Shanghai refused macro MINI EV on green? Sorry, it is a car

Little Paradise, “Loss” Garden?

In these days, the green new government in Shanghai may launch, so that all the netizens have broken their hearts.

According to various unofficial news, Shanghai will release new regulations on May 10th, setting two thresholds for free new energy green cards: the price is not less than 100,000 yuan, the car is not less than 4.6 meters.

However, due to the current development, the wind is calm, the legendary boots did not land. The official attitude is still indiscriminate, neither recognition, nor is it rumored, and it is warned by public opinion.

However, now the world, the rumor is equal to admitted. It’s too lazy, it is basically a real hammer.

Don’t always tie the people

The license policy of Shanghai, can make such a large movement in the whole network, most of the Hong Kong MINI EV of the net red body. The first to explode the message is the MINI EV Forum, igniting the enthusiasm of the whole network is the mini EV as the “shared artifact”. Under the illusion, Shanghai a meal, it seems to be to clear the MINI EV.

In fact, according to the new new regulations, including Mini Ev, Eva, Ben EV, Chery Small ant, Xiaopeng G3, zero Run T03, which 吒 V, there are more than 30 products to say goodbye to free green belcomer. The worst of the most worse than the FAW Volkswagen ID. 4Crozz, the car is 4592mm, the difference in 8mm is different, and the sister model is 4612mm, just 4612mm, just reached the standard, and people exclaimed the Shanghai government card point.

However, the whole thing from the beginning to the fermentation, the topic center is always the macro Mini EV, and the side reflects the product in the whole network. Nearly bought the price, the sales of the rush, and what the people need anything, what is Wuling, what is created, do not consciously let MINI EV as the “people” strength, standing in the opposite side of the policy.

However, I have to say that MINI EV is really hard this time.

From the distribution of sales, even if the North is in the North, it is less than 4% in sales in MINI EV. When you look at Shanghai, in 2020, you can only calculate a zero head compared to the total sales of more than 110,000. In the first quarter of 2021, the number of Mini EVs in Shanghai is 1509, accounting for only 2% of the national dangers.

In other words, the sales of lost in Shanghai, MINI EV will make up in the low-line market. As for the visibility of the Shanghai market, how much help can be made, no one will be with Mitsubishi.

Moreover, after the end of October last year, Shanghai announced that the number of new energy on the new energy is increasing, and it directly pulls 61,000 in the first quarter, more than 2019. In this case, Mini Ev is still not warm, it can only explain that the Shanghai people are not true for it.

As for what is the Chinese people love, look at Shanghai’s new energy market sales in 2020, MINI EV is ranked 10 times. Top 10, Qingyi color is in line with the new government “big car”. What is the Shanghai people need, and it will be.

Don’t talk about privilegeism

Declaving policies in the name of the people, the general is a fair. Therefore, some people condemned new discrimination and just needed. Some people self-deprecated “the poor did not match the car”, and there was an indignation, and Tesla took the thing. The “national” brand is suppressed “national” brand In the bones, it is still a “concession”, and people can’t laugh.

There is indefained place to talk about things.

First, in the price and size, how to wash is also a simple and rude taste, and the battery is used to use the energy density, which is extremely no technical content. Moreover, once the money is involved, there is always a risk of intensifying the contradiction between hierarchy.

There are also those licenses that have been purchased or stapler, but wait for a good one. After the deputy owner claimed to pay, the car has been lying in the showroom for a month, only for the waiting license. This from the big joy to the big sadness, can only explain the programs and implementations of policy development, and greatly improve space.

But I have to talk about the fairness, but I can’t stand the feet.

The road power of the oversized city is a scarce resource, all the world. The way to assign road rights, no more than two categories. One class is a car purchase, such as a limit; a class is a control vehicle, such as restricted and levity. Different cities choose a particular combination based on their own situation, but the basic principles of the total amount of control on the road vehicle are constant.

Specifically to Shanghai, the foundation is a license auction + flexible limit. It has been approaching the Shanghai brand of 100,000, which seems to have set the threshold, in fact, allocating the rolling power in the way, at least to everyone offers the same channel. After May 1, Shanghai restricted is officially tightened, and logic is also the right to protect the licensee payment.

In this case, the new energy car is given free of charge, and it has been departed from the principle of fairness. In particular, it is a large arbitrage site that is not normal to limit the new energy to the new energy. In the arbitrage, with those who don’t care about the actual demand, they only ask for small money, the most naked.

Today, the total amount of out of control, Shanghai finally tried. A slightly rude new regulation, I said that it is a policies and vulnerabilities, and I have a big chaos. As for those who were unfair because they were privileged, 80% did not realize that they don’t have the opportunity to enjoy privileges at the beginning.

Don’t spoop new energy

It naturally leads to another question: Since the free green belongs are so late, why do you start the limit from the car instead of the big car, or why not just a “one knife cut”? Slightly rational point, you know that “a knife cut” is unrealistic. The policy level, from the central to the place, the tone supporting new energy development is still there. The market level, the new energy is not prepared to prepare for equality competition with fuel cars.

However, the leading power of new energy development will be given to the market, and this has extensive consensus. The rest is how to use a relatively flat way, to the new energy “weaning” in the purchase process. Subsidy’s resumption and exit are both genetic facts. In the license policy, it is just a matter of time.

The problem is that the handsome should be moved to say, but also feel fair, and the challenge can be big. In essence, the general care of new energy is based on temporary sacrificing fair. Now look back to ask fair, like building a house on sand pile, and there is no foundation.

For example, subsidies, mainly used endurance and energy density, it seems reasonable, essentially than the card price, dimensional euphemism. After all, because the cost and size are limited, the first is the trolley. If you want to change your life, you have to take it. It takes so many products of 301km, 401km overnight, is equal to the seriousness of the rules on the ground.

In the case, the policy breaks the principle of fairness, and finally, it is also supportible to support, and it is possible to produce better results. In the early days, there may be a lot of rain, once tightened, the relatively low technical content, first abandoned almost no suspense.

Back to Shanghai, there is not much place in the technical car technology, and there is not much sense in the local market. Today, it is necessary to eliminate privileges.

However, the viewpoint of maintaining the car is quite strong recently. The big idea is that the big city has just needed the electric truck, and cannot deprive the rights of consumers.

It seems that it is reasonable, but it can’t stand up.

First of all, the so-called ahead of the big cities just needed, and the cloud is also a lot, and there is no real support. Look at the sales in the north, naturally understand. There is no way, just need to take a family in the big city, there are a lot of things to buy when buying a car. This is China’s national condition. Second, sincerely agree with the value of the car, it will be fine to shoot the card. Free license is not, just say that the car can’t buy it, can only explain it is not true love.

Of course, Shanghai’s green brand new rules for the car is just the beginning. In 2023, the insertion and extension will also say goodbye to free green cards in Shanghai. As for the further tightening of pure electric green, even the continuous follow-up of Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Tianjin, etc., can be considered a large probability event.

A healthy new energy, certainly will not be pet.

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