Auto Show, under the constant construction of new forces and scientific giants, automatic driving and intelligence became the largest theme of the automotive industry.

The automotive industry is a highly divided and specialized industry. The development of intelligent electric vehicles is inseparable from the development of intelligence and electric industry chain.

Under the theme of “Hugging Change”, in addition to the hot smart car, automatic driving, smart parts suppliers in the smart parts of the smart space becomes the darling of the industry.

During the Shanghai Auto Show, the highest level of payment is no longer a traditional foreign capital of Bosch, mainland, and electricity, but focusing on the technology company of automatic driving and smart cockpit solutions. These more underlying technology companies provide strong support for the intelligence and digitization of the car. They will reshape the automotive industry chain games and gravity.

Fortunately, it is benefited from the booming of China’s electronics industry and the Internet technology industry. China’s intelligent industry chain and Europe and America are small, and many areas are even in a leading position.

Car chips, car sensors, ADAS solutions, high-end automatic driving solutions, smart cockpit become the highest level of attention, they will become a new automotive industry “wind direction”.

First, chip / computing platform


Product: Horizon Matrix® Mono Assistive Solution, Horizon Matrix® Pilot Pilot Driving Solution, Horizon Matrix® FSD Automatic Driving Solution, and Horizon HaloTM car intelligent interactive solution.

Highlight: Based on the skyline-based vehicle-grade AI chip, providing “chip + algorithm + toolchain” complete development model to help car companies quickly build automatic driving and smart cockpit capabilities, implement the outer linkage model of the car, The cost of landing program is low, meets the needs of the car, and the current journey 2 chip has massished.

Partner: Audi, BYD, Changan Auto, Great Wall, Dongfeng Auto, Guangqi Group, Hongqi, Jiangqi Group, Ideal Automobile, Chery Auto, SAIC Group and other host plants, and Des Siwei, Dongwei Rui Chi, Mainland Group, Fretech, Fallua, Huayang, Asia Pacific, Bo Bo exceptions, etc. Tier1 reach a deep cooperation.

During the Shanghai Auto Show, as the only car grade AI chip in China, there is a larger, the main background of the automotive industry, the skyline is one of the most sought-in and the highest heat in the supply chain.

A. Automatic driving solution

Horizon Matrix Mono Based on the Skyline Journey 3 chip, only 8 million pixel single-graphic cameras can complete the L2-level automatic driving. The program is also equipped with the horizon-based high-precision framework, no high-precision positioning box, which can realize the positioning accuracy of the lane level, function can realize the turns exchange, the construction area avoidance, traffic lights and lanes, etc. Advanced L2 automatic driving function.

Horizon Matrix® POLIT is also based on the journey 3 generation chip, but the hardware configuration is more powerful. In addition to the front 8 megapixel single-point camera, the two sides of the body are four cameras, and there is a rear view camera, these 5 cameras 2 million pixels, 100 degree horizontal sights. Floor, with a perceptual coverage of 250 meters, supplemented by millimeter Thorning to a perceived redundant system, combined with key technologies such as visual fusion, high-precision map, to achieve navigation automatic driving assistance program.

With high-precision map, Polit can achieve L2 +-level pilot assist driving on high-speed and urban fast roads, which can release both hands and feet, on the basis of MONO function, can also respond to scenes such as tunnel, large curvature, while Further improves the safety of the function of the upper and lower ramps, active changes to overtakes.

The skyline will also drive to the L4-level automatic driving, based on the journey 5 chip to create the Horizon Matrix® FSD automatic driving solution, the journey 5 will have 96TOPS power, with dual-core vision DSP modules, but also have ASIL-B (D) functional security . Horizon Matrix® FSD Overall Catalysts can reach 200 ~ 500tOps, support 12 camera programs, can be used with laser radar, realize the point-to-point non-takeover automatic driving, urban parking and automatic calling, all scene covering automatic driving.

B. Smart Cockup Solution

In the smart cabinet, the horizon is based on journey 2 and the journey 3 chip, which releases Horizon HaloTM 2 and Horizon HaloTM 3 car intelligent interactive solutions.

