Tesla Tao: Should strengthen consumer education, let everyone avoid malfunction

Recently, I have said many times, I finally said in the mouth of Tao Lin, vice president of Tao Lin. I didn’t expect the effect to be surprising. Under her news, the netizen’s comments were based on, and this time, many endorsed.

She said this: “In the use of the vehicle, it is necessary to strengthen the education of consumers. For example, we now actually need to work with the driving school, the transportation department, let everyone know the use of new vehicles, avoiding the use of the link Mistakes, or some other questions brought about by functionally not understanding. “

Netizens say this:

Dabao: In fact, this statement is reasonable. The new thing usage must definitely be different from the ordinary car, then if you don’t learn the correct usage, you will generate an improper operation.

False princes: I think she is right, Kewsla is really need to re-Ktrsla driver’s license, otherwise it is not harmful to others? !

Yi Ying: This is really reasonable 5.1 to test drive Tesla! I didn’t have to open a very nervous operation and the throttle is really different! The driver really needs to work with the car to be safe! ! This is the experience of a female driver in my driving age!

Hzzzzzz: Tesla did not expect Chinese people who are smart proud, actually do not want to learn how to properly operate new cars, and improper operation is willing to blame the problem of the car, not people.

Small sweet potato _0713: The novice mode should be open or the activation mode must be seen in the video and exam.

Davidzhang: It is necessary, kinetic energy is recycled, single pedal is late or later.

The above comments come from the small H book @ 不 看 看 车 笔 笔 笔 网 网.

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