Tesla’s ringway opens to trigger media spit

Editor’s note: Yesterday evening (Sunday Sunday, April 11), public transport scholars Wang Jian forwarded the US media about the US media about Teslas Vegas ring tunnel, immediately introduced social media to China, a Chinese traffic The planner said: As long as the Tesla member is exclusive, there is business value! A technology company boss said: The computer + 3D mapping is born, you chase me, competing than the craft, forget that I am standing on the shoulder of the predecessor’s car! The rich travel needs of the rich and the people’s survival needs are different, not in one adjustment. It is difficult to solve public transport travel problems. A Canadian Chinese said: $ 50 million can’t be caught in the US California, Mask is too disappeared, I sold Tesla stock, not to play with him; a Chinese researcher in Europe said: Europe feels Mask is a liar; the Secretary-General of the International Public Transport Communication Association commented: it is a car to transport a car instead of transport personnel …

Wang Jian commented that this American style thought that the era of transportation can be completed by increasing public infrastructure investment, and public funds were abused to create an efficient, cost-effective travel solution, unfortunately, US style Relying on the development model of the car is popular in China, private cars grow rapidly, SUV models have increased …

The Las Vegas Convention Center Location (LVCC) is a transportation system composed of 2.7 km tunnel and three station stations – using the Kutomoto tunnel of the excavation company built in a year, with a cost of approximately $ 47 million ( Corporate fixed price), including two tunnels and three sites (two ground stations and one underground site) cost. During a large exhibition of 100,000 participants (before the new crown epidemic), there is no road closure, nor any participants are disturbed. The Las Vegas Convention and Exhibition Center will connect the new exhibition hall with the existing exhibition area (North / China / Southern Hall) to shorten the exhibition area from 45 minutes to 2 minutes.

Tesla’s transportation solution

In the morning of December 17, 2016, Masque was blocked on the road of Los Angeles, and the mood was very poor. It was said: the traffic jam quickly made me crazy, I want to make a machine to dig the tunnel; Specially said: This company should be called “excavation company”; after two hours, he once again said: I am really ready.

According to Mask’s awareness, ground traffic is a two-dimensional form, and the path of road communication is far from the increase in private cars, which is the root cause of road traffic congestion. To solve this problem, you must expand through three-dimensional forms, there are two directions to choose: ground and underground.

On the ground plan, there are overcoming traffic and aerial aircraft. There is already a lot of forms, but the effect seems to be less ideally, Mask believes that the air flying car is not feasible. For the city, flight cars are stupid ideas, it is not a scalable solution. Depending on the physics law, a aircraft has a large amount of pressure to prevent it from falling from the sky, which means that the aircraft will produce huge wind and noise on the ground.

Las Vegas monorail train passes through the Las Vegas Convention Center

Mask believes that the underground transportation program seems to be more reliable and more feasible. Developed underground transportation networks can be established through underground tunnels, because the earth is very large, the underground tunnel has a minimal impact on the Earth, and there is no easier traffic accident.

Elon Masque took his infrastructure and tunnel construction company named the boring, this word has two meanings of drilling and boring, Masque is undoubtedly a good hand of playing twins. He put Los Angeles traffic dilemma and existing two-dimensional transportation network limitations as the initial inspiration of tunnel projects, in interviews in TED Conference, Mask said that this is his personal hobby, in fact, excavation is 2-3% time.

The mining company was originally the subsidiary of SpaceX. In 2018, Mask has 90% of the shares. SpaceX has 6% of shares, and the external investment in 2019 has changed the company’s equity.

In 2017, the company issued a future urban traffic project propaganda film. The tunnel system is equipped with an electromagnetic carriage. The car can accommodate 16 passengers. The speed can be approximately 2,40 kilometers / hour, and nearly 2,000 people can be transported one-way. In 30 seconds or two minutes, passengers need to arrive at the other end from one end of the tunnel to only 12 minutes, far less than the time required for current traffic modes (usually take 25 minutes to 90 minutes).

In 2018, Masque adjusts the company’s plan, announced that people who will give priority to pedestrians and cycling, only after meeting all other “personalized public transport needs”, will consider transporting cars. At the end of the year, I showed the public to the public, a mile (1.6 km) test tunnel, a modified Tesla Model X, on the driving, front and car tails, respectively, 4 guides similar to the four-wheel drive, vehicle Your own motivation.

