The annual production capacity is 1 million, covering an area of ​​11.3 square kilometers, and it is a “future city” in Hefei.

This morning, the city Wei to China and signed a strategic cooperation agreement first anniversary, “NeoPark” smart electric car Newbridge Industrial Park officially started on April 29, 2021.

To “Park” name, many of my friends should immediately think of Apple headquarters Apple Park “technology center of the universe.” Although Neopark is not a general headquarters, it is easy to see for the goal of their own plants – the manufacturing center of China’s smart electric vehicle.

Because this is a planned annual output of 1 million, it covers an area of ​​11.3 square kilometers, the initial investment of 50 billion yuan super plant.

Bin positioning of the new bridge park, is the “city of the future, ecological city”, is a “community”, he also said that “smart electric car Newbridge Industrial Park in the future will be a worldwide smart electric car industry’s attention ground. ”

Newbridge Park really spoken as Li Bin, China, Asia and even intelligent electric vehicle research and development manufacturing center? In addition to two headquarters, Wei to the NeoPark How would feature?

Today article is not long, but the sentence is dry, start immediately.


When the old matter, Li Bin once said in CCTV visits in March this year, “It is a three-way world”.

What is one-third or a quarter, not much entangled here. The question is how to judge Wei has been with BBA play together and have equal shares?

After more than a month, Bin Wei gives the answer in the line-off ceremony for the first 100 000: “an annual output of one million.”

He believes and BBA third of the world then, annual sales of 500,000 (the Chinese market) is not enough, because BMW Mercedes-Benz annual sales in China are close to 800,000 (2020 Mercedes-Benz China sales of 776,000).

Li Bin said the word was followed by “NIO this brand can be achieved over one million (annual sales) goals.” Carrying this goal is to Newbridge Industrial Park, Li Bin called “globally competitive lead the innovation chain”, “world-class intelligent electric car industry group.”

The first to be listed several Newbridge Industrial Park Planning Wei:

1. annual 1,000,000;

2. Battery annual production capacity 100GWH;

3. 10000+ R & D staff, 40000 + technical workers;

4. The construction of the park invested 50 billion yuan in advance;

The total annual output value of 500 billion yuan;

6. covering 16,950 acres (11.3 km2)

A data said the first three production-related: one million, 100GWh, 5000 billion.

1 million means NeoPark become the world’s largest smart planning capacity electric car factory, even beyond the 450,000 Tesla plant in Shanghai, as well as Fremont’s 600,000. Far higher than 330,000 annual public Zwickau MEB factory capacity.

100GWh divided by 1 million, just 100kWh. This means that the new bridge park battery capacity, can support one million automobile production capacity battery needs to bring, or at least the vast majority.

500 billion divided by 100 million vehicles, 50 million. This means that Wei to the goal is to achieve sales of 100 million years, matching the average GDP per vehicle still as high as 50 million.

But more shocking data is actually covered area, 11.3 square kilometers.

This figure is about 12.15 times the Tesla factory in Fremont, even comparable to Beijing Capital International Airport and Guangzhou Baiyun Airport (both around 14 square kilometers) in area.

Even if the new bridge park has more than 50,000 R & D staff + technical workers, the per capita floor area is still close to 226 square meters – it is no wonder that Li Bin said that it will use 20% area area for ecological construction, still gas.

11.3 square kilometers, this is the urban area the size of some small cities. “City of the Future, ecological city”, has become the definition of NeoPark of Li Bin.

NeoPark whole will be divided into three areas: intelligent manufacturing area, living area research and development, as well as ecological and cultural areas.

First is that the “ecological and cultural zone” outside the bounds of reason and expectations. Li Bin NeoPark will lay photovoltaic solar roof, combined with a low-carbon energy storage station to do the whole operation, “All of a sustainable economy, recycling, we are at the highest standard.”

With the, you need someone.

