Shanghai Auto Show “Carbon Neutral” background see the new trend of the automotive industry

The 19th Shanghai Auto Show the theme of “Hug” is open from April 19 to 28. As the first A-class auto show after the “Double Carbon Target”, this year’s auto show is the first to focus “carbon neutrality”, exhibiting “zero-carbon strategy” and low-carbon innovation technology broke out, industry low carbonization, digitization, Green development has become a consensus, “Double Carbon Target” brings new opportunities for the automotive industry.

1. Exhibition overview

This car show exhibitors have high specifications, and concentrated on the innovation achievements of automobile industry, attracting more than 1,000 companies such as vehicles, parts, intelligence technology; display models cover all kinds of passenger cars, commercial vehicles, new energy vehicles and New concept car, etc. According to statistics, the auto show debuted 165 new cars, including 73 new energy models; a total of 64 new models, including 44 new energy sources. Subtocate statistics Traditional fuel new car SUV models, 59 new energy BEV models, accounting for 80%.

Figure 1 Shanghai car show debut new car statistics

2. Interpretation of the development trend of automotive industries in carbon neutralization

The full life cycle is superior, electricization is still developing first core. The implementation of the “Double Carbon Target” of the automobile industry is based on the full life cycle links of automotive products, the use, and recycling, wherein the carbon emissions of the vehicle usage are important contributors in the life cycle. New energy vehicles have a huge advantage in traditional fuel vehicles, according to the “China Automotive Low Carbon Action Plan Research Report” research results show that the A0 and A-class cars with high production and sales are as an example, the bicycle life cycle is pure Electric can achieve more than 25% carbon emission reduction. Therefore, electricity will still be a core at the new round of industrial change, and the electrical acceleration promotion product technology, accelerate the improvement of the construction of the recovery infrastructure network, and accelerate the implementation of low carbonization of the industry chain.

Figure 2 Different level gasoline, pure electric passenger vehicle average unit exercise mileage carbon emissions

The major car companies on the auto show show the determination of electric transformation, “pushing” accelerates the marketization of electric products. Luxury brands such as BBA first launched a pure electric platform, BMW IX, MERCEDES BENZ EQS and other EV products excellent performance, WLTP or CLTC working conditions, reach 700+ kilometers; Xiaopeng, Weima, which is waiting for the new forces to continue New models such as P5, W6, u PRO continue to broaden the product matrix, intelligent configuration acceleration iteration; “autonomous car enterprise + Internet” model opens the completion of the car 2.0 era, Arcfox (Beiqi + Huawei), Zhishao (SAIC + Ali + Zhangjiang high-tech) Both the heavy work, the product has a double blessing of autonomous vehicle enterprise engineering manufacturing technology and Internet intelligent technology.

Figure 3 Repair BEV model summary

Low carbonation cannot be a “electricity” to the end, and “decarburizing” needs hydrogen energy delivery. On the road “carbon neutral”, hydrogen can be indispensable clean energy, and the development of hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology has strategic significance for the overall decarburization of the industry. It not only reduces traditional fossil energy dependence, but also helps carbon Emission reduction. The Shanghai Auto Show showed “hydrogen energy”, including many companies including modern / Grv launched hydrogen energy vehicles and fuel cell technology.

In terms of passenger cars, modern groups have a hydrogen-fuel cell exclusive brand HTWO. The world’s first quantitative fuel cell vehicle NEXO is again unveiled. It is equipped with modern fourth-generation hydrogen fuel cell technology. It takes only 5 minutes with hydrogen, and life can be realized. 800km (NEDC working condition).

Commercial car, Grove is publishing a new hydrogen energy vehicle brand in a current hydrogen energy vehicle, 49 tons of hydrogen fuel cell 6×4 semi-hanging tractor is pole – Tianshu, 4.5T hydrogen energy high-end city logistics car is pole – Tianyi Two mass production models are the world’s first, and the maximum battery is up to 1000km.

Although hydrogen energy development also faces many challenges, the hydrogen fuel batteries will travel to large-scale commercial use, but in the future, through government policy support, strengthen core technology research, speeding up key components, the industry will usher in high-speed, high Quality development.

Intelligent boost green travel, from the vehicle running side to reduce carbon. Electricization Process promotes intelligent network technology to use landing, intelligent traffic, and shared travel will also increase traffic efficiency from the vehicle operation and reduce carbon emissions. Shanghai Automatic Driving Vehicle Products, AI Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Enhancement Reality and other technology application scenarios have been continuously improved, and the intelligence level of the whole vehicle is continuously improved; and the V2X car road is equivalent to the same new technical guarantee – car – Road – Cloud interconnection, accelerate instant information interaction and sharing, plus the guarantee of the data platform, can realize the intelligent travel, enhance travel efficiency.

3. Summary

It is not difficult to find out from the Shanghai Auto Show, in the face of “carbon neutral” goals, the automotive industry action has begun. Although China’s new energy car insurance has only 1.75% of the total number of automobiles, the replacement of electric vehicles only accounts for 1.15% of the fire diesel consumption, but the future electricization, intelligent is still the core of the industry. I believe that with the continuous improvement of the vehicle product, the recovery base network is constantly improved, the after-sales service model is continuously expanded, and the new energy vehicle will usher in a new round of rapid growth; the simultaneous hydrogen energy will also become a key path to achieving cargo. To achieve low carbonization, digitization and green fusion development in the joint assisting industry.

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