Electric automatic driving car with calibration wheel (Electric Autonomous Vehicles with Alignment Wheels)

After the modified Tesla Model X driving in the Test Tunnel of the US Huawang, running up to 204.39 km speed, plus the vehicle from the ground to the tunnel time, 1 minute 36 seconds to run 1.83 kilometers, 3 points 8 second Las Vegas ring tunnel project

In August 2019, the Board of Directors of the Las Vegas Parliament and Tourism Administration was signed with the excavation company, designed and built a ring tunnel system for the Las Vegas Convention and Exhibition Center, connecting the Las Vegas’s convention and university school park. Mask’s excavation, a place worth $ 48.7 million, and the bidding is the local classic transportation program (monorail train).

After the experimental “test”, the excavation company finally got a phased outcome, started under the land of the Las Vegas, and successfully opened a 2.5-kilometer tunnel in just three months, and excavated the speed of the speed. The construction time of the Slabo factory is a record in the history of tunnel mining, but the difficulty of excavating the tunnel cannot be compared with the subway. According to the picture and the film, the diameter of the tunnel is only available for a Model X, which is different from the complex network of the subway. Mining company said that the tunnel mining cost is not high, the same length is only one tenth of the mining cost of the subway tunnel, or even one.

On April 8, 2021, some local media in Las Vegas were invited to visit the new “public transport” of Ethon Mask, and Mask’s excavation company is designed for 2021 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Bold transportation method, the project technology known as “Las Vegas Loop” (LVCC) is more advanced? It is entirely dependent on your future feelings of human driven in the tunnel.

Las Vegas Loop is located 12 meters (40 feet), 2.5 miles (1.5 miles), costing $ 52 million (approximately 3375.8 million RMB), around the Las Vegas Convention Center. There are three entry and exits: underground central station, as well as the West Railway Station and South Railway Station.

Media spit

“Las Vegas Review Journal” reporter Mickey Mick Akers released several videos on the twenty days, showing the operation of the Las Vegas transportation system and commented: ” It doesn’t look good! “.

“Wall Street Daily” reported: Video Show Tesla car is driving by the driver, the highest speed is only 35 miles, the media preview should be the scene of the Las Vegas media exclusive report, but the reporter did not get much new at the scene Information.

Electrot The electric motor website Electrek report: facts prove, um, quite boring … These vehicles will not exceed 35 miles per hour, they are not automatic.

The headline of the technology information network is said: this tunnel “very bad”, complaining that the project “will become Tesla” Tesla (Tesla) car carrying people to the underground, not the future transportation system.

“Business Insider” reported that excavation company’s projects have nothing to do with significantly.

Blog sites Jalopnik’s articles are both untroyed, the title is: Is Elon Mask’s Las Vegas tunnel?

The author thinks they have not seized the focus. When is public transportation? When is the New News? Despite the lack of traditional marketing tools, excavation companies have successfully attracted many people’s attention. Of course, the Los Angeles tunnel project is reduced, and the Tesla cars are stuffed into the Tesla car, which makes people feel disappointing. What rights do people look forward to? This young company is ambitious, and a new way in public transportation, Its operators may take an iteration method for anything. People have seen Tesla’s rockets to return to the boat, people witnessed hundreds of satellites in Tesla Star Chain to space, start providing satellite Internet services to the remote area, people have witnessed the lotus lotus Cars becomes the world’s most valuable electric pickup (Cybertruck), and recently saw a monkey in NEURALINK, playing table tennis exchanging.

James Schaeffer reported: We saw a lot of things in this trip. I am really visible, I opened Tesla through the tunnel, trying to let myself sound like this trip is worth speaking, but some details we are not sure … We are still learning more information, such as getting on the bus and waiting Time, and 16 passenger vehicles will pass through these tunnels. ”

How did the 16 automatic bus from Tesra Motion? Mask first announced the ring tunnel project, the mini bus in the video appeared really like an exciting new transportation system, Masque promised Say, each car can accommodate more than a dozen people, and everything is automatic.