Li Bin said that the young people came to Hefei, the top three years of the rental government will support, this also became the “weapon” of many universities. As for Wei to itself, he thought, “how to provide a good environment, able to put their passion, creativity, inspiration can burst out,” is the most important, is the “soft power.”

Wei of China to sponsor students electric Formula One this year, is about to enter the first 7 years. Li Bin Newbridge Park will become the permanent venue of formula e, “as long as the young come, we hope.”

Hefei is the best location

Li Bin released such a PPT on the spot: the average mileage of the whole vehicle logistics is only 901 kilometers. Li Bin said that it was only found that the whole car logistics cost is “more cheaper than others”, but in fact, the operational efficiency of the present “is still so high”, and later found a particularly simple – Hefei location.

Another PPT has used “Tongdong Qiuxi, Liannan Northern Northern, Tongjiang Dahai” to describe Hefei. The traffic location brings to the original advantage of it, it is “save money”.

“We have to save 3,000 yuan of logistics, if it is 1 million cars, this is 30 billion, this is saving”, but the light is saving money, not the highest efficiency, Li Bin said It is a next step in Hefei, “is the industrial cluster”.

Xinqiao Neopark is called “Intelligent Manufacturing Park”, Li Bin describes it is “a complete industrial chain gathering area.”

Detailed explanation is chip, power semiconductor, motor, battery, conventional auto parts, whole-vehicle manufacturing, user service is completely integrated, “the biggest advantage is intensive.”

Li Bin said that Xinqiao Park is based on high intelligence, and parts can be shared by parts to vehicle.

Li Bin took a battery: “From the perspective of design, our battery can be coiled from the battery factory, through the conveyor belt directly into the whole vehicle factory, a battery pack to save hundreds of money logistics.”

He is carrying this smart park, which is the most solid partner for more than a year.

1. Hefei gave confidence.

When talking about the cooperation framework agreement with Hefei last February 25, Li Bin said: “This moment, it is a turning point for it, Hefei is not only giving us funds, but more importantly, give us confidence.”

Li Bin revealed that from the end of the 18th year, it is a matter of discussion, and the media also reports in many places. “We should say that I have discussed 19 places, Hefei is actually the last family.”

2. It has more than 1,000 employees in Hefei

“Some people say that I may be close to the hometown, maybe there is a little.” Li Bin said with a smile, the negotiation of Hefei and the proposal, very rapid during the epidemic.

Today, today, Jida has signed the landing agreement with Hefei’s China Headquarters project. On October 9, last year, the China Headquarters officially opened. At the moment, it has more than 1,000 employees in Hefei.

“Everyone is particularly willing, we will be with peace of mind, and the recruits will not be difficult. Later, it is really very good, of course, and thank Hefei has introduced many talent policies.”

3. From the discussion to the starting work is six months

Such a rapid, still reflected in today’s Neo Park, said in the stage, they discussed the tits in this area on October 29 last year, and they were just six months from today. “From there is such IDEA, report to leaders to all levels, involving the planned planning, only six months.”

The reason why it is aversion, it is indeed related to Anhui, Hefei is a resisted – when talking about these, Li Bin has a little emotion.

“Hefei) is a largest wind income government.” Li Bin said that it is aware of the intensive care room to restore health, run, and will be infered by the leadership of Hefei, Anhui Province and various government departments.

It is a home.

When 100,000 sets of landing, Li Bin described this way to cooperate with Jianghuai:

“Like a high-end hotel, Hilton, Marriott, this is actually the management model of the hotel. The building property is not Hilton Marriott, the same as the factory. All things, including land, equipment, people can decouple, this is a management mode. ”

You call people who don’t want to sleep, this is a fact; a home for it is a master, and this is just just need.

After today, all the idea of ​​intelligent manufacturing can be inspected without reservation. Will China’s intelligent electric vehicles will be in the starting point of Hefei Xinqiao, ushered in the next wave of eruption?

Waiting for it.

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