“She market” continues to upgrade how to break the circle?

A few days ago, Great Wall Motor (601633) disclosed the production and sales report in the first quarter of this year. The announcement shows that the Great Wall Motor has a total sales of 338,800, a year-on-year increase of 125.37%. Among them, the new energy car brand Euler’s quarterly sales exceeded 30,000, a year-on-year increase of 1035.15%, and monthly sales of 13,000 units were increased by 1037.66% year-on-year.

How does the Euler brand becomes the “hot king” of the new energy auto market? How is the physique of its net red brand formed? At this Shanghai Auto Show, the Euler brand three levels from technology, products and operations, systematically resolved the mystery of the Euler brand successfully.

In terms of technology, the Euler brand’s model is more focusing on the needs of female users. Take the smart cockpit of the Euler brand as an example, which creatively creates a neural network model, which can vary by voice, lip, eyes, body movements, etc., to reduce women in work, life scene, and then for women users Provide a more comprehensive service.

At the same time, the automatic driving system equipped with the Euler brand model, with the highest powerful Qualcomm automatic chip, the strength of 700T, and 39 automatic driving components can help more female owners achieve more relaxed driving experience.

It is reported that there is a cobalt jelly battery in new models that have been promoted in Europe. This battery uses a laminated process with an energy density of 265Wh, and the number of cyclic charging is over 3000 times. In 4C fast charge mode, 20% -80% power is only charged for 9 minutes.

At the product level, at this Shanghai Auto Show, the Euler brand launched a new model – Eura flash cat. This car has the L3 + level automatic driving assistance function, but also equipped with ORA multi-mode integration, ORA exclusive overall system, Qualcomm third-generation intelligent platform, V2X all things interconnection.

At the operational level, the Euler brand continued to upgrade the “her marketing” mode, pay more attention to the attention of the female owners, not only launched a model color color that is more popular, but also developed a large number of women’s owners favorite surrounding products. .

It is worth mentioning that in the Shanghai Auto Show, Euler will also evolve “her marketing” to another dimension, push the model to create the model, invite the first car, female fans and Euler brand to build five major Exhibition area. At the same time, the Euler brand also announced the first content of the “Euler Princess Pamper”, took out 100 million red envelopes to subsidize female users, with the user’s way, turn women what they want, and become Euler It is.

Yu Fei, general manager of the Great Wall Motor Euler Brand Marketing, said that the user has created the marketing principle that Ou La came down. In the future, it will gradually dominate the product naming, color matching, functional components, marketing activities. Hand over to female user.

Disclaimer: This article is for reference only, does not constitute an investment recommendation, and investors operate according to this, risk.

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