Teslawi rights came to an end, who is the scene of the scene?

Recently, the Shanghai Auto Show, which should be successfully held, has a scene of the drama, and the female car owner passes the Tesla logo, and the brake outstanding clothes are big in the Tesla. A few years ago, the scene of the Guangzhou Auto Show defended again, this should be that the manufacturer shows the platform of our products to consumers, but why do you have three sudden conditions in three times? In the end, the owner is too much, the general situation does not know how to discuss private discuss, or have a competitor maliciously discredited?

Realistic life is different from the network. On the Internet, there are many groups that are dedicated to smearing individual or some things, but now in life, if they are not forced, who is willing to be famous in this way? The special rights owner is still a female driver, which can’t help but think of the female car owner who is sitting on the hood in the Mercedes-Benz 4S shop in the past few years.

Whether it is Mercedes, Tesla is also, these foreign-funded luxury brands are ideal for ordinary people. Accordingly, this high-end brand is impressed by high-end, safe and performance, so Can sell the price of ordinary domestic cars. If it is a domestic car of about 100,000 yuan, there is an engine failure, abnormal sound and other issues, most people will think that one is worth the price, and go to the 4S shop, will also be handled by the first time. Is the joint venture truck really better than the domestic car? This problem is thrown out.

On the way to the driver, the three problems that are most afraid of encounter, puncture, engine failure, brake failure, compared to the noise, etc., when you encounter this accident on the road, if the speed is faster, it is easy to have safety problem. Imagine, in the intensive area of ​​the flow of flow, what kind of results will be caused by the brakes? At this moment, the white red word T-shirt on the women’s owner seems to have brought us other feelings, so that many owners have been sounded.

But as mass production products, occasionally faults are inevitable, and the catering enterprises are not like this, but after things happen, it is the problem of solving problems. The catering store can have several hundred services in sea fishing. How do you have to spend more than 10,000 hours? The rights of the auto show is not right, but is the owner not to go to the 4S store for over-rights? If you need to go to the place where you will buy a car, you will be able to give feedback. You can only explain that the owner has helpless.

On January 4, Shandong Linyi, a Tesla lost to the toilet and hit the brake pool. On March 11, a Tesla in Hainan Hainou hit the guardrail in the parking lot, on April 11, Shanghai Tesla owners Mr. Liu’s garage turns brakes fail to hit the wall. In just a few months, several brake failures have been made in just months, it is clear that it is not an individual reason. In particular, Tesla itself emphasizes smart driving. How can consumers rest assured?

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