Horizon HaloTM ️ 2 car intelligent interactive solution focuses on polishing fast iteration, currently the month is the frequency iterative algorithm, the number of algorithm models continues to increase, and based on these algorithms, the new functional application innovation is continuously combined. Horizon HaloTM ️ 2 This time it releases children’s mode and gesture control. With the rapid iteration of the program, it will also introduce the function of elderly mode, sound pattern recognition, multi-emotional identification. Horizon HaloTM ️ 3 Based on the journey 3 5 TOPS AI force, Horizon 3 5 TOPS supports up to 6 camera access capabilities, and supports more MIC access, supports the front and back row, the car and the car outside the car, visual To form more linkage interaction possibilities with all-round sense interactions of voice.

Horizon HaloTM ️ 3 There is currently hundreds of algorithm models and continuously updated. In scenario applications, the interior and external linkage solutions in the horizon have taken to inform or ask the user to automatically drive the next strategy; through rich scene definitions, it is possible to determine the active intervention based on the vehicle-outside road condition and the driver status of the vehicle; or in the car Scenariology and understanding dynamically adjusts driving strategies, enabling human-machine mutual trust, build intelligent, humanized driving experience.

C. Customer / Partner

During the Shanghai Auto Show, the founder of the skyline and CEO Yukai received all the media that came to visit on the booth, and also rushed to all venues and jointly issued new products and signed a strategic agreement. The following is the cooperative project announced during the transcendal line during this auto show.


(1) The full scene solution of the horizon covers the two major smart driving and smart cockpit systems of smart cars, and the two systems can realize the interior and outside the car. For example, when the vehicle is automatically driving, the inner visual, the car voice perception system is also working. Through the driver state, voice input, it can also control the driving behavior of the vehicle, realize people, and more closely combined.

(2) Unlike only selling chips, or packing the company’s companies, the largest feature of the horizon is the complete open mode of the “chip + algorithm + tool chain”, which is selected to design, even the mature algorithm reference design, and even The mass production algorithm is open to some host plants. At the same time, because the chip of the horizon is sufficiently open, it can also open the development tools and software capabilities, and flexibly supports the main plant to create differentiated automotive intelligence applications.

2. Black sesame intelligence

Product: Huashan No. 2 A1000 Pro, INT8 (106 TOPS) -Int4 (196 TOPS)

Highlight: heterogeneous multi-core architecture, 16 core ARM V8 CPU, 16NM process process, typical power consumption is 25W, support 16 high-definition camera input, support ASIL-B level function security, built-in Asil-D level safety island, meet the requirements of the car .

Mass production time: Plan 2021 Q3 provides engineering samples, Q4 provides development platform

Partner: Dongfeng, FAW, Wei Si, SAIC, BYD, Bosch, Drip, Zhongke

Black sesame intelligence declares that Huashan No. 2 A1000 PRO is automatic driving chip for the car. The chip is based on black sesame intelligent two major self-study core IP-car rules image processor NeuralIQ ISP and Dynamai NN car level low-power neural network acceleration engine, INT8 is 106 TOPS, INT4’s integration force can be reached 196 TOPS.

A1000 PRO uses heterogeneous multi-core architecture, 16 core ARM V8 CPU, 16NM process process, typical power consumption is 25W, supports 16 high-definition camera input, supports ASIL-B-level functionality, built-in ASIL-D level safety island, high performance, Low power, safe and reliable feature.

Black sesame intelligence also released the ShanhaiTM ️ artificial intelligence development platform. Black Sesame It has more than 50 AI reference model library conversion cases, which can reduce the client’s algorithm development threshold, and also support customer custom operator development, perfect tool chain development packs and application support.

3. Core Chi Technology

Product: Four Car Processor Chips: X9U, V9T, G9Q / G9V

Highlight: X9U Cockup processor, power 1.2tops. ADAS feature such as DMS, OMS, and automatic parking can support, and 10 independent full HD displays.

V9T reserves 18-channel high-definition camera input, 16 channels of CANFD, 16 LIN, 2 support TSN Gigabit Ethernet port, and high-speed expansion interfaces such as PCIe 3.0 and USB3.0.

G9Q is a 4-core CPU central gateway processor; G9V is a high-performance processor for cross-domain fusion, which can be combined with the core gateway and 3D instrument on a domain controller.

In addition to the domain control level large SOC chip, the core is also developed by a car, which is economically reliable, MCU – E3.

