Tesla: Han Tong refused to return a poker for nearly two years

On April 28, Tesla customers supported the front response and the dispute between the Hanchao of Tianjin rights owners. The main contents are as follows:

1. Hanchao bought a Model S official certification used car through official channel in June 2019.

2, Han Tong learned from the car to the car, according to this, according to this, according to this, it is determined and insists on that the vehicle has structural damage, and the requirements of “retreating one will be given to Tesla.”

3, the original owner has experienced a slight accident in early 2019, hurts the left rear leaf plate, the rear bumper edge of the body, but does not involve the safety structure of the vehicle.

4. Maintenance enterprises have been replaced with the vehicle leaf plate with “soldering stick-riveting” process technology, which does not involve vehicle structural parts and any other vehicle safety components, and there is no structural injury problem.

5. During the maintenance service of Hanchai vehicles, Tesla provided a tie, but Han Tide refused to return the phone after its vehicle repairs and refused to pick up the car. Then, only the traffic accident occurred in the poker, and requested to continue to provide a scooter.

6, Tesla provided the second stepchron and returned after a month, but after the expiration of Han, Han refused to return, and used it.

7. Han Chao In the past two years, the long-term issues of the resolved information about Tesla on the social media platform, and spread unilateral materials outside the court, affecting public opinion.

8, Han Tong also issued a personal information of lawyers and experts and others, and even participated in the “rights protection” incident in Shanghai Auto Show.

9. After the judgment in December 2020, Tesla filed an appeal and is still in the second trial.

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