Shanghai Auto Show will be listed 5 heavy domestic new energy cars, which is the most worthy of your pocket?

Countdown, countdown! Seeing 2021 Shanghai International Auto Show will open, think of a new car that is full of eyes, the little heart can not help but jump. In numerous new cars, these five heavy domestic new energy vehicles must look at them together.

First paragraph: Weima W6

As a medium-sized SUV, Weima W6 has been further improved in color value, interior and intelligence.

In terms of appearance, Weima W6 face has a simple and young style. The self-illuminated LOGO is a very strong visual impact force to form a penetrating front light lamp.

The privacy glass and hidden door handle on the side of the body have become a standard of new energy models, which is not exception. Only, the roof roof and round side shape are very feeling.

The tail of this car is exactly the same as the front face. Red running taillights and glowing logo look very comfortable. The growth of the new car is 4620mm, 1847mm, 1730mm, and the wheelbase is 2715mm, and the space performance is still good in the same case.

Compared with the simple wind, the interior is biased towards the scientific and technological feeling and a luxurious atmosphere. In particular, the use of brown interiors is a preferred color of a luxury car. Two 12.3-inch Double-screens undertake most of the car demand in the car. Air conditioning touch screen operation is sensitive, although there may be reflective conditions in the sun, speech control can easily solve this problem.

In terms of power, the motor mounted by the new car can achieve the maximum power of 160 kW, the integrated battery life is 520km and 620km, respectively, and there is no mileage anxiety problem for the driver.

Second: Geely Geometown A Pro

As the high-end pure tram type of Geely brand, geometric A Pro will also be unveiled at the 2021 Shanghai International Auto Show. The new car is priced between 12-19 million, plus rich configuration, worth looking at the booth.

In terms of appearance, the new car is presented with a low heel. The sharp car lights and lower pressure front cover bring sharp positive vision.

The side is displayed in a through waistline and a two-color vehicle body, with a simple model design, the vehicle line and the control of the wind resistance are in place.

The visual sense of the lane lading in the car is aware. 12.3-inch horizontal suspension screen, 8 “W-HUD head display, and many areas of light-colored interior package, while creating a good spatial feeling at the same time.

In power, the permanent magnet synchronous motor mounted by Geely geometry A Pro brings 150 kW to maximum power and 310N.m of maximum torque, a 100-kilometer acceleration score and 430km-600km comprehensive battery life, which can meet daily travel needs. .

Section 3

This is about to debut, which is the focus of the upgrade is that the intelligent configuration is optimized on the details of the appearance and interior.

The side of the side suspended car, the rolled waist and the five hubs are very powerful, and the visually layer is great. The tail is adopted in the end of the penetrated taillights and slightly explored design, enhances the three-dimensional feeling of this car.

The interior in the car uses a dark-colored style. The double-on-panel on the front panel is displayed, but also the UI design is concise, and it is easier to operate for novices. The upgraded transparent A column and APA fully automated parking, TJA traffic congestion assist, fatigue driving monitoring, etc., providing a good guarantee for the safe travel of the driver.

In terms of power, although the official has not announced the specific data, the integrated battery life is not equal to 400km to 610km, and most of the vehicle scenes can also be possible.

Quaternary: Zero Run T03

As a member of the new force of the car, the T03 of the zero run car will also be unveiled at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show.

Appearance, the overall style of new car is biased towards cute. The point-like front grille is fitted with the elliptical headlights, and it is loved by the female owner. Through the waist line and simple lights in the tail, the whole appearance is clean and neat, not fancy but cute.

In terms of interior, the zero run T03 joined bright elements on the basis of the original dark interior, making the atmosphere in the car more young. The 10.1-inch central control screen meets most of the intelligent needs such as navigation, entertainment. The use of a pockets provides a larger ride space for the front.

In terms of power, the permanent magnet synchronous motor mounted by the new car implements the maximum power of 55kW, the maximum torque is 155N.m, and the integrated battery life can reach 403km. It can be fully satisfied with commuter vehicles.

Article 5: BYD Tang DM-I

As a head enterprise of autonomous new energy brands, BYD has been in technology. BYD Tang DM-I is a mixed model, which will be listed on the Shanghai Auto Show.

In the appearance, the new car is used along the family-style design, and the large front grid is equipped with two matrix backlights, young. The roof roof and round side shape are in line with the aesthetics of young owners.

The “double line” through the tail identification is very designed.

Interior, black, brown-colored interior style and tactile big large area soft bag, bring comfortable bed. The rotatable large area suspension screen is equipped with the latest Dilink3.0 intelligent interconnection system in BYD, and the experience is still good at the use of the vehicle system. In addition, a comfortable gear rod and two steering wheels are equally comfortable.

In power, the new car will be equipped with a mixed system consisting of 1.5T engines and blade batteries. Maximum power can achieve 102KW, maximum torque reaches 231N.m, and integrated battery life is expected to exceed 1000km.


Domestic new energy vehicles that will be unveiled at the 2021 Shanghai International Auto Show, from price range, appearance characteristics, configuration and intelligence, etc., the needs of different crowds are met. And the performance in the same case is not bad. If you don’t consider the value of your brand, you can go to these five models on the auto show. You still want to know the new models on which auto shows, you can leave a message to tell us.

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