Mass production progress: Millions / annual orders have been harvested

4. Anaba

Product: CV2X series visual sensing chip, front view ADAS and L2 + multi-V visual protocol, 5 nano-CV5, chip-level security mechanism and privacy “Rock” highlight: Rebel “is based on CV2FS’s pre-optic ADAS reference design, currently You can do more than 200 meters from the front-end detection and pedestrians, 60 meters, bicycle detection.

Cv5 uses 5 NM advanced process, supports 8K AI, integrates the Cvflow AI engine and dual-core ARM A76 processor of the Anda, supports up to 14 channels of CMOS camera inputs, suitable for the new generation of automatic driving domain controllers.

The CV2X series visual sensing chip CV2X chip series uses 10 nanometers, which can be used in advanced auxiliary driving (ADAS), smart cockpit, electronic rearview mirrors, auxiliary parking.

Mass production progress: The CV2X chip series has been mass production.

Second, automatic driving solutions

Baidu Apollo

Product: L4-level automatic driving technology is applied to mass production vehicles, ANP pilot auxiliary driving plan and AVP self-service parking, high espot

Highlight: L4 automatic driving cumulative test mileage exceeded 10 million kilometers, ANP adopts pure visual solution, a total of 12 visual sensor camera, 6 millimeter waves and 12 comes ultrasonic radar, and Baidu Apollo L4 automatic driving from the same technology Architecture. The ANP model has been in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou three cities, and open the amount of production automatic driving.

Partners: Weima, Chery, etc.

Baidu said at the ecological conference last year that the core computing unit of ANP uses Baidu’s autonomous ACU four-jealous version, which calculates the chip Ti Ti TDA4 processor series, which is based on JacintO7 architecture, with on-chip data analysis Ability and combines the visual pretreatment accelerator.

2. 大疆

Products: D80, D80 +, D130, D130 + smart driving system, and Daxin intelligent parking system

Highlight: Daxin D80 / D80 + can cover 0 to 80 km / h speed range, suitable for urban expressway and other scenarios; D130 / D130 + can cover high-speed road sections of 0-130km / h and city express sections. Daxin intelligent parking system, including auxiliary parking, memory park, autonomous parking and intelligent summoning four-class application scenarios.

Partner: SAIC GM Wuling Motor

3. Drop

Product: New hardware platform “Drops Double Star”

Highlight: The number of mounting sensors is up to 50, more than 700tops, over 10 million points per second, the farthest detection distance exceeds 300 meters, the minimum detection distance is 10 cm, the total cost of the program is flat.

Through design far, medium, close laser radar, camera, radar configuration scheme, combined with infrared cameras, etc., the front view can achieve 12-layer sensor redundant coverage, improve the vehicle in the shade, tunnel, rain, The perception of the complex scenes such as backlight, black night.

Partner: Herpet, Volvo

4. Yuan Yiqi won Shenzhen

Product: Wen Shenzhen’s first smart network car application demonstration license

Highlight: Yuan Yixing became the first company in Shenzhen to carry out automatic driving manned applications. The follow-up will begin from a small regional orientation invitation, gradually expand the manned application model size, and open automatic driving services to the public in the center of Shenzhen this year.

Progress: Since its establishment in the beginning of 2019, Yuan Yixing has been on the public test road in Shenzhen, Wuhan, and Hangzhou, with accumulated safety test over 1 million kilometers.

5. Hii Zhi Drive

Product: Released a new generation of pure electric unmanned mine cards for self-developing automatic driving systems

Highlight: equipped with Huawei MDC smart driving computing platform, the automatic driving scheme can achieve 360 ​​degrees around the mine card, 150 meters in front, 50 meters of the front, and the object is fully covered in the rear 30 meters, which optimizes the vehicle usage performance for the mine zone scene. When achieving all day, all-weather intelligence scheduling, under the ideal conditions, up to 92% of human, operating costs.

Partner: Huawei, Ningde Times

The automatic driving solution for Heidi Zhiqi’s self-research includes a set of multi-sensor fusement algorithm supported by laser radar, millimeter wave radar, ultrasonic radar and camera, and a mineral air scene for mineral cards, Himi Zhi’s driver’s perception algorithm Optimization of spray, precipitation, dust, so that even laser radar, millimeter wave radar, ultrasonic radar is covered by dust, but also complete a perceptual task, and can achieve night, rainy days, rainfall, snowfall, etc., all day, full Process operation.

