The biggest opponent of Hong Kong MINI EV, the appearance is delicate, and the price is 29,800

With the increase in people’s income, people’s consumption have changed, and there is a new change in buying a car, and the two cars have become a standard for many families. There are more and more cars, and the city has to launch some policies to limit the travel of the car, otherwise the load capacity of the city road will not keep up. Then the choice of the second car is very important. If you want to be unlimited, choose new energy is a very good choice. Is there a car that is not limited, easy to park, appearance is still cute? Today, Xiaobian will tell you a car, which is very suitable for women and newbie drivers. It is the Changan Benben E-Star National Edition. More importantly, its starting price is only 29,800 yuan.

Changan Benben E-Star National Edition appearance, overall is round, no particularly obvious corners, the overall look is also a small cute type. Whole front face, design is very rich and compared to secondary yuan, the shape of the headlight is still relatively large, plus a small silver trim strip to connect to the middle of the Changan logo, the whole is very like a variety of seconds The elf’s eyes, big, round, stunned, the bottom air exit is a reverse trapezoid, but the corner is unliked, it meets the style of the whole shape, extends the same intake port in two sides, round circle It is still more lovely.

The side of the two-color body is still more intimate. The white roof makes the whole car feel very fresh and natural. For the overall contrast, it is also a white bottom design in the bottom of the body, and the whole feel is more clean. Refreshing. Plus its waistline is still more obvious, and the level of the side is still very good.

The color of the interior is still very bold, and the overall black plus the dark red and local silver trim strips of the entire center console, and the color of the entire interior is still very fashionable.

The choice of overall battery models is still available, 150 kilometers and 301 km can choose from, or choose to choose a self-study car according to demand, it is still very affordable. Although the overall competitiveness is not good, the sales terminal does not seem to give it too much recognition. In January this year, the sales volume of Ben E-STAR is only 3,240, and there is still a big gap between Hong Kong MINI EV. However, this does not mean that Benben E-Star has lost the opportunity. For now, it is still the biggest opponent of Hong Kong MINI EV, and the new car has not all spread in many cities, and the expansion of channels is also in progress. Perhaps after a few months, its sales will usher in a rapid growth.

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