Skyworth does not make a car

Skyworth Group and Kaewo Automobile holds a trademark transfer ceremony

“Skyworth does not make a car, but transfer its own trademark (Class 12 carrying tool) to Kaowo, after the” Skyworth Motor “officially became a brand of Kaewo Automobile.”

The above is on April 19 Skyworth Motor Brand Meeting, the executive vice president of Kaowo Automobile Group is interviewed by the media, and the explanation of Skyworth cars.


Who is Kaiwo?

It is not familiar with Many people who say that Kaewo cars, but its boss is more familiar, it is the founder of Skyworth Group Huang Hongsheng.

Huang Hongsheng, a chairman of Kaowo Automobile Group

In 1988, Huang Hongsheng founded a Skyworth, which is currently one of the country’s largest home appliance production enterprises. Huang Hongsheng, 55-year-old in 2011, entrepreneurship, through the acquisition of reorganization of Nanjing Jinlong into the new energy automobile industry, with new energy passenger cars as entry point, becoming head enterprises in this field, and gradually extending to logistics cars, special vehicles, trucks, Battery, components and other fields.

In 2017, the Open car officially entered the pedestrian vehicle field, and the brand named “Tianmei Auto” and launched the first pure SUV model ET5 listing in 2020.

After the transfer of Skyworth trademark transfer, Kaowo Automobile integrated Tianmei brand into the “Skyworth Motor” brand, follow-up smart vehicles will use “Skyworth Motor” brand, simple understanding is that Tianmei changed its name to Skyworth.

At the press conference, Skyworth has developed a product strategy of “2 + 4 + N”. BE and CE two major pure electric platforms, together, together; from 2020 to 2025, at least 4 Skyworth car brands have been launched, and the formation of pure tram type, hybrid and other energy power vehicles are supplemented in the future. The model matrix to meet the different needs of consumers.


Skyworth plus open

Although the founders are Huang Hongsheng, the Skyworth Group has been developed by 33 years. It has 2 listed companies, the system and business are quite mature and huge, and the Kaewo Motor is 2 independently operated companies.

But it is precisely because the founder is the same person. In addition to the beginning of the start of the trademark transfer, Skyworth Group will cooperate with Kaewo Auto in the smart home appliance IOT, smart cockpit, offline retail, charging services, etc., specifically :

Tongwi Group’s smart home appliances and Skyworth are open to realize the interconnection of the car.

In the field of smart cockpit, fusion Skyworth is displayed in 5G + 8K ultra HD display, OLED, massive audiovisual content, application software and other products.

The two sides jointly build the car owner O2O experience store, start the brand flagship experience store in the core business district of major cities across the country, can buy a country-free home appliance or car in the store; at the same time, it will use the store channel of Skyworth, and the traffic is carried out. service.

Filter Skyworth meetings, install charging piles at the door, providing users with exclusive charging services; simultaneously using Skyworth’s huge home appliance installation network, providing users with charging pile installation and after-sales service.

Skyworth Group and Skyworth Cooperation Point

This makes people think that Huawei sells the car in the first two days. Now Skyworth has also embarked on this road, but the tightness of Skyworth and Kaewe is comparable to Huawei’s congenital advantage.


1-3-3-3 Magnificent Target

The old man is in a thousand miles.

In the VCR played before the event, Huang Hongsheng said: “I want to go to Hong, and then climb the peak of life, let the Chinese car benefit the world people.”

At the subsequent conference, Huang Hongsheng also shouted a grand goal of “1-3-3-3”. The meaning is that the past has been invested of 10 billion. The future is 30 billion, and the market value is 30 billion, and then struggle 30 In the year, it became the top 10 of the global car and cultivated outstanding entrepreneurial teams.

1-3-3-3 macro goal of Skyworth

Huang Hongsheng, who has been 65, is still a strong wind, from going to the countryside to see the Township, telling the college entrance examination to enter South China, and then set up a Skyworth, and then to Kaowo car, and also tell the car initial heart, national brand, industry Reporting the family’s family.

After 30 years, Huang Hongsheng was 95 years old. He wanted to witness the 100th anniversary of the founding of New China, shouting such a magnificent goal requires courage and confidence, and he must also hope that Skyworth cars will be like today’s Skyworth home appliances.


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