Siyu E10x official map released in March officially opened pre-sale

Recently, the mass brand of the mass is officially released, the new pure tram type E10x official map, the new car appearance inherits the design gene of German public, Baohaus simple wind, with the public ID. Series, showing personality, Zhang Yang, optimism The tide of the youth taste.

The new car uses “smiling front face” design language, integrated LED headlight, in the middle with bright black ornaments, while stretching the visual width while lowering the overall visual center, large C-shaped black trim strip is like a smile big mouth , Highlighting the new generation of young people confident, open-minded life attitude.

Come to the side of the body, the most eye-catching, the number of “four-leaf grass” modeling, the two-color aluminum alloy wheel, and the intelligent movement. The four-leaf grass symbolizes lucky, conveyed that Siyu E10X wanted to deliver a wonderful wish to the outside world, in the Year of the Ox, let the luck accompanied by us every day.

The black design extends from the floating roof to the C column, creating a fashionable atmosphere with the rising waistline, full of sports and futuristic.

Siyu E10X uses a large number of C-type geometries in design: the big C-type bumper black trim strip echoes before and after, and the fumaous double C personality tail light is extremely effective, improve the integrity and coordination, will geometrically The application is reflected.

Overall, Siyu E10X is extremely simple geometric line, vivid smile face, colorful body color matching is impressive, more in line with the aesthetics of the current young consumer group. As a public pure electric tide car built for the new generation of youth, Siyu E10X mainly played the A00-level pure electric market, with the most abundant endurance combination, including 150km, 200km, and 302km, compared to the same model It is more competitive in size, space, configuration, or practicality. It is reported that the new car will officially open pre-sale, the pre-sale price of 39,900 yuan, the amazing appearance plus the mass of the mass joint venture, can imagine that it will become a car “new favorite” of the Youth Youth after listed!

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