Shanghai Auto Show prospects, which are worth paying attention to?

The Shanghai Auto Show is going to formally launched. The car enterprises are also ready to move, they are released some news to start the appetite, for the brand. In this Shanghai Auto Show, the attention of new energy models is more than ever, which is from the transformation of the market style, and the change of people’s habits. Under such a large environment, the new energy in the Shanghai Auto Show has become a bright spot, and the new power of new energy is also an object that everyone is concerned. So, in this time the Shanghai Auto Show, what kind of car new forces worthy of our concern?

Xiaopeng P5

The development of Xiaopeng Auto has been expressway. Whether it is brand influence, or the quality of the product is ranked in the best in the country, the word of the user is always good. In particular, Xiaopeng P7, as a flagship type electric coupe, handsome design makes many people have changed their domestic cars.

Recently, some people released the photos of Xiaopeng P5 on the Internet, and Xiaopeng Motor also said that Xiaopeng P5 will appear in the Shanghai Auto Show. From a photo, Xiaopeng P5 is still a car. From a naming, the positioning is lower than P7. The tail is used through the tail light. It is necessary to call with the front face. We can probably think about the style of Xiaopeng P5, and the big probability is a science fiction. It is understood that the car is the world’s first quantitative electric vehicle with laser radar.

Guangqi Ean Aion Y

Guangqi Ean Aion Y This car has attracted a lot of light consumers with a young design. After the pre-sale is opened from the car, there are many consumers who want to buy, and the current pre-sale price is 1.059 million to 14.99. 10,000 yuan. In addition to appearance, this car has a highlight that uses a magazine battery, safer than traditional ternary lithium batteries.

What is expected is that this auto show Guangqi Ean Aion Y will officially announce the price, and friends who want to buy can act after the Shanghai Auto Show. In terms of battery life, GAC Ean Aion Y is divided into 410km, 500km, 600km according to different versions, in line with most people’s choices. In terms of power, a high-power version is equipped with a 135 kW motor, and the peak torque is 225N.m can meet most of the vehicle scene.

Two cars inventory today is the new power of the Shanghai auto show, let us look forward to it!

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