Shanghai Auto Show Observer: Old giant pure electric platform, new force intelligent upgrade

When the Beijing Auto Show last year, “Electric Car Observer” has issued the “2020 Beijing Auto Show Profile Report”, one of which is the initial formation of intelligent electric vehicles, but electric traditional car companies still have no effort or weakness.

This year’s Shanghai Auto Show, this situation is greatly changed.

On the one hand, the traditional car enterprises such as the public, Mercedes, Toyota, Modern, Kia have brought the products developed by electric vehicles. The ID of the mass MEB platform is not necessary to say that the Toyota E-TNGA architecture is pure electric SUV, Modern Kia E-GMP platform Ioniq (Aii) 5 and EV6, EQS developed by Mercedes-Benz EVA platforms … group hit, change the thunder, small and rain.

On the other hand, many new car companies will no longer only use electricization as selling points, but continue to increase the upgrade in intelligence, all of the threshold of L3.

Such as Weima and Xiaopeng will exhibit the Weima W6 and Xiaopeng P5 just released, respectively, with the AVP independent parking system of the L4-level unmanned function, as well as laser radar and urban NGP function (XPilot 3.5 auxiliary driving system) Maximum selling point. The extreme fox Alpha S also has a number of automatic driving functions of the city. ET7 is also the first “automatic driving car” known as the name.

In addition, the luxury brand national team such as intelligence, very fox, and red flag is present, bringing flagship models; existing in the past, in the PPT, such as constant, high, etc., will also appear in the auto show.

To understand the big changes to China’s new energy vehicles, this Shanghai Auto Show is a window that cannot be missed.

Subsequent Motor Electric Automotive Enterprises Dynamics and Product Details, “Electric Car Observer” and “Saibo Auto” team will continue to update.

Let’s first see the five trends in the intelligent electric field of Shanghai Auto Show.

1 traditional giant launches the type of pure electric platform, comprehensive counterattack;

2 New car force intelligent driving upgrade, approaching L3;

3 Deluxe brand national team collectively appeared, although it is eye-catching, it is poor;

4 During the self-owned brand, BYD is on the Caiqi Rui Ruiqiang, the Beiqijiang Huaizhong Bai, Shangqi General Wuling Great Wall Ou La Guangqi Yan Rise;

5 New car is hierarchical, “Cosl is in front, which is the first to stand in the second line; Weima Gao Heng is raising “bullets” is still playing.

The following is a detailed analysis.


Traditional giants, full attack

Intelligent electricity is not a trend, and the trend of traditional fuel giants is a big wind direction.

From the public, BMW began, all traditional giants have made the car, and specializes in the electric vehicle platform, rather than the “oil-to-electricity” of the “oil to electricity”, which also included the nose, and the action is slow. Toyota.

○ Volkswagen ID.6

On April 17th, on the eve of the Shanghai Auto Show, the Volkswagen ID. The flagship SUV model of the series – ID.6 online is the first. This pure electric SUV is designed for China, unveiled in two versions – SAIC Volkswagen ID.6 x and FAW – Volkswagen ID.6 Crozz.

SAIC Volkswagen ID.6 x and FAW – Volkswagen ID.6 Crozzz

Volkswagen ID.6 uses 6 or 7 layouts, Volkswagen passenger car brand China CEO Feng Shan said that the public goal is to create ID.6 as “mobile rest room”. Id.6 is based on MEB platform development, using multi-masses of advanced technologies, such as enhanced realistic headshots, and achieving semi-automatic driving assistant Travel Assist cruise assist systems.

○ Audi E-TRON and Audi E-Tron Sportback

FAW – Volkswagen Audi will show the world’s first new C-class pure electric car, just listed in the country’s first luxury pure electric C-class SUV Audi E-TRON and Audi E-Tron Sportback, and Audi High-performance pure electric flagship sedan E-Tron GT and RS E-TRON GT and other pure electric family product sequences.

Audi E-TRON and Audi E-Tron Sportback

Both the two cars are based on the PPE of the four major electric platforms of the Audi, which is developed by Audi and Porsche, which highlights 800V high-pressure battery technology and 350 kW of charging capacity.

○ Mercedes-Benz EQS

On the eve of the auto show, Mercedes-Benz issued an EQS pure electric car with L3-level automatic driving. The car is the first vehicle using EVA electric vehicle special platform. It is also the first model of Mercedes-Benz MBUX Hyperscreen system. New car will Finish the world’s first in China on April 18.

Mercedes-Benz EQS

Mercedes-Benz EQS positioning large cars, the battery is up to 700km, which is expected to be available in Europe and the United States in August this year, listed in China in China in China.

