Tesla announced accident data: 30 minutes over 40 brakes! Regulatory problems behind rights

The continuous fermentation of Tesla owners Shanghai car exhibition rights event finally ushered in phased progress.

On April 22, at the General Administration of Market Supervision, the Chinese Consumer Association has urged the investigation of the enterprise to cooperate with the investigation, Tesla has finally said: The relevant data is prepared, willing to provide the accident vehicle owner and the supervision department.

On the evening of April 22, Tesla China issued data within 30 minutes before the accident vehicle accident. The data shows that within 30 minutes before the vehicle accident, the vehicle has a record of more than 40 steps.

The continuous fermentation of Tesla owners Shanghai car exhibition rights event finally ushered in phased progress.

On April 22, at the General Administration of Market Supervision, the Chinese Consumer Association has urged the investigation of the enterprise to cooperate with the investigation, Tesla has finally said: The relevant data is prepared, willing to provide the accident vehicle owner and the supervision department.

On the evening of April 22, Tesla China issued data within 30 minutes before the accident vehicle accident. The data shows that within 30 minutes before the vehicle accident, the vehicle has a record of more than 40 steps.

However, surrounding the questioning on “data”, still failed to dissipate.

Prior to this, the owner of the interrelated owner has always wanted to obtain vehicle data to demonstrate the brake system of the accident vehicle; while Tesla aspects advocated third-party detection and refused to provide data directly.

The dispute between the two sides lasted for 2 months until the Tesla executives expressed its “no way to compromise” on the scene of the auto show. Many netizens said that such arrogant attitudes make people feel the sincerity of Tesla solution.

However, behind the layer of public opinion, behind the Tuclawi rights incident, it also exposed a more serious realistic issue: that is, in the intelligent electric car age, the car enterprise has natural leadership for the core data of the vehicle, very It is easy to “only when the athlete is doing a referee,” not only bringing challenges to the regulatory authorities, but also let consumers face new rights predicament.

Data barriers bring arrogance

“Recent negative is her contribution” “There is no way to compromise, this is a process for new products to develop” ……

On April 19th, in the Shanghai Auto Show Tesla booth, a female car owner wearing a T-shirt in the top of the top of the roof and triggering. In the same day, Tesla executives responded to this matter, tough attitude, further causing public opinion.

The reporter learned that before this, the owner had repeatedly complained about the accident of the vehicle. It is believed that the cause of the vehicle crashes is the brake failure, and I hope that Tesla provides a complete driving data in front half an hour in the accident. Silament is worried that data is adversely affected by the parties to speculate and refuse to provide relevant data. Zhengzhou City Zhengdong New District Market Supervision Administration has conducted three mediations, and both parties still have no agreement.

After the Tsela executive clarified the attitude of “uncompromising”, the Market Supervision Bureau, China Consumer Association (hereinafter referred to as “China Consumers Association”), said that companies operators must respect consumers and urge Tesla Active data and information, properly handle consumption disputes, and earnestly protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

The Sino Conswanial Association said that as a car producer, the company has mastered relevant data, and the technical advantages should be used to self-examination, and the technical advantages should not be the obstacle to solve problems.

“Normally, when a traffic accident occurs, it is necessary to define the accident responsibility. However, for vehicles with automatic driving functions, it is difficult for the accident to be clearly investigated. The vehicle itself has a problem, or because the driving vehicle is not properly operated, it is difficult to settle, and the Beijing Chunlin Law Firm, Pangjin, Tell the Securities Times, in the judgment of the cause level, the core data of the vehicle played a crucial role.

In his opinion, for consumers, smart electric vehicles have a professional technical threshold, and ordinary consumers are difficult to prove to have no mistakes, their knowledge, financial, and material are far less than vehicle enterprises, and this is also One of the key factors of Tesla “Fortune”.

Pang Ji Lin believes that after similar accidents, the car company must form a self-constraint and take the initiative to investigate the cause of the accident.

Who will lead the data of smart cars?

Why is Tesla not willing to open a complete driving data of an accident vehicle? According to the disclosed statement, Tesla worried was maliciously hype.

However, there are also industry insiders, and the data involved in automatic driving vehicles is very complex, including external environmental data, vehicle data, and user driving behavior and privacy data. The technical iteration of many car enterprises is also based on data, once public data, will also Give the car company to bring corresponding damage.

This is derived from a key question: who is automatically driving the vehicle, who is dominated? Especially when an accident occurs, how to disclose the data, what extent is it going to open?

