Tens of thousands of entry-level pure electric trucks, you are suitable for you just graduated and don’t want wind blowing sun

In many developed regions, the limitations of fuel vehicles have become more stringent, except for license applications, daily limited time limit makes a lot of car owners. As the new favor of these two years, the electric car is naturally unimpeded in many regions. And in some congested roads, the huge body of fuel cars also makes the owner can’t shuttle freely. At this time, a small and flexible peak car can solve this problem very well. If you are a young man who has just graduated, you want to buy a small car in the city and there is no support for the elders. So these cars must be the best for you, the price of less than 30,000 yuan is still more comparison Good burden.

Changan Benben E-Star National Edition

Changan Benn became a great god that met with Chery QQ, with a very large mass basis. And this time the launch of the Benben E-Star National Edition is also a major market for 50,000 yuan. The round and full appearance makes many small sisters see it. It feels very happy, and the price of less than 30,000 yuan is less cheap than some big displacement motorcycles, and the entry version has 150 kilometers of endurance miles. Can meet many people’s needs, while high-profile versions 301 kilometers of life can be able to have many compact cars.


To talk about new energy cars, you will definitely hide this brand of BYD. As the leading brand in the new energy vehicle in China, BYD has a very good sales volume. This BYD E1 is a small trolley specially launched by BYD for this market. The whole system is 305 kilometers, and the fast charge system equipped with all the whole system is charged from 0 to 80%, so that even the long-distance driving in the province is also complete. not a problem. Under such a configuration, the price is 59,900-799 million after the subsidy, such a price is still more expensive than the Benben E-Star, but the fast charge needs can pay attention to this car. .

Wuling Hongguang MINI EV

Compared to excessive introductions, this trend is enough, how popular this car is very popular. Although the car is relatively simple in configuration, the entry model is only 120 kilometers, but the sales price of 2.88 million yuan is really fragrant. This car is still very cost-effective if you are using only two people. Many friends spit it without the airbag, the speaker can only listen to a sound, but it can provide you with a place where the wind is rain and rain, only 30,000 yuan, what is this bike?

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