Tesla? Maske is committed to China’s paper notice!

Tesla has always been a more arrogant attitude towards consumer opinions, whether it is the previous vehicle stall or brakes, despite consumers complaining, but the official has not given reasonable explanation, let alone effective compensation . In March this year, Mask interacted on his own twitter, whether the Tesla, which was proposed by the user, monitored the owner through the car, Masque, had a precipitated answered, but this Yes let Mask. Repeated explanation over the next period of time.

After a week of things, a troops in China issued a notice. After practical investigation and testing, Tesla was very easy to expose the target position because of the special devices, ultrasonic sensors, etc. Tesla vehicles were prohibited in the area.

For this notification, Tesla China Lima responded that Tesla vehicles sold in China did not open the camera in the car, so there will be no related hidden dangers. As a company, Maask is also committed again after the company released clarification, Tesla will never submit data collected by their own vehicles to the US government, regardless of this data from China or other regions. To know that Mask has never been so solemn for a series of issues raised by users, it is usually a small-threatened attitude of big things. So what is the difference between the notice and the previous user feedback?

First, if Rosla continues to ignore the requirements of the provinces of Tesla, so it is very likely that more sensitive units join the prohibited ranks, which has played the promotion of Tesla Globalization. Very serious hindrance. Mask himself is also very clear that Tesla’s current technology is no longer a level of the world, many car companies have strong catching up, BYD, Wei, Xiaopeng and other car companies. There is also excellent sales performance in the Chinese market. It is even more important that Google, GM and other US local companies have brought the pressure to them.

So what is the secret of Tesla’s sales still proud? That is the value brought by Tesla. Although Tesla vehicles have problems with poor control, high hazards, cut leaves, etc., but there are still a lot of fans to pay for them, which contains Tesla’s premium. If the prohibition policy is not, it is very likely that Tesla is in a short-term brand in a short time in a short time, which is not tolerated for the company’s brand-oriented company.

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