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From its inception to the present day is replete with instances where personalities associated with the industry have divorced their first wives in order to remarry. There are a lot of big names on this list, and obviously they did it at the behest of another woman whose only condition for marriage is that if I want to get it, I have to leave the first one. And men are so blinded by their lust that they don’t even think that a woman who can destroy someone’s house can destroy you again tomorrow. It is not forbidden to remarry

But where is it written to divorce the first wife? And to most people who do, she doesn’t even have a second tick, she kicks and leaves. And it was not at home, but in the third, fourth, and unknown number of rounds. Women who marry such stupid men only see their advantage. They are not interested in settling down or making sacrifices just for their own pleasure and will.

Recently, the news of the marriage of TV legend Samina Ahmed and Manzar Sehbai who did not need any introduction, on April 4, caused a stir in the media. She was married to renowned film director Farid Ahmed. And he divorced her to marry the then superstar frontline film heroine Shamim Ara. But this incident was the most memorable and unforgettable event in the history of Pakistan’s film tragedy because Farid Ahmed’s marriage was first arranged with Shamim Ara but his father stopped it at the right time.

He was against the relationship from day one but was forced to face his son’s stubbornness. The wedding ceremony was going on at Shamim Ara’s house and the guests as well as the entire press were invited. All the invitees, including the bride, were waiting for the arrival of the barat and were stopped by Farid Ahmed. It is said that after the guests left Shamim Ara in a state of grief and anger over his insult and humiliation, had torn off his wedding dress, tearing off all the ornaments and necklaces. He had scratches on his face. He remained a recluse for a while and kept on reading the news and satirical comments about him in the newspapers. Then, finally, the courage to come back to the field.

The very talented and beautiful Shamim Ara who started her film career with “Virgin Widow“, made a name for herself but the misfortune of the word widow did not leave her behind till the end. Destiny had made her the queen of Sardar Rind, but she soon became his widow. Their second marriage also failed. Farid Ahmed had settled down with Samina Ahmed but he could not get Shamim Ara out of his heart. He was still living there. Once again, as soon as the ceremony was over, he expressed his desire for marriage and Shamim Ara made a condition that the first one should be released. Although this marriage could have taken place without divorcing Samina Ahmed, but in this way Shamim Ara’s revenge would have been incomplete.

She wanted to destroy Farid Ahmed completely and did not want to leave him anywhere. The wounds on his heart were not yet healed. His house was demolished before he settled down and Farid Ahmed demolished Samina Ahmed’s house to settle his past abuse to win his heart. First cowardice and then stupidity, they received a punishment unparalleled. Shamim Ara avenged his infidelity which will always be remembered as an instructive lesson in Pakistan’s film history. On the third day of their marriage, they summoned the same media and press in which she was disgraced and made an immoral accusation against Farid Ahmed and demanded a divorce. Thus, the fire of vengeance of years was extinguished forever with the blood of all Farid Ahmed’s good wishes and golden dreams, and one day the lamp of Farid Ahmed’s life was extinguished.

It has to be admitted that there was a lot of abuse with Shamim Ara, but what was the fault of Samina Ahmed and what was her punishment? Such a young, highly educated Samina Ahmed should have forgotten all and started a new life and a new journey, but she dedicated her entire youth to the upbringing and education of her children. Manzar Sehbai could have been their companion long ago, but maybe it was all going to be like this, then the time had not come. This was the best thing for them. May Allah Almighty keep this very brave, dignified and very beautiful couple with each other till their last breath and grant them the opportunity to see all the happiness of their share. Amen *

Surprisingly, after the news of their marriage, which took place on April 4, became public, the news of the divorce of the former super hit filmstar Anjuman came on April 14, which is also his birthday. The marriage did not last even ten months but the news of Mian Waseem alias Lucky Ali paying house and car plots and crores of rupees to the Anjuman from the first day till today is a question mark on the caste of the Anjuman. Even at this age and in his own time, he bargained for the place of marriage and made the husbands of the wealthy run away. When will men come to their senses?

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