Wang Yao, a Secretary-General of China Automotive Industry Association, told the Securities Director, currently, user data and driving data will be stored by the network module of the vehicle through the mobile network to the vehicle enterprise database. However, there is no clear legal provisions for the auto-driving data of the authentication and post-accident.

Executive Dean, Professor Pan and Forest, Executive Dean, Professor Pan and Lin, Executive, Central South University of Finance and Economics, should receive user personal rights, vehicle companies collect and use user data to obtain user recognition. After the accident, the vehicle should publish the data according to the user’s request, and the publication method of data should be decided by the user. In this regard, the new energy vehicle independent commentator Cao Guangping also held similar views. He believes that with the speed development of automobile technology intelligence and network linkage, the ownership of automobile data, the right to share, the right to use, etc. also become complicated. However, whether in the current automatic driving stage, or the future unmanned driving phase, the ownership of the vehicle data should be owner of the vehicle, and the vehicle enterprises are only the storage of data, and the obligation is to carry out the supervision department and the owner when necessary. public.

Pangjiu Lin told the Securities Times, and the issue of the right to the vehicle should be separated. The user’s driving data is related to the personal privacy of the user. In the case of unauthorized authorization, the vehicle enterprises can not be provided to third parties or otherwise he use; but the technical data of those vehicles, although the owner is generated, It is dominated by the company.

Securities Times Note that the famous economist Xue Zhaofeng has also mentioned the balance of data property rights and privacy. In his opinion, according to Kos’s law, a valuable resource, no matter who starts at the start of the property, the last resource will flow to the human hand to use it, to maximize its value.

Pangjiu Lin said that car companies have the right to analyze and process the technical data of vehicles, although they are generated by consumers, but they are indeed belonging to vehicles. Only when consumers have doubts about data, it is necessary to make moderate openness while protecting technology.

How to ensure accuracy of data?

TRESla Proclaimers said in the case of accepting the Securities Times, from the perspective of Tesla’s perspective, the premise of properly solving the problem should be the third-party testing of the vehicle first accept the national authority.

In a number of media reports, the owner of the accident vehicle said that it does not accept third-party detection, but hopes to find a identification agency that Tesra recognition.

Pang Jiulin suggested that for Tesla’s owners, even if they go to the litigation link, the vehicle is also detected by the testing agency approved by both sides. If the owner does not trust any test, it is unable to solve the problem. In his view, the car mainly conducts rights, first in line with the procedure rules through legitimate ways.

The reporter noted that many netizens have commented on the behavior of the owners, and believe that the reactance of the owner is worried about Tsela data, both when the athlete is also a referee. There are also netizens to present that third-party testing agencies can only detect hardware failures and cannot detect mistakes on the software.

A car software engineer told the Securities Times reporter, usually, the data of the vehicle, including software data, or local storage, or cloud storage, catering enterprise cannot modify the source code, unless code It is an incorrect error in the original.

However, he also emphasizes that a relatively long cycle for the source code of the accident vehicle software is not so easy to figure out the real reasons.

“Tesla’s vehicle data is a vehicle gateway to read the components of the vehicle and stored in a cryptive storage. The stored data adopts encrypted technology record, unable to read, modify, delete related data, Li Wei tells the Securities Times reporter In the event of a survey of law enforcement and regulatory agencies, Tesla will provide vehicle-related data in its entirety.

On the evening of April 22, Tesla China issued data within 30 minutes before the accident vehicle accident. The data shows that within 30 minutes before the vehicle accident, the vehicle has a record of more than 40 steps. When the driver is last stepped on the brake pedal, the data shows that the vehicle speed is 118.5 kilometers per hour. Within 2.7 seconds after the driver stepped on the brake pedal, the maximum brake main cylinder pressure was only 45.9 bar, and then the driver increased the amplitude of the brake pedal, the brake master cylinder pressure reached 92.7 bar, followed by Pre-hit warning and automatic emergency braking function started (maximum brake master pressure reached 140.7 bar) and played a role, alleviating the amplitude of the collision, 1.8 seconds after the ABS effect, the system recorded the occurrence of collision. After the driver stepped on the brake pedal, the speed of the vehicle continued to decrease, before the collision, the speed was reduced to 48.5 km per hour.

In summary, the vehicle travels at a higher speed, the driver starts to step on the brake pedal, and then the automatic emergency braking function starts and plays a role, enhances the power and reducing the impact of the collision. The dynamic system is working normally and reduces the speed of the vehicle.

Within 30 minutes before the vehicle accident, the driver’s normal driving vehicle has a record of more than 40 steps, while the vehicle has multiple times more than 100 kilometers per hour, and the case of multiple brakes.