In addition, the unmanned fleet supports the mixed group, dynamic planning operation path, supports a series of functions such as issuing tasks, repetitive operations, job changes, autonomous parking, autonomous charging, etc.

6. Light boat intelligence

Product: “China’s first 5G unmanned bus line operation report”

Highlight: China’s public road unmanned bus route has a total length of 54.6 kilometers, the world’s first, 8.6 times the second United States. There are seven urban deployment of public roads in China. Suzhou is ranked 15.3 kilometers, with an average of 58 order services per car every day. No public transport is more microcirculation bus, the dragon boat one launched by the light boat Zhurhang as an example, which uses less than six meters, which can be flexible to set up a line of travel, suitable for narrow neighborhoods, with greater social benefits .

It is expected that more than 60 national unmanned bus routes, Dongguan, Guangzhou, Fuzhou, Suzhou and other cities are also vigorously developing microcirculation bus and subway connection line.

7. Xiao Ma Zhika

Product: Memorandum of understanding with Qifu

Highlight: The brake control is one of the core key challenges in the freight truck.

8. Deye West

Product: Launched Smart Solution Wisdom Travel Solutions

Highlight: The three fields of smart cockpit, smart driving, and Net service are first combined. Contains three scenes related to the car life related to Smart Home, Smart Mobility, Smart Leisure.

Mass production progress: Dehi Xiwei’s first British Weida Xavier automatic driving domain controller has been placed on Xiaopeng P7. At present, the automatic driving and automotive network security of L4 ~ L5 level, focus on architecture and algorithm research. At the end of 2019, Dehiwei got a license for unmanned first-stage road test, which can be tested at the open section of the designated area.

9. Mini Eye

Products: cabin, overseas national perception program

Highlight: Minieye’s L1 ~ L2 +-Level ADAS system solution, single-camera, automatic emergency braking AEB, adaptive cruise ACC, multi-sensor integration to achieve highway cruise HWP, traffic congestion cruise TJP. Previously, Minieye-specific L2 + project solutions were based on Huawei MDC smart driving computing platform.

DMS and OMS products in the cabin, except for traditional monitoring, focusing on interactive function in the cabin.

Partners: Dongfeng, Liuqi, Heavy Auto, Shaanxi Automobile Owner Machine Factory, 2021 Q1 shipments close to 100,000 sets of DMS systems; passenger cars include BYD, Jianghuai, Jiangling and new car forces.

9. Pursue technology

Product: Two Software Solutions: Auto Park System (AVP) and Parking Map Navigation Products; Skyline J3 and Ti TDA4, three full stack hardware and software solutions

Highlight: Low-speed automatic driving system AVP and map solution: Using the car premium mass production, 4 million pixel fish eye cameras, combined with 12-channel ultrasonic radar, you can achieve: 10,000 square meters of parking lot, 300 The parking space, the map collection and production are completed within 1 hour.

Parking Field Map Navigation Products: When the vehicle enters the parking lot, the system will cut from the navigation map to the parking lot navigation, realize the precision to the parking level, cover the map navigation blind area in the parking lot.

Based on the ADAS controller of single TDA4, you can implement a multi-mode neural network of simultaneous operation 5 target detection and 1 laser radar point cloud. While these networks are calculated, synchronize in the background, support 5 channels of live recording.

10. Shang Tang Technology

Product: SENSEAUTO smart cabin solution

Highlight: Cabin one-stop solution, including DMS (driver aware system), OMS (passenger perception system), no sense of unlocking door, virtual driving partner and car Ar Entertainment function.

Partner: Great Wall Wey, Chery Ji Tut, etc., since 2018, it has launched more than 30 domestic and foreign head partners, and the total number of vehicles covering the vehicle has exceeded 13 million vehicles.

