Tesla or a maintenance event’s biggest winner, Henan people, Xi’an people are very hurt

On April 23, the Shanghai Auto Show Tesla car owners defending the rights event in succession screens, ushered in the attack. Not only the Henan car owners repeatedly gave melones, but the unreasonable requirements of Xi’an rights owners also made netizens shocked down. So, that is very uncomfortable, but very realistic arguments once again become a hot discussion. If Tesla has maintained a high price, market feedback should be different from now.

Many people don’t understand, I feel that Tesla live, there is no principle, which makes the owner group abnormally complicated. @Lucy often hear someone says that Tesla has dropped so low, so that many cow snake gods come in. Some people buy cars are used, and some people buy cars are used to make money. As for the way to make money, all kinds have, and even earn money in the name of the owner.

So, the old car owners nect only Model S and Model X’s era. At that time, the quality and values ​​of the owners and values ​​were very different. Therefore, it was very harmonious. Now, the life of the new owners and the old owners have a big difference, and many of them are unaffected. Therefore, Model 3 owners always question why old owners are so bullied, no one can maintain rights, and Model S and Model X owners think that this group will not only drive on the road, but also to Titz. Raiders a buckle.

Some netizens will be summoned. He said: “Model S and Model X owners are more expensive!” This is also what I often say, there is such a new time, a new car earned. This is the gap!

So, Tesla didn’t know whether the audience was the most difficult for the audience of the two or 30,000 cars. They certainly know. But why should I do this? This is related to their company’s vision, they are to promote the development of the entire industry, not just the high-end and car owners of the brand. Go ahead to dangers. The way you choose is to bear all the consequences. This is also said that Tao Lin has said before, Tesla must take everything!

In this Pintsla owners, the victims have a lot. Among them, Henan people and Xi’an are here.

@Lucy Morning a “Tesla wedge, Henan people are even more miserable! Shanghai Auto Show defend the owner of the owner of the owner, but also gives the geographical artillery. Henan people are not easy to become image, this It’s over ~ “Causes a huge response, many people participate in discussions.

After Tesla announced the end of Xi’an owners, Xi’an has also become a hot discussion. It’s really shouting to lose people.

Tesla, which was besieged, Tesla, who didn’t understand, and the image in the hearts of netizens became professionally. Many people think that their techniques and strength are just good, perhaps be the biggest winner. What do you think?

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