Suspected Shanghai banned macro mining MINIEV on green belt: the big direction is correct, the pattern is too small

Suspected Shanghai banned macro mining MINIEV on green belt: the big direction is correct, the pattern is too small

Recently, many Shanghai users reflect that the Hong Kong miniev purchased cannot apply new energy automobile special licenses, and to wait for the New Deal in May. Confirmation of related 4S stores: At present, Hong Kong Miniev has indeed suspended free of charge in Shanghai.

It is reported that after May, the new energy car within 100,000 yuan or less than 4.6m, will not apply for a free new energy vehicle special license for free in Shanghai. Among them, there are mainly two keywords, one is cost price of 100,000 yuan, one is 4.6m of the car.

It is undeniable that under the promotion of new energy license plate free policies, Shanghai consumers have further promoted the top cards of new energy vehicles in the attitude of Ho Zhang Shanghai. Similar to Hong Kong MINIEV is not large, solve the demand of urban travel, and can also get a boot of Shanghai cards, this potential is still in constant release.

From the propoyering overall situation, the general direction of controlling the total amount of new energy vehicle license plates and the improvement of new energy vehicles is correct. For small and micro electric vehicles, the motivation can be understood, but it is extremely unreasonable, and the pattern is small.

Hong Kong miniev is positioned in the “people’s tutaneous”. That is to say, the product is very grounded, and a simple step, most people have affordable.

Since the launch of the market last year, Hongguang Miniev has exceeded 270,000, with average sales in a daily sales volume of more than 1,000. This sales score also helped it became a sales champion of China’s new energy products for 7 consecutive months. Moreover, it gives a new choice for many consumers who have nothing to do with a poor economy.

On April 9, Hongguang Miniev Makaron Edition was officially launched in Shanghai Bund. Who once thought that it was so treatment. Fortunately, in the vast world, the good product is ultimately the whole country, it is the world.

Some people quickly produced 4.61 meters, priced at 10,000 yuan, discount of 60,000 Hong Kong MINI, but also said “What is the people need, Wuling’s creation?” Seeing this picture of the consumer, it is not a taste in mind.

Policies generally have regulated effects, or promote, or suppress, or boot, or stop. The advanced high-end manufacturing is an important direction of the Shanghai industry, but the demand for high-cost travel is not contrary to the demand for high cost performance. Moreover, the new energy car is not, the more environmentally friendly, the more environmentally friendly, the more expensive.

If Shanghai’s new politic is true, then there is more than Hong Kong miniev, SAIC Roewe Kalai, Chery Small ant, Eula Black Cat, European Cat, which 吒 V, Xiaopeng G3, Zero Run T03, Si Wei E10X and other models will Is limited.


In addition to new political implementation, ordinary people, especially economic conditions, may not be suitable for buying a car in Shanghai, will have to rely on public transportation such as subway, bus. I want to buy a family of 10,000 yuan, the new energy trolley, is the real loser after the new government implementation.

In order to see it, if it is very rich, who is willing to buy a mini electric car of 100,000 yuan?

As for the enthusiasm, I feel that there is not necessarily, Shanghai is not only Mitsubishi and Tesla. Hongguang Miniev owner will have a card, then add more than ten million to buy Tesla? Don’t tease, add tens of thousands of dollars to buy Roewe, BYD, to say good, and make a good domestic new energy car.

Shanghai has issued approximately 240,000 license plates last year, including more than 120,000 traditional fuel gauges, more than 120,000 new energy licenses. With the implementation of foreign licenses, the implementation of unlimited new energy, Shanghai, is just the best choice.

From this perspective, the implementation of the external deduction in the external deck has changed to boost new energy vehicles, especially the A0-level electric vehicles below 100,000 yuan. Shanghai may like this to improve the entry threshold for new energy models to control the amount of new energy licenses.

From the perspective of the people, any price model, any size model has its value. Different use requirements have created different positioning models. The people’s travel needs are not misalign, and there is no need to set a “threshold” to limit the existence of a model.

If there is anything, I hope that Shanghai can do a good look and can convince the broad masses of the people. After all, big cities can control, and should limit the size of large models, promote the size of models, improve roads and supporting resources (such as parking lots). Efficiency.

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