Strongly pushed three tanks, new Qijun, Dongfeng Nissan is destined to fail

After achieving the four-way five factories, Million production and sales, Dongfeng Nissan has been described in recent years, and it has been caught in inside and outside the situation:

The Renault – Nissan Alliance and Dongfeng Motors in the shareholders have changed, while Dongfeng Nissan has been independent of Dongfeng Headquarters, and now, the senior executive team is almost replaced, and Dongfeng Nissan is also tied to the sylphy. This is only a life-saving straw.

Whether it is a new model, or the replacement model, no matter whether it is a new energy car, it is a smart car, has had the most abundant model, and the technology known as Dongfeng Nissan has slowly fall behind the development of the market and competitors.

In Toyota and Honda’s oil-electricity mixed technology, after many years, Nissan’s E-POWER reunitting mixing system will officially unveiled in China this year, and have already missed the charm of cultivating the market, in the automotive electricity In the context, the status is even more embarrassing.

In the case of almost all car companies to give up in China, in today’s strong push three-cylinder engines, Dongfeng Nissan still brought new Qijun with a three-cylinder machine. You must know that Qi Jun is Dongfeng Nissan in the Sylphy, the only sales have also been able to have a unique model.

Since the introduction of the Chinese market in 2008, Qijun accumulated sales exceed 1.3 million, and it is a model that Dongfeng Nissan is not much supporting the facade. Dongfeng Nissan has to have much courage and confidence, and dare to let Qi Jun from 2.0L and 2.5L engines, replace the 1.5T engine.

The Chinese market is not recognized by the three-cylinder engine. It is not a pure technical problem, but it has become a red line that cannot touch and pass over, this is believed that the Nissan of Dongfeng is clear.

Just in the autonomous passenger car market, the Dongfeng cars, plus far from the Chinese market, these years of the disputes constant Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, maybe the two sides have already realized that the market has already got a door to the three-cylinder agencies. It may be that there is too much time, and it has been unable to make timely adjustments to the market.

As a result, the shareholders left Dongfeng Nissan in the wind, and had to push the three-cylinder machine new Qijun, have to fight a defeated war. Perhaps the Nissan of East-wind can only hope that the Sylphy can continue to maintain excitement, or let Qijun copy the strategy of the two generations of the two generations.

Looking at the entire Chinese market, there is no recognition of a user who is equipped with a three-cylinder machine. The three-cylinder machine is just a product of the car to cope with the product of the emissions policy. Its manufacturing cost is not low than the four-cylinder, but there is a potential risk of jitter increase, stability and durability.

The advantages of the three-cylinder machine are only a slightly lower fuel consumption, which is slightly insufficient in use, there is no advantage in the price, and there is uncertainty in service life, the market and users have to pay for the car companies. ?

General, Ford and Geely and so on have suddenly realized after the three-cylinder market, and it is not necessary to give up the three-tone locomotive type, or only act as a supplementary model.

The same is a Japanese car company, Honda’s treasure car – Fit is equipped with a three-cylinder machine in overseas market. In China, it is replaced by four-cylinder machine, and the fruit is only, the full range of 1.0T three-cylinder machine Lingpai, which has been encountered in the market.

Toyota originally planned the 1.2T engine of Carolla and Rayling to a TNGA 1.5L three-cylinder engine, which ultimately only used a lower-level model, even in this, its sales can be ignored.

Whether it is from the technical strength, or from the brand influence level, just rely on the SMS Survival Dongfeng Nissan, what kind of confidence, courage and strength, to change the awareness of the three-cylinder machine in the Chinese market? We think this is more helpless.

When it is the Japanese Honda and Toyota, it is improving 2 million production and sales size, and the car and SUV, entry-level market and medium-sized market are fully developed. Dongfeng Nissan has stagnated in millions of production and sales in recent years. Only by relying on the old SHM and Qijun and other models occupy a place in the sales list.

Open the official website of Dongfeng Nissan, three orange suit, Guo Degang, a very spicy eye, and now claims that “one of the largest and complex projects in the history of Nissan, spent 5 years, investing 19 billion The most powerful jail of the Yuan, can you make Dongfeng Nissan, if you are willing?

Dongfeng Nissan in millions of production and sales, the past is the FAW Volkswagen, and it is Changan Ford.

The three-cylinder machine is borne, and the new Qijun is shore; the Chinese car front road is difficult, Dongfeng Nissan is also in the country and cherish it.

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