Tesla pushes “electric exchange energy” is impossible, but did not say “battery upgrade” can’t

On March 1st, the registration information of Tesla China has added a new power generation, causing a single industry. Many people think that Tesla is about to “emulate” to launch “exchange energy” service. But very quickly, Tesla officially gave response: “Tesla will not make electricity.” Subsequent Shanghai Daily reported that Tesla’s official said that charging is the most powerful for electric vehicles. Good way, and battery replacement is full of problems, not suitable for widespread use.

It is found in November 2014 by “exchanged energy” model. However, before it was founded in the flight, Tesla showed the ability to quickly replace the Model S and Model X vehicle battery packs. But very quickly, Tesla gave up the “exchange energy transfer” route and started to build its own super charging station. According to the data of Tesla China Charging Team, Tesla currently has more than 20,000 over-piles worldwide, and the light has more than 60,40 in mainland China. It is the world’s largest car brand. There is a charging network operator.

After seeing the relevant report yesterday, @ 不 看 车 发布 发布, “Mask is so conceived, it will never allow Tesla China to change the route. The only possibility for the application for power generation services It is to change the big battery, the new battery. “This is my thoughts yesterday, and it is today’s idea. Good horses don’t eat back grass, this is very important for pride, conceivable, such as Mask in the day!

Tesla pushes “exchange energy” is impossible, but did not say “battery upgrade” is not. So, maybe Tesla really think of the old owner, to come to improve the satisfaction of the old owners. Tesla China team, I have been saying that I am trying to do the localization and upgrade of software and improve service satisfaction, maybe this is starting.

Combined with the nearest Tesla News (Nickel resources, nickel to reserve high-end models, lithium iron phosphate battery technology is mature will be used in more models, the front CTO battery recycling company enters the right track and recovered materials and new mining almost None difference …), @ 不 看 车, if they really launch the “battery upgrade” service, this action will be global. The purpose is to recover rare metals such as nickel, cobalt, and make resource reserves for more high-end models. Therefore, if there is a large-capacity battery pack for “battery upgrade”, it will be a lithium iron phosphate battery.

Finally, let’s talk about the “battery upgrade” fee you can accept. Give you a 100-degree electric new battery pack, how much is you willing to pay? Here is a reference: there is a Model S, Model X owners have changed through the battery, and the cost is 168,000 yuan.

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