○ Toyota E-TNGA architecture pure electric SUV

Toyota will first unveil the world’s new pure electric exclusive series in Shanghai, the first model is medium-sized SUV based on E-TNGA architecture. The E-TNGA architecture supports front wheel drive and four-wheel drive and can be combined with a variety of battery packs and motors.

Toyota E-TNGA architecture pure electric SUV (Ziyuan Toyota official micro, no real map)

○ Modern Ioniq 5 and Qia EV6 Modern Ioniq (Aii) 5 and Qia EV6 are based on the first mass production vehicle created by modern Kia Group Electric Modular Platform E-GMP, and the first time Unveiled in the Chinese market.

Modern Ioniq 5

Kia EV6

Ioniq 5 has great improvements in the “oil-modified” models of the whole vehicle comfort, performance, charging and intelligence, and the NEDC integrated battery life of Kia EV6 can reach 600km.


New forces, smart car war upgrade

Electricization and intelligence are one of the differential advantages of the newly-made car enterprises. Especially intelligent, the highlights of the new forces of this Shanghai Auto Show.

○ Xiaopeng P5 – “City NGP” function

On the eve of the Shanghai Auto Show, the third car of Xiaopeng Automobile-Xiaopeng P5 was officially released, and the world’s first mass laser radar smart car will be exhibited in the auto show.

Xiaopeng P5

Xiaopeng P5 uses XPilot 3.5 automatic driving assistance system, combines 13 high-definition camera, 5 millimeter-wave radar, 12 ultrasonic sensors, 2 car regulations laser radar total 32 sensors and 1 set high-precision positioning unit (GNSS + + IMU), 360 ° dual fusion perception of visual + radar in the environment. Compare the boutique Tesla Model3, the number of p5 sensors is 10; the camera pixel reaches 2 million, far more than 1.2 million in Model3, and the accuracy is greatly improved.

With XPilot 3.5 auxiliary driving system, Xiaopeng can realize the “city NGP” function. The so-called city NGP can be understood as a navigation basis, and automatic driving can be implemented in some urban scenes.

○ Weima W6 – L4 AVP self-service parking system

On the eve of the Shanghai Auto Show, Weima W6 is listed, the 5 version of the car is 169,800-2.598 million, and the renewal mileage is 520-620 kilometers. The car will appear in the Shanghai Auto Show.

Weimar W6

Overall, Weima W6 has two major characteristics. The first is to have 5G superior force, evolving digital smart cockpit; second, it is equipped with the world’s first L4 unmanned driving AVP independent parking system. It must be emphasized that L4 here is a specific scenario, mainly self-paying.

○ ○ 吒 Eureka 03

2021 Shanghai Auto Show, which is the mass production model of the Eureka 03 concept car will also be unveiled. The car is based on which the new architecture platform of 2 billion yuan is built. It is a surplus electric vehicle, 300 kilometers of pure electricity, 800 kilometers, and the accumulated battery life is more than 1,100 kilometers.

Which Eureka 03

The EUREKA 03 mass production will be equipped with 3 laser radar, 5 millimeter waveradades, 12-channel ultrasound, 18 cameras, based on next-generation domain controller, EUREKA 03 mass production car will implement L4 automatic driving under some scenes.

In addition, as the first car for Huawei INSIDE, the automatic driving ability of the extreme fox alpha s is amazing, and has a number of functions in the city. In addition, 蔚 来 ET7 will also carry laser radar, there is a strong automatic driving ability. Geely new high-end pure electric brand is extremely jealous, using the vast platform to create the first car 001 debut, although there is no laser radar, but with a 360 ° pure visual intelligent driving system to implement L2 and L2 + auxiliary driving.

Under the boosting of new forces, the automotive industry is automatically driving from L3, which is getting closer.


Deluxe brand national team unveiled

○ Neptov Alpha S

On the eve of the Shanghai Auto Show, the Northern Vehicle Group brand Arcfox’s polar fox is listed, including Alpha S Huawei, which can realize the city’s automatic driving function.

Extreme fox alpha

Alpha s Huawei Hi version has a total of 3 laser radar, 6 millimeter-wave radar, 12 ultrasonic radar, 9 ADS cameras, 4 comic camera, environmentally perceived, up to 34.

The car double-chip strategic 400tops, the single-chip capacity is about 200tOps, which has greatly transcending the industry average. At present, the car enterprise uses more automatic driving chips, and the power level is below 50tops.

The SAG Group’s high-end brands will exhibit pure electric cars in the Shanghai Auto Show for the first time, and open pre-sale.

The Xihe’s L7 Three-Power System is based on the development, power part of the SAIC’s new E architecture, and the new car will be standardized 93 kW batteries, and the 115 kWh is used. The world’s premissed silicon-bonding technique can achieve a single 300WH / kg energy density, which can support nearly 1,000 kilometers in the new framework bandwidth.

