Shanghai Auto Show pretty, which is the EUREKA 03 quantity model, is it cool?

The Shanghai Auto Show is getting closer to 2021. Many plans have gradually unveiled the mystery of the mystery. Today, this car we have to introduce it to the Shanghai auto show, which is where吒 New Eureka 03 model, current manufacturer naming it?

Since it is a new new energy car in 2021, then there must be a strong science-fiction feeling in the appearance shape to meet people’s expectations. As the first sedan, the model design route of this new car is different, the overall style avant-gardid, the front of the vehicle, although the whole style is narrow, but the large-sized vehicle headlights let people get rid of thousands of appearance, Not only the effect is significant, but also the visual effect is quite prominent. The side part of the body, the streamlined design makes the wind resistance and looks full of sports. The large-sized multi-wheel design details are full, and there is also a very bright decorative effect. Not only that, the special low-blower hub can effectively reduce the kinetic energy consumption of the vehicle and increase the vehicle’s battery life. The end of the body, the manufacturer is equipped with through the tail light for this car. This is also the most popular design, although it is the design of the penetration taillights, but which is the taillight of EUREKA 03.

In terms of body size, the body size of Eureka 03 reaches 4800/2000 / 1400mm, and the wheelbase is 2900mm, absolutely able to meet the most consumer needs.

In terms of interior, it is the most impressive thing to leave the irregular steering wheel of this car, like the super sports car of Batman in the movie. At the same time, the ultra-long connected screen shows the effect is quite delicate, and the fluency and reaction speed are also quite good. In terms of scientific and technological configuration, the car is equipped with electronic rearview mirror. On the one hand, it can effectively reduce the wind resistance of the vehicle, and can also help the vehicle to achieve active variant assist driving, etc., safety performance is more guaranteed. It is worth mentioning that when the car is still a concept car, the manufacturer puts forward the idea of ​​transparent A column and put it on the concept car, and can it achieve transparent A column as for the production version of this time? let us wait and see.

In terms of motivation and battery, the types of models of the pure electric version of the model are 800 kilometers, and the increase in the bundling model has reached 1,100 kilometers. The whole model is less than 4 seconds, and it is definitely an excellent level in the same level model.

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