Tesla and BMW have redeemed the price, but the domestic car is strong? Li Bin: One point for a price

For electric vehicles, itself with many “labels”, such as “Pingshun” “quiet” or even negative “life anxiety”, but with the continuous price of Tesla and BMW, “price cut” is also Become an “main melody” of the electric vehicle. However, many consumers have discovered a strange question. Why did these luxury brands have been continuously lowered, but the domestic electric vehicles have almost no price cuts?

We first take Tesra Model 3 as an example. When entering the domestic market in February 2019, its bare car price is 4.33 million yuan, plus the cost of purchase taxes and cards, etc., the price is very high, it is well-deserved Luxury car. Two years later, the price of domestic Tesra Model 3 has fallen to 249,900 yuan, almost playing a confidence, which is a very painful thing for those old owners.

Let’s take a look at the BMW that has just been in the field of electric vehicles. I don’t know if I’ve been affected by Tesla. BMW IX3 officially cuts the price of 70,000, but the BMW will compensate for the old owner in cash. The psychology is still a lot of comfort. But this kind of price reduction, still stimulates a lot of new owners, especially those who haven’t cut prices, how many consumers will hesitate before buying, “Will I just bought home, it cuts the price.” ?

Regarding this topic, domestic electric vehicles have suffered “Question”. Before BYD Zhao Changjiang said to the media, BYD would not choose to cut prices because of Tesla Model 3, BYD Han’s own profit is very low. The price has been compressed to the ultimate, allowing consumers to enjoy the highest income.

Coupane, Jimei Li Bin also answered the corresponding problem, Li Bin said that the price reduction is very big for the injury of the old users. This behavior is not worth advocating, and Tesla’s price cut is just because The cost is too high, and after domesticization, it has gradually entered a normal state.

Li Bin said, “It will never price the price, one point for the price, if the blind price reduction is exchanged for a certain market share, will reduce the sales guarantee and service, violating the jewelry.”

In fact, from the person in charge of these domestic car companies, we can also see that the domestic electric car has not adjusted the price plan. In fact, in the eyes of the author, the domestic car has always been highly configured, low price is enough. After the market, the materials, workmanship and technical levels of the traditional car enterprise in BYD, Geely are online, and the price is relatively reasonable, and the price of price reduction is not large. Although the new power like this is very high, their cost-effective costs are absolutely low, all of the foundry and parts need to rely on other suppliers, plus high-end services human cost, etc. Profit may be as high as Li Bin said that there is no much imagination.

However, in some routes, it is true that the price is advantageous. For example, Xiaopeng P7 has declared lithium iron phosphate version, compared to the high price of three yuan lithium version, the new model’s probability will make prices The decision of the amplitude.

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