Technology Relve the latest power, can BYD EA1 will sell?

2020 BYD can be exhausted, whether it is a fast research and development mask, blade battery or flagship vehicle type, has achieved great results, and in the new year, BYD did not slanting, launched at the Shanghai Auto Show. The pure electric truck code to EA1 is whether it can be double recognized by the market and sales? We analyzed from the following persons.

First, let’s first look at its own position, this new car is a boutique pure electric truck, and there are some other Euler black cats. It is worth noting that this is the product of BYD’s first pure electric platform, the previous model is Ev + DM’s double platform, although the car company is saved, but it is not so friendly for consumers, this time BYD has decided. Since it is positioned, then its probability will be different from the black cat.

Second, BYD itself is still very obvious in three-point technology. In the auto show, BYD reveals some of the core data of its own E3.0 platform. Although the performance of the position and cost will not play performance, but There is a relatively excellent performance on hard cores such as endurance mileage and zero acceleration.

In addition, the color value of the new car is also more than the other than black cat’s imitation Porsche style. EA1 is mainly round-oriented, whether it is the front face or sideways, etc., all as possible to cater to the aesthetic standards of young people. . And according to the existing information, EA1 is not only one, but combined with at least three models, which will be roughly divided into economic version, long-range and performance, to meet more consumers’ needs, if pure is In the green or white young, you can choose the entry-level model, and for the owners who pursue life or performance, there are also their own versions.

It is worth mentioning that Although EA1 has not yet been listed, it has already opened pre-sale in Australia (selling by local supplier purchases), the pre-sale price is $ 35,000, and it will not be so high in China. It is revealed that the entry-level model is likely to be at 7-8 million, and the performance version may reach 150,000 levels, and the official news is still waiting for the official news. However, according to the information provided by the Australian supplier, the new car’s integrated battery life will be greater than 500km, and the high-decline may be more excellent, plus the natural safety of the blade battery, and the market prospect of this car is still more optimistic.

But there is a problem that BYD has not been ideal in this section of the model sales, whether it is E1, E2 or the new yuan PRO, has not reached the sales performance of phenomenon, EA1 can sell, we still need to wait Time to verify.

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