Tesla’s person in charge said that there is no reservation to cooperate with the supervision department to carry out in-depth investigation, and open from the public to accept social supervision.

However, the doubts about the “data” level did not dissipate.

However, the situation in reality is that when the vehicle has an accident, consumers are difficult to hold full trust on the data provided by the car. Wang Yao told the Securities Times, while ensuring that the vehicle data storage integrity, how to ensure that the authenticity and tamper-proof modification of vehicle data will be another important challenge facing the future auto industry. In his opinion, taking this “Tesla Wei” incident as an example, even if Tesla provides relevant data, how to prove that the data provided or tampering will also be an unavoidable problem in the future. And this is also a challenge for government sector safety supervision.

Many industry insiders told the Securities Times, with the gradual commercialization of automatic driving, also brought a lot of challenges to the regulatory authorities, which is far more than reflected in the data management level.

The data supervision of smart cars is necessary to further strengthen

“Tesla’s rights protection event is the vivid example of productivity to run to the previous building”.

An industry insider who did not want to be famous, told the Securities, and the development of automatic driving technology is very fast, and laws and regulations lag in technology development is objective. When new technologies are constantly iterative, legal regulations and regulatory levels should also speed up the pace and adjust it in a timely manner.

In this regard, Cao Guangping recommends that with the development of the automobile, the Internet and the big data industry, all the industry needs a regulation about data management, especially for some new situations, new trends, and new difficulties.

Securities Times noted that the current regulatory mode of automatic driving data is currently in the mainstay.

“At present, my country’s relevant laws and regulations, such as the” Cyber ​​Security Level “” Network Security Level Protection Ordinance “,” Data Safety Management Measures “, etc. There is still a certain non-applicability in the intelligent network car field, Wang Yao tells securities Times reporter, in April this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has released the “Intelligent Network Auto Production Enterprise and Product Access Management Guide” (Draft for Comment).

According to the requirements of this document, the intelligent network car product should have event data record and automatic driving data storage function, to ensure the integrity of the data record data when the vehicle accidents, the data includes driving automation system operating state, driver state, driving environment Information, vehicle control information, etc.

In fact, in the “Road Traffic Safety Law (Revised Suggestions Draft)” released in March this year, a hard demand for automatic driving car products, including the automatic driving vehicle must have a similar aircraft “black box” The data recording system is fully recorded, and the automatic driving data of all aspects is completely recorded.

Wang Yao believes that Tesla’s incident has sounded a alarm for the entire industry. It is recommended that the government departments may not adapt to the regulations and standards required for the development of intelligent networks involved in the development of intelligent networks. At the same time, it is recommended to further improve the intelligent network of automobiles through the multi-center data governance model. Data supervision system.

Panhe Lin also believes that the vehicle enterprises can be used after the vehicle data, which must be desensitized, and it is recommended that the government level promotes the establishment of a special third-party automatic driving data management agency.

How to avoid “Tesla Wei Rights” continues to stage?

Some insiders believe that Tesla’s incident will not only promote the intensity of supervision, but also help to further improve the improvement of laws and regulations and standard systems related to automatic driving. At the same time, from the industry, to enterprises, consumers, they should be warned from this incident.

Wang Yao believes that in terms of car enterprises, we should strictly abide by laws and regulations. On the one hand, it is necessary to ensure that vehicle status data, especially accident data, and software upgrades related to vehicle performance or type certification must be followed by relevant departments. Do a good job; on the other hand, we must strictly protect the user’s privacy data.

Especially after the accident, the complete data relating to the accident should be submitted to the relevant departments, and the test is determined by a professional manner, and pragmatic initiatives have been taken to solve consumer rational rights claims. Car jurisdiction can’t be “always dragged or as a referee.”

If a car engineer told the Securities Times, for the car company, in addition to the active survey accident, it is necessary to have more efforts in the test link. In his opinion, Tesla is still not enough to test the relevant vehicles, and a large number of road tests are also very necessary while simulating testing.

At the same time, he also reminds consumers, when driving the L2 or L3 level automatically driving the vehicle, pay attention to the vehicle operating status information and the vehicle takeover prompt information to be responsible for its own life safety.

“Summary, automatic driving automatic driving as an advanced technology will bring revolutionary changes to the travel industry, which is to be resolutely promoted, but whether the industry is still a business, in the process of promoting, first by driving The personal safety is the first priority “, Pang Ji Lin believes that in order to protect the security of users, the development of automatic driving can be moderately decelerated.

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