Tao Lin talks about whether Testla is starting a power-saving business

On March 6, Tao Lin, vice president of Tesla’s foreign affairs, was explained in responding to the recent hot discussion. The following is the original text:

Recently, many friends are paying attention to Tesla will not start the power-on business, thank you very much for your concern. As early as 2013, Tesla tried to change the electricity. The power-saving mode is currently in some specific areas, such as taxi or bus. It is a good complement mode, but we have always believed that the charging mode is the best-scale civilian electric vehicle. Entry-sensitive way.

Everyone may wish to recall ten years ago, many of our electronic products we use have adopted a detachable battery, a mobile phone needs to be equipped with two batteries. Most electronics, computers, etc. Most of the electronic products have changed in order to integrate built-in batteries, and they are replaced by replacement batteries to high-power fast charge. Behind this is the result of combining technological development trends and product logic depth thinking.

Continuously increase the layout of the charging pile while increasing charging efficiency, we think this is the best solution to the user charging anxiety. The battery development has changed, various models, and brand battery are endless, even if the same brand is different, it is likely to be different in the form of battery. The national standard charging interface is consistent, which will greatly improve the efficiency of the replenishment. Tesla’s latest V3 supercharge technology can add up to 250 kilometers of battery life in 15 minutes, and it has basically satisfying a weekly power demand for commuting in the city.

We will constantly improve the layout of the charging pile and improve the charging efficiency. I look forward to your message to tell us the suggestion of the shooting pile site, we will lay a more convenient charging network according to customer needs, provide a better car for the majority of riders. Experience. thank!

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