Tesla’s new car plan: race again, sports car hover, van with battery board

In recent days, there are many news about Tesla new cars, and some news is Maske revealed when accepted Joe Rogan, and some news is mask disclosed when interacting with Twitter users. In short, as a soul of Tesla, Mask’s words still have a lot of credibility.

I am concentrated today:

1, Plaid model again running New North

Mask said that it is necessary to get the mass production version Model S Plaid Plus to run the New Park, the target score is within 7 minutes. Shortly after the 2019 Porsche Releases Taycan New Northern score, Tesla was running Model S Plaid prototype, 7 minutes and 23 seconds, perfectly crushed TAYCAN 7 minutes 42 seconds. It is said that I ran once again, 7 minutes and 13 seconds, but there is still a gap between 7 minutes and 5 seconds from Masque.

At the time of the running circle, Tesla made an appearance, even part of the seat. Therefore, Masque is particularly emphasized. This time the running circle is a mass production version, not modified! I look forward to success, after all, this is a result of a quantitative four-door sedan. On the latest grades, the models near 7 points have 6: 59.73 Lamborghini Aventador Supervel Experta LP750-4 and 7: 00.04 Ferrari 488 PISTA.

2, ROADSTER 2 sports car air hover

Not long ago, netizens asked Mask Roadster 2 to fly, Mask replied to “a little”. Recently, in the visit, Mask was asked again, and his answer is some: “I am trying to design a function that makes roadster hovering in the air at the same time ensuring that the car will not kill people. So hovering the height of the hover Too high, you can. If it is out of control, the suspension of the car may be broken, but you will not surprised. “

3, van with battery version

Masque revealed that there is a long time in Tesla, which has been discussed on whether to launch a van. The present concluded is that the small truck will begin only as long as the battery supply is allowed. Because the truck has a flat roof, it is easy to arrange solar panels. After adding the roof that can be pulled out, the solar energy can provide 48 kilometers of life daily.

Top $ 425,000 entry-level new car

Recently, Zhu Xiaotong, president of Tesla, Chunghwa, said when he accepted the visit, “Tesla has identified an entry-level global model, and will design R & D work in China. We hope to design in China A model represents a Chinese aesthetic element, representing China’s engineering power level, and finally sells to the world. We will provide very good conditions to facilitate our R & D engineers to move towards the ultimate goal. “It is reported that this entry-level model It is positioned in the low-end electric car, the price is controlled at $ 25,000 (equivalent to RMB 1614 million) and will be built with the Model 3 sharing platform.

When I published CyberTruck, Mask said that they won’t launch new cars in the next time, but from the real situation, they didn’t have new cars just because they were busy and the resources were not enough to stop the discussion and planning of new cars.

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