Sulking Xiaopeng car delivers 6015 units in Jan, and promotes 7 months of record!

To talk about China’s current new energy electric car, I believe that many people will think of these emerging products, 蔚 来, ideal, Xiaopeng. However, to talk about the discussion of online, Xiaopeng’s discussion is far less than the first two companies. The proposal technology and after-sales service once occupied the first few of the topic, and the ideal car is recently A shower is set off on a short video platform, making people have some questions about their product. Although Xiaopeng Automobile’s topic is obviously better than the two companies just mentioned, it is not idle. In the first month of 2021, Xiaopeng has sold 6015 units, achieving for 7 consecutive months. Sales volume double-year-old, can be described as a smoldering big fortune.

Behind this feat, Xiaopeng P7’s credits cannot be said. 3710 units were delivered, and the delivery was rising three consecutive months. Since the large-scale delivery of the July last year, Xiaopeng P7 has been delivered 18,772 trucks in just six months, and it can be said that sales performance is very amazing. Behind this grade is the reliability and trust of its product force. Today, let’s talk about this Xiaopeng P7. If you have interested friends, you can take a look at this new pure electric car with good performance.

First of all, the gas field of this car is very powerful. If a friend who has passed the test drive must be understood, this car will be shocked by its broad design. Visually does not like a model of this price. And this kind of visual effect is it benefited from the designer’s skill. The cover portion in front of the vehicle has a very obvious outer convex effect. In this way, the visual effect of the original 1896mm width was stretched into two meters.

The second point, the car did not pursue the ultimate performance like the same level of Nadi Han, Tesra Model 3. More than 3 seconds, the acceleration time is really very exciting. If a good single male youth is difficult to move. However, the user group of Xiaopeng P7 is a customer with family needs. The accelerated performance of a hundred kilometers of 4.3 seconds is completely enough in the city, and more gentle acceleration performance can also take care of other passenger feelings in the car. It is a quality and quantity.

Third, a solid mensimplifies the use of manufacturers. As a domestic electric car, the configuration is no longer a news, but this Xiaopeng P7 is not only high technology, but also the material of the vehicle interiors is also very solid. The seat is good, even if it is a long-distance driving, there is sufficient support, and it will not be too fatigue. The thick and stuck in the leather steering wheel is just right, even if a female driver will not feel difficult.

According to the news we got, Xiaopeng P7 will usher in a new OTA upgrade on January 26, add more than 40 functions and optimize more than 200 user experience, I believe that Xiaopeng P7 can also create brilliant .

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