Shanghai Auto Show can be renamed! “Shanghai’s first intelligent electric vehicle exhibition” is the most attractive 11 car

On April 19, 2 02 1 Shanghai Auto Show will be officially held.

The theme of this Shanghai Auto Show is “hug changes”. The intelligent electric innovation that leads the change of a hundred years of automotive industrial changes will also be gradually welcoming in 2021.

We will enter the electric car NEDC to return to thousands of times this year, which will usher in urban area pilot assistance this year, will usher in the two routes of the two routes this year.

Today is Sunday, we don’t talk about complicated, take you directly to see the most worthy smart electric vehicles on the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show.

蔚 来 ET7

It is the first time to publish the real car interior of the pure electric flagship sedan ET7 during the Shanghai Auto Show, which is the first time ET7 to show the public.

ET7 belongs to the medium-sized pure electric car, the body is 5098/1987 / 1505mm, and the axial distance is 3060mm.

In terms of intelligent driving, the model has Aquila hyperbs, ADAM overspeed platforms, new smart cockpit.

Among them, the super-sensing system is equipped with 33 sense hardware, including 11 8 megapixel HD camera, 1 ultra-long distance high-precision laser radar, 5 millimeter waverad, 12 ultrasonic radar, 2 high-precision positioning units, 1 A car road synergies and one enhanced main awareness.

The overtinent platform reaches 1016 TOPS, which is from four Yanda Drive ORIN automatic driving chips, two ORIN main control daily driving. Another one responsible for group intelligence and personality training, the remaining one can be used as redundancy to ensure safe driving.

All of this is a superficial driving technology NAD (Nio AutoMous Driving), which will gradually realize the relaxing point-to-point automatic driving experience in high-speed, urban, parking, plus power and other scenes.

The car is equipped with a 150 kWH solid state battery, and NEDC has ended 1000km; even 100 kWh battery pack, the wind resistance coefficient of 0.23cd is obtained, and the battery life has also broken through 700km.

In terms of power, the ET7 is equipped with a double drive motor, the system is integrated with a maximum power of 480kW, and the peak torque is 850 N · m, and the 0-100km / h acceleration time is 3.9s.

It will also publish a new plan of the Nio Power in the Auto Show, and the major projects of Nio Life Blue Sky Lab and support college electric racing movements. In addition, officials said that the latest change in electricity and technology will also be in the auto show. The appearance appears.

Xiaopeng P5

Xiaopeng P5 is the third quantification of car of Xiaopeng, positioning a compact pure electric car.

The largest highlight of the car is the official car of laser radar, and the XPilot 3.5 auxiliary driving system directly brought directly by laser radar, it is the function of “City NGP”.

Urban NGP can achieve high-order functions such as “human mixed flow without protecting left”, can even achieve “speech changes”.

The P5 is equipped with 34 sensory hardware, and the laser radar also includes 5 millimeter wave radar, 12 ultrasonic radar, 13 cameras, and 1 group of 2 high-precision positioning units.

Xiaopeng Auto P5 body size is slightly smaller than P7, its car is 4808mm, and the wheelbase is 2768mm. Slote back and use hidden door handle to make the wind resistance CD reach 0.223.

At present, the three-electric detailed parameters and price are not announced. It is reported that the Shanghai Auto Show will be personally announced by He Xiaopeng himself.

Extreme Fox Alpha S Huawei Hi Edition

The extreme fox alpha s is positioned in a large pure electric car, and the NEDC has a maximum of 708km. Among them, Huawei is equipped with an automatic driving solution of the entire Huawei HI.

The car realized the whole zero-takeover in our recent measurement, the experience is worthy of affirmation – click “Noisy 12 km automatic driving zero take over, Huawei did not brag, Arcfox polar fox alpha s Huawei Hi version really? ! “View.

It is reported that Huawei Hi solution contains more than 30 intelligent components, intelligent, smart car cloud services, and laser radar, ARHUD, and laser radar, ARHUD.

Its AI power, millimeter wave imaging radar point cloud density, laser radar laser line number, camera detection distance is in the industry leader, more competitive, this set can achieve self-upgrade, self-optimization.

Mercedes-Benz EQS

Mercedes-Benz EQS is the first for Mercedes EVA pure power platform, and its mass production has been officially released before Beijing.

EQS is equipped with a three-dimensional lithium battery up to 107.8kWH, which is bonded to the wind-resistant in low to 0.20. Its WLTP operating capacity is 770 kilometers, which has made it a traditional luxury brand quantitative electric vehicle that is currently the longest life. .

In addition, the EQS high-profile is equipped with 385kW front and rear dual motors, as well as three-screen MBUX Hyperscreen, which is covered by 56-inch glass curved panels. SAIC R Car ES33

The ES33 that is unveiled in the “R brand Creator Ecological Conference” will meet with the public in the Shanghai Auto Show.

The ES33 is located in large pure electric SUV, which is the flagship model in the upper auto R car brand.

