Show big profit, Everbruck depicting China’s new energy car future blueprint

The 2021 Shanghai Auto Show, the first exhibition of Hengchi car, and the full-range models that have received much attention are also officially unveiled. The Hengda Group’s Hengki is the largest, the most large-scale, the most powerful new car.

The real estate management method of Hengchi cars is different from the whole car industry, but different does not mean errors. Once the Internet cross-borders, Xiaopeng and Ideal and other car companies and traditional cars have a new car, and now some innovative initiatives of new cars are becoming the standards for the automotive industry.

Flowering giant funds have obtained the new energy automobile patented technology, and the Hengfei has released a grand goal to create a national brand of worldwide, and produced 1 million in 2025, and 5 million products were produced in 2035.

Under the large sales target, Hengchi has released Hengfei 1, Hengchi 2, Hengsu 3, Hengsu 4, Hengfei 5 and Hengsui 6th and other six models, covering car, SUV and MPV, entry Level to the luxury market, the first time was 2021.

In addition to large sales targets and powerful models, Hengfeng launches large-scale capacity layout in Tianjin, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Based on the relevant data we collected, there are many pre-employees from Tianjin Toyota, and Guangzhou factory also has management teams and employees from GAC Toyota, Dongfeng Nissan and so on.

For existing car companies, the above is a more familiar process: publish sales targets, publish models, construction factories, and then is officially listed, delivered, delivered, and user services.

However, this is far from all of the Hengki cars.

Intelligent and electric, there are many different places with traditional cars, and can no longer deliver your car to the user, then wait for the user to go to 4S store to maintain.

In the field of automobile intelligence, Everbright Car teamed up with Tencent and Baidu to develop H-Smartos Hengxin Intelligent Network System. In addition to intelligence in electric cars, life-fired and complementary energy in the electric motor is two key factors.

Whether it is lithium iron phosphate, three yuan lithium, or solid-state battery, and the battery life is subject to the development of the industry, and the technical breakthrough and development of the whole industry is needed.

There are many different ways in the field of resilience, such as the self-built charging station that has just been cooperated with Sinopec to achieve cooperation with Sinopec, and the self-built charging station of Tesla and Xiaopeng Auto, and a number of car companies depend on the stars. Business.

Although we have not seen any specific actions in the charging pile, the relevant company has been formally established, and the star Luo Charity of the high round ended has been officially operated.

While providing users with preferential charging services, constant cars have gradually been well known to a wider range of electric vehicle users, and at the same time, the pioneers of this group of electric vehicles may be expected to become an important propaganda team in Evergrande.

Everbright cars also passed a new way, and the user has been collected in the demand for users before the new electric car, and it is expected to obtain the first reality user.

New cars, or electric car car companies, retreating 10,000 steps, eventually falling to this simple and difficult history of funds.

We have seen those vehicles that are unable to invest in this new field have not fallen: the oil reform of the traditional vehicle enterprises is being abandoned by the market, and new cars with new cars have not yet been returned.

Dongfeng is not intended, whether it is car manufacturing, car sales, or car energy supplements, and Evergrande Group’s Hengfeng seems to have been prepared for users to review and market challenges.

Look at the roads that Tesla and the new car for new cars, maybe we will make us more confident in the development of the new energy car.

Time is the best answer, this answer has begun to jump on paper.

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