Dongfeng Automobile’s brand’s brand is the first model, and the FREE pure version of the model will be unveiled at this Shanghai car exhibition.

it is a medium-sized SUV, providing the extrusion version and the pure electric version, and its appearance and interior are original design, and it is very conforming to the aesthetics of the Chinese. The highlight of the new car is its intelligent performance, the new car has Face ID face recognition technology, can quickly identify the driver, adjust the information such as sitting posture, and the pure version of the NEDC endless mileage is 500 kilometers. ○ Red Flag E-HS9 Art Edition

On the eve of the Shanghai Auto Show, FAW Hongqi released the topic version of the pure electric E-HS9 Dunhuang, which will be exhibited in the auto show.

Red flag E-HS9

Red Flag E-HS9 uses dual motor power to provide two different motivation options. Among them, the maximum power of the motor before and after the low-power version is 218 hp, the peak torque is 350N · m, the NEDC endless mileage is 460km; the high power version of the front motor maximum power 218 horsepower / peak torque 350n · m, the post Maximum power 333 hp / peak torque is 450n · m, and the battery life is 510km.


Self-brand new and old

Starting in 2020, China’s new energy vehicle market pattern has changed, and there is also an embodiment in the auto show.

First of all, BYD’s head competition is still in that this year’s auto show will show the flagship models such as Tang DMI, Han EV.


At the same time, BYD dolphins are expected to appear in the auto show, the new car is the first model built by the BYD EV2.0 electric platform, which has stronger versatility, which is more versatile, which is the EV1.0 platform launched in 2018 in 2018. Coaster, also increased the layout of the domain controller, and more improved support for smart driving.

Second, Chery and Safety Traditional main vehicle enterprises have been retired, but still maintaining the mainstream position. For example, the Shanghai Auto Show at the Shanghai Auto Show will show more than 50 new energy vehicles, fully covering pure electric, plugging, and the three major technical routes of fuel cells.

Third, the traditional mainstream new energy car companies such as Beiqi, Jianghuai, Zhongtai have fallen out of the ranking list, so that it is located in Guangqi, SAIC, Wuling, Ou La and other independent brands.

This auto show will be released in the auto show.

Hong Kong miniev convertible

Euler under the Great Wall will also bring 3 electric vehicles in the auto show, including the first pure electric super-running lightning cat, the first A + grade pure electric SUV, and a new retro model.

Euler retro model

Guangqi Yan will promote AION Y, which is located 100,000 yuan level intelligent electric vehicle with a young consumer group, with cross-level space and intelligent experience.

Guangqi Yan, SAIC, Wuling, Great Wall Euler, etc., is a traditional independent brand that should be good in electricity. They have a stronger market thinking and flexible mechanism, which may become “outstaders” in the intelligent electric tide.


New force camp differentiation

After several years of test, the new car company camp has gradually differentiated into a relatively clear echelon.

In the “Cosl” of the first echelon, it will show the ET7 released in January this year.

The car has a super long period of life and a high intelligence feature: ET7 has 500 kilometers, 700 kilometers, 700 kilometers, for 150kWH solid-state battery packs, and the ET7 is defined as automatic driving car, than ES8, ES6, EC6 is more intelligent, using 4 Yingda ORIN automatic driving chips, total 1016TOPS power, all-system laser radar, automatic driving function is subscribed.

Xiaopeng exhibits P5 and is also a heavy model of the auto show. Ideal still exhibits ideal one.

In the new force of the second echelon, in addition to the new energy of Hezhong, the zero-sports car will exhibit SUV C11 performance at the auto show, and will also release the future smart zero-running ecological community to share the new breakthroughs of self-research core technology.

In addition, there is currently not based on the high-altitude car, which will also exhibit a pure electric super-run SUV high Hiphi X, which has launched 6 performance version, 6 luxury version, 6 flagship episodes, flagship The four new models of the version, the formal price range is 570,000 to 800,000 yuan.

HiPhi X

Gao Hiphi X will open a national test drive activity on April 20th, and pay customers on May 8.

Looking backfuls that a dazzling new forces list, there are not many companies that survive and unveiled at the auto show. There is a relatively weak new car company in the sky, Ai Chi, and the singular point, and has not appeared in this year’s auto show.

2021 Shanghai Auto Show, can be said to be present in China’s new energy auto market, and the preview of the future fight. Joint ventures, foreign capital and independent brands, traditional giants and emerging power have been bright, and the rules of competition have changed, which is faster than anything. The traditional brand advantage is in decline, and the new brand is new and seeking the spirit, letting young people like it. In this way, both parties have balanced, and the competition is better.


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