On the intelligent configuration, ES33 uses PP-CEM full stack of self-research high-top driving schemes. The whole car is equipped with 33 high-performance perceived hardware, including laser radar, visual cameras, high-precision map, 4D imaging radar, 5G-V2X, ultrasonic radar, and ultra-strength chip of Ying Weida.

Zhishao Automobile L7 is the first model of high-end new energy brands, and locates large pure electric cars.

The vehicle body length is 5098mm, and the wheelbase reaches 3100 mm. It is born in a new pure electric platform, and the body layout has very high degree of freedom, and the front and rear wheel is adjacent to the four corners of the body.

It is worth noting that the L7 header consists of 2.6 million pixel DLP + 5000 LED ISC, in addition to basic lighting, it is possible to integrate into a perception and interactive function.

The tail light also provides the interactive function of the headlights.

L7 full car is equipped with 12 cameras, 5 millimeter waves, 12 ultrasonic radar, 2 lenses in the car. At present, hardware configurations can meet more comprehensive intelligent driving after regulations.

The car will also pass through cloud data analysis and data accumulation, L7 will have self-learning ability, by familiar with user logic upgrading auxiliary driving performance.

Extreme 001

Extreme Jun 001 is the first mass production model of the new smart pure electric brand of Geely Holdings Group.

Its appearance is not very different from its concept car Zero Concept, still takes the structure of the leader split lamp. The new car is based on the SEA vast architecture, the car is 4950mm, and the shaft distance is 2999mm.

The extreme 氪 001 is the smart electric vehicle of the main “Performance”, and the double motor version is 3.8 seconds, the speed exceeds 200 km / h, and the 34.5 mm brake distance.

The maximum lateral G value of the car is 0.91, the elk test speed is 82 km / h, the whole vehicle torsional rigidity is 40000 N / m, the minimum turning radius is 5.9 meters. Can do 8 consecutive acceleration without attenuation, 12 continuous braking without attenuation.

Extreme 001 equipped with 86 degrees and 100 degrees battery three-dimensional lithium battery, Double electric vehicle model 86-degree battery NEDC working condition is 526 kilometers and 606 kilometers, and the single motor version of the 100-degree battery is 712 kilometers.

In terms of charging, the car supports the 360kW pole filled pile to be launched. The Bitzra’s V4 super charging pile is 10KW, which can be “5 minutes, the battery is increased by 120 kilometers”.

Zero Run C11 Performance Edition

Zero ran in this Shanghai Auto Show will bring its SUV model C11 performance, and will open the first public new middle and senior intelligent luxury pure electric car C01 model.

Zero Run will launch the first domestic “Pangu” oil-free electric drive assembly with complete independent intellectual property rights, using the industry’s first variable architecture design, meet the vehicle arrangement of the needs of the whole vehicle, and the design can meet millions. Kilometer life.

At the same time, the zero run is also the only self-developed chip in China, and the car manufacturer is put into mass production. The model AI intelligent driving chip “Ling Xin 01” realizes China’s complete self-owned intellectual property car smart driving chip from nothing. breakthrough.


BMW IX positioning pure electric large SUV, is currently the flagship electric SUV model of BMW. In terms of power, the new car is equipped with the double motor system before and after, the maximum battery will reach around 600 kilometers.

The new car uses the latest big mouthful double grille design of BMW. The network is a fully enclosed dot matrix shape. The narrow headlights on both sides are combined with the front grille, highlight the electricity attribute of the new car.

In terms of interior, new cars use a dual-connected screen design connected to a full LCD dashboard and a central control multimedia touch screen, coupled with a double-spoke multi-function steering wheel and a crystal texture electron shift lever.

The new car is currently launched two power versions of XDrive50 and XDrive40. The XDrive 50 model will have a double motor before and after, with a total output power reaching 503 hp, less than 5 seconds of 0-100km / h, and 100KWH battery, can be capable of WLTP Bring more than 600km endurance mileage.

The total output power of the XDrive40 model is 326 hp, 0-100km / h accelerated for less than 6 seconds, using 70kWH battery, can bring more than 400km battery life under WLTP conditions.

The Audi Q4 E-TRON Audi Q4 E-TRON Mass Production Edition belongs to the first domestic debut, it is worth paying attention to the product of the first MEB platform in Audi.

The full liquid crystal dashboard is equipped with a four-spoke touchable steering wheel, a touch screen of the embedded MMI multimedia system, suspended in a centrally aisle button electronic shifting mechanism, plus Ar-HUD that can indicate navigation and lane lines, Created a new car cabin.

Volkswagen ID.6

The new car is positioned in the middle and large pure electric vehicles, and there will be 6 seats and 7 seat layouts, the larger space and life mileage.

Id.6 and id.4 are born in the mass MEB platform, and it is expected that two-wheel drive and four-driven areas and provide versions of different battery capacities.

There is no exposure in the interior layout and configuration of the new car, but it will be consistent with ID.4, equipped with multi-color adjustable lights, front seat memory, heating, massage, panoramic sunroof, IQ.Drive auxiliary driving system, Provide Ar-HUD, adaptive cruise, lane remained functions.

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