Shanghai Auto Show played a new “Harbor” China Haval Fun now trend new trend

On April 20th, 2021 The 19th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition continued, after the 19th Frying Magic, with a new style of more trend, fashion, personality, with explosion, with users, together New trend of trend.

It is the rabbit is not a pre-sale of Maita rabbit.

In this era of king, Haval continued to expand the market with “new Yuan Hao Hao” Havi Brenhen, 7.7 seconds to break 100 results shocked the audience, leading new works in the industry.

This year’s auto show site, Haval boy rabbit officially opened pre-sale, launched six kinds of red rabbit colors – fuel moderators, blue (blue green gradient), HEV version exclusive color energy blue, black, buff red, cooling Gray, flashing, and launches three fuel models of silver rabbits, gold rabbit and platinum rabbit, and pre-sale prices are 1.098 million, 118,800, 126,800. It is worth mentioning that Haval first HEV models – Haval Pilates HEV version officially unveiled in Shanghai Auto Show, Haval Pilate HEV version is based on lemon mixed DHT platform, can bring more smoother, smoother, more comfortable The new driving experience will then be officially pushed to the market.

For the top 2222 book users, Havi Bo rabbit also prepared a value-for-money booking. Just pay 22 yuan, enjoy the car to enjoy the bunny blind box, enjoy the worry-free service, enjoy the pet powder protection, enjoy the easy courtesy, enjoy the integral plan, and enjoy the six times of free traffic Enjoy a surprise. Haval biscuits continue to lead the trend of the times, deep insight into user consumption psychology, create more interesting, possessive, have a new selection of industries.

Haval biscuits also developed many innovative gameplay, officially announced in the auto show, the rabbit girls were officially announced, and the ten-set rabbit girls were selected from the registration players across the country, and became the Havi Brend’s “Sierre”. With the rabbit girl, there is also a red rabbit exclusive IP image – “Rabbit Peng Yuxi” Ni Chi, ending “Red Rabbit is a horse” conjecture.

At the same time, the Haval Pilate executive, the “Red Rabbit Sitle” is also officially asserted. It is recommended to the user with the most sense of product, and play the new dollar with the young users. Enjoy a new work.

Interpol Conference Big Dog 2.0T “” with a sense

The auto show said on the spot? Perhaps it is difficult to imagine, but don’t doubt, this is another unique absolute characteristic of the Haval exhibition at this year’s Shanghai Auto Show. At the event site, the dog brother, “one more than a fun”, with a mission-like humorous mouth, announced the official listing of Havaldog 2.0T Zhonghua Edition and the root dog version, official guidance price is 14.59 Wan Yuan and 162,900 yuan. Moreover, Havaldog has added yellow dogs, blue dogs, and green dogs, with a distinctive colors, attracting countless eyes in industries with distinctive tones.

In order to meet the needs of users, Harffords also customize the sincere “Sweet Seven Gifts”, which is the decompression of the financial gift, sincerity, value purchase ceremony, love pet maintenance, lifetime warranty Gifts, unlimited traffic gifts and exclusive tidal brands, surrounded by purchasing offers, after-sales service and play experience, let users benefit for life, and have lived on “There is a dog family”.

At the same time, Havaldog continued to insist on playing a collection of books, officially issued a car standard with users, and became the first model of the first car to create a car, will “netizen dare to think, big dog dare” products The image is implemented. The listing of Havver Dogs 2.0T full version, more help Havaldogs from a model, evolved into a category, in-depth exploration of user needs, and continuously expand the shared circle floor, lead the Times.

Creating a flower “Fun” FUN

In addition to the full version of Havi Brenhen and Havaldog 2.0T, China Haval also released the “Creative Ha” users to create a plan, while continuously promoting the advanced strength, more users build a total value chain together Creative ecology. In short, “Creating together” is called on all riders to participate in the product, and the surrounding Wenchuang, jointly build the most fitted user-friendly products, and the most satisfying car life. At the event site, Zhang Mengyuan, deputy general manager of Haval Brand Marketing, explained the “Creating Ha” strategy for everyone, how to make more Ferns to achieve mental resonance.

First, on the youthful planet, Havalfish created the “Lion” global IP image around the overseas version of the model, and officially issued the lioneering copyright plan, inviting the whole people to participate in a joint, design such as doll, pillow, mobile phone case, key chain Waiting for the surrounding object, constantly enriching the “Lion” image label, and create the international core of the first love culture.

Of course, youth planets do not only have a sweet first love, as well as “Her” and play. Haval Brenhen will pass the four-in-one center of the creature, create a central center, cultural center and the user center, to achieve full coverage of the car, create a total of clothing and food, food, the product is created, the tide culture is created, the tide is a common and tide service The full value link user creates an ecology. Haval Pilate will be based on the product as a starting point, with the culture as a link, which is based on the service, and fully lead the new fashion of the rabbit tide, and let the young people go to the “rabbit” peak.

Experience the sweetness and hook of your youth planet, how can you have a “cute pet” dog category that planet. In the “Creative Book” link, Havaldog has created the “D Plan” officially released, “DREAM DOG”, “Driving Dog”, “DIY DOG” three dimensions, fully enabled Havaldog to create a new game. In the future, Haval will open the official body data of Havaldog, let users play with the heart, play together; create a cross-country route with users, galloping the top track, together; to explore the future of dog categories Let together together. Let everyone become a new-selling derivatives and supporters, the leaders of the Temperature, and the leaders of the Time, feel the new big dog style, and the tide is alone and belong to their own cultural label, and the 3/4 scale of the innovation. lifestyle. At the auto show, China Haval handed the brand out of the best. While comprehensively boosting the imported brand, China Haval is more tidal, potential, very attractive, and promoting the upgrade of industry play. The sea is horizontal, the people are first, standing in the new starting point of the Haval Global Vision, China Haval will have a new product image to be young, more trend, more intelligent, more playable, and completely release the user value, become “by” The user said the “China Haval”.

The auto show is not central, and the passion continues. More news about China Haval, all in Shanghai Auto Show 6.1.

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