The female car market is hot, the new two cars, which one do you prefer?

Today’s car market is very diverse, especially new energy markets, can be described as a hundred flowers. Not only the brand is much, the model is much, the positioning of the new energy vehicle is more rich, such as some hottest A00-level cars or compact electric vehicles recently, some are targeted for women’s markets. Indeed, women are very potential in consumption, this can be seen in retail goods, online shopping, etc., and women are more expensive. Today, this women’s market style is blown to the car market, it can be said that it is not a coincidence.

It can be seen from the hot sale of Wulinghong MINI EV. There are many car owners not only to purchase this car to buy, but also is that female owners have purchased for its value. In the era of color, the car is also more need to pay attention to the value. With the hot air market in the female car market, many car companies have begun to focus on female car positioning. Today, the author said that two cars before the two recently appeared before the public’s line of sight, see which one is your dish.

Wuling Hongguang MINI EV Convertible

I believe many people have a probably impression of this car. It is a convertible version of Wulinghong MINI EV. On the original basis, this car has been adjusted at many details. Especially the design of the soft top hood is really too eye-catching. For female consumers, how can they not love?

In addition, the adjustment of Mitsubaramine Mini EV, which is likely that the convertible version of the model will bring us a surprise. For specific configuration, power parameters, etc., it is not so important to be in front of the value. So, when the convertible is listed, how much will everyone pay for this?

Euler vintage cat

Volkswagen’s beetle This car believes that many people know that the beetle is really captured in the early days, because its appearance is different from the mainstream car, the appearance of the beetle is very smooth, although retro but very cute. Although the beetle has been discontinued, the Euler retro cat may be able to meet your regret.

Euler retro cat uses a colorful design, in the retro model, there is more visual level. Not only the appearance retro, the interior is also different from the mainstream technology, but it is full of retro feelings, although the retro taste is strong, but there is a luxurious feel. I believe that some female owners will like it very much.

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