The work logic of the tunnel system: passengers fell vertically via the ceiling to the tunnel through the ground site, the carrier is a Tesla production car, and the future may be “capsule electric vehicle” in the future, and each car can take 8 ~ 16 people. Although the carrying capacity is not as follows, the highest speed can reach 250 kilometers, completely available speed to make up for the lack of capacity, and the reporters don’t seem to see how many things are automatic, and even need to tell the driver where you want to go. The excavation company uploaded a video in Vimeo, with a detailed description of the Las Vegas ring tunnel.

“Las Vegas Comments Magazine” reported: The largest selling point of the annular tunnel is that the 15-minute walk from the other side of the Convention Center to the other side is shortened to “a few minutes”. But the problem about waiting time is still unreasonable.

Exax said in Twitter: In the event of full speed, the 62 teams in the Excavation Center will be transported by 4,400 people every hour. Technologies Website GizModo’s reporters can’t confirm anything, because the hostility of Mask’s duty is named, and even revoked Tesla’s public relations department at the end of last year.

The reporters still have a lot of questions that cannot be easily answered by excavating the company’s colorful video, I hope that these issues will be answered when the ring tunnel is opened in the next few months.

Finally, what did the report have seen what? Colorful lights seem to have a lot of colorful lights. There is no more than this. We don’t say that Las Vegas waste $ 50 million on a stupid tunnel, but we don’t say this.

Maybe Mask is building a new means of transportation, which takes time to develop. Think about those boring machines, tunnel lining, actual transportation systems, controlling its artificial intelligence. But this is not a good news, it is still Tesla crossing the tunnel. Elon Mask has indeed said that you can use your own Tesla, not a special public transportation that is being developed. What he did is what the public transport experts can’t do. In any case, he will do this, he is a completely tailbar, laughing at everything he does. What he did is to prove that they are wrong to “experts” and do better in this regard.

People ride in a driver’s car at 250 km (155 miles) at a busy US city in a busy US city at a busy US city. This sounds like a science fiction, reality seems to be far less exciting, Elon Musk’s first appearance of the public transportation system launched by Las Vegas, is flat, disappointing.

It is not a future car from one place to another place, but a normal Tesla car, passed by human driving, passes through the tunnel at a speed of 35 miles – although the light is beautiful.

According to media reports, due to Mask’s company did not answer the question, it is still unclear whether the system will become more like Masque.

The Las Vegas has started from the Los Angeles International Airport, and the Raffer City came to Santa Monica. The end point in the Westwood area, putting the car on the electric sled with a speed of 200 kilometers to pass the tunnel for 5 minutes, the ground road driving needs 45 minutes

Rich and poor demand

Mining the company provides a distance, travel time and cost fare form for the Las Vegas Location Center, take the airport to the convention center as an example, 7.8 kilometers of the loop time for 5 minutes, 10 US dollars, this project is indeed special channel designed and constructed in the trip to the rich travel of Tesla luxury electric vehicles, and the survival needs of ordinary citizens have the sky.

According to “Wired” report, Mask said when answering questions about public transport and urban expansion: I think public transport is painful and very bad. Why do you have to take a piece with many other people, public transport can’t get up and down, and it is not straightforward.

“It’s painful to why everyone doesn’t like public transportation. A large number of strange strangers, one of them may be a serial killer; why people like personalized transportation, where to go, what do you want to go? Time. ”

When the audience mentioned the public transport of Japan very efficient, it is very convenient, Mask said again: “What? Is that excited to the subway? This sounds good.”

Later, Mask responded to the twitter: “Connection” report is “serious misleading and cynical article.” He hidden in the artist, question whether public transport builders need public transportation systems.

Mining the company’s spokesperson said to “connect”: Mask just does not like public transportation’s existing operations.

Of course, the excavation company has an advanced tunnel excavation machine, and these machines have been transformed, which can turn excess soil in the tunnel into bricks, which is very cool. In addition to bricking, it is really moving in a tunnel filled with LED lights.

If the mining company has made any progress, it will make the tunnel construction cheaper, faster, which will be very useful, especially for the construction of the subway tunnel. However, there is no evidence that this is what Mask reinvents standard tunnel technology, and then uses low capacity vehicles to waste most of the capacity. Anyway, Mask’s crazy plan has once again entered the reality, reaching a commercialization and phased outcome, whether the program can alleviate traffic pressure to benefit people’s livelihood, waiting to be observed.

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