Subaro teamed up to Toyota launched a pure electric concept car, or will bright April Shanghai Auto Show

Referring to the brand of Subaru, I believe that most owners are familiar, but in sales performance, Subaru has been in the domestic market. In 2020, Subaru has reached 1 million in global sales, only 25,000 in domestic sales, and even some self-owned brand single hot-selling models can achieve such a level. But people think that Subaru is not a bad brand, and the owner of Subaru is still quite optimistic. Just as the sentence circulating online, you buy Subaru to support, I will take the consideration of Subaru.

Compared to the Toyota Auto of Japan, Toyota has reached 15.44 million in China in 2020. Bisbaru’s global sales must exceed half. It is not difficult to see Toyota Bisbar to grasp the pain points of consumers. This Subaru and Toyota can also be said to be strong, because Subaru’s own technology is not inferior with consistent reputation, but some deviate from user needs.

Recently, there are overseas media exposed Subaru and Toyota cooperative development, the first pure electric concept car will be unveiled in the Shanghai Auto Show in April. It is also very concern that many supporters of Subaru and Toyota are also very concerned about this news. In recent years, in recent years, many joint ventures have begun to participate in this field, even if there is no new energy models, the current model has launched the choice of mixed models.

For this type of information, we only know that this car will be released in the future. Toyota’s European product development heads have previously stated that new cars will comply with European temperament in terms of origin, and compact models will help sales.

It is reported that this concept car is a platform E-TNGA that uses Subaru and Toyota to build, which is expected to be the same as RAV4 in the body size. The length and width height is 4600mm * 1855mm * 1680mm, and the wheelbase is 2690mm. Toyota also said that in terms of the appearance, interior and dynamic performance of this car, Toyota will break through the self, and it can be seen that the height of this car is optimistic.

In addition, Toyota also plans to cooperate with Suzuki to develop compact SUVs, large SUVs, and cross-border cars in this platform. Subaru will also create 6 models based on this platform. For the specific situation of this pure electric compact concept car, you may only wait until the Shanghai Auto Show next month will learn more in more detail.

For the pure electric concept car developed by Subaru and Toyota, I don’t know if you are full of curiosity?

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