11. Thousands of positions

Product: Propose “Automotive High Accuracy Position Industrial System”

Highlight: Thousands of positions Based on the Beidou Satellite System (Compatible with GPS, GLONAS, Galileo) Basiz, using the global foundation network, independently developed positioning algorithm and large-scale Internet service platform, to provide users with cm positioning, millimeters Level perception, time and space intelligence service of nanosecond timing. The fastest to complete the assessment within 1 month, complete the adaptation within 3 months, 3 months, 3 months,

Partner: Guangqi new energy Ean v, ENAN LX, Xiaopeng P7, red flag HS5, red flag H9, red flag E-HS9, SAIC Tong Buick GL8 Avenir Avia.

Third, car sensor

1. 赛

Product: Peace Pandar 128 Laser Radar

Highlight: Drip Automatic driving will use the Zoai 128-line laser radar used in batches, and the Peki Pandar128 is a 128-wire mechanical rotary laser radar. It is currently the flagship product of Haiyi, its resolution is up to 0.1 °, can Reach “quasi-image level”.

According to Herbi, this high-line laser radar has technical features such as image level cloud, active anti-interference, car grade, high reliability.

Partner: drip

2. Velodyne

Product: Velodyne Alpha PrimeTM, Velarray H800, Velarray M1600, VelabitTM 4 laser radar products

Highlight: Velodyne Alpha PrimeTM: 300 meters detection distance, high resolution and wide viewing field;

Velarray H800: The Solid State Lidar Sensors, using micro-laser radar array architecture (MLA), combined with long-distance perception and wide field of view, designed for security navigation and cavitation in ADAS and automatic driving applications;

VelaRray M1600: Specialized in mobile robotics. With Velodyne’s MLA architecture, you can provide near-field perception for secure navigation.

VelabitTM: Velodyne’s smallest sensor, mid-range LIDAR, can be adjusted according to different use cases, can be embedded in any location of the vehicle, robot, drone (UAV), and infrastructure.

VellaTM: Velodyne’s ADAS software is born based on the direction view of the Velarray sensor.

Partner: Modern Motor

3. Sagitar

Product: Intelligent roof plan for fusion laser radar, cooperation with Zebra Zhi and Auto X

Highlight: Sagitar Creative and Weibaster work together to embed laser radar RS-Lidar-M1 into the top of the panoramic car, reduce the complexity of the combination installation, protect the elegance and integrity of the body design.

M1 provides an ultra-high resolution of 0.1 ° ~ 0.2 ° in 120 ° * 25 ° FOV, and the detection distance reaches 150m @ 10%.

Sagitar, the current SOP version M1 fully meets the demand for laser radar, successfully passed the car reliability test: but not limited to vibration, impact, EMC electromagnetic compatibility, human eye safety, chemical anti-corrosion, salt fog, high Low temperature and humid heat and other tests.

Partner: Weibaster, Zebra, AUTO X.

Delivery time: In March this year, Robosense has been completed in a car regular solid-state laser radar production line, and M1 will start the fixed-point production delivery this year.

4. Chuhang Technology

Product: Car life signs detect millimeter wave radar, 77GHz car level front long distance radar

Highlight: Car living signs can provide the driver to provide real-time heartbeat, breathing safety monitoring, to avoid dangerous driving due to physical emergencies, and provide placeholder detection for the back row passengers or pets.

Self-developed 77GHz millimeter wave radar products, the farthest long distance radar detection distance can reach 300m.

Partners: Anqing built a radar production base with annual production capacity reached more than 450,000, and has now taken a variety of commercial vehicles and passenger quantities.

5. Liang Road Intelligence

Product: Provide testing and verification during automatic driving development

Highlight: Laser radar system supplier, has laser radar perceived ability development, acquiring high-precision true value, scene extraction, data center construction, etc., providing vehicle-class test and verification services for vehicle enterprises and automatic driving suppliers.

Partners: Cooperate with FEV, develop ADAs and automatic driving features that adapt to local driving environments in the Chinese market; with Great Wall, Audi, VW, Magna, 4D map, FEV, IBEO, OUSTER, NVIDIA have long-term cooperation.

Conclusion: Overall, in this year’s auto show, China’s automatic driving supply chain is more eye-catching than foreign companies, especially, Daxin car is in Fareio, Otto Lv is in the same pavilion, and the people in its booth The density is almost three times the latter. With the acceleration process of automatic driving, the supply chain pattern will be further shipped, we will continue to pay attention, and launch the automatic driving supply chain inventory of the updated version in the Guangzhou